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Ichinomiya-machi City in Japan

Ichinomiya-machi is a small and quiet town with surrounded by nature on both sea and mountains. This town located in the south of Kujukuri Beach in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Ichinomiya city can travel by train only 1 hour from Tokyo. You will truly experience the countryside of Japan. Ichinomiya city has both history, culture, seafood festival, fruit, local food and very popular city of surfing. Although currently that Ichinomiya city is focuses on primarily agriculture but it is also a city on embraces in old culture because it’s full of stone ruins from Edo period. There are many ancient attractions in the city such as Tamasaki Shrine which is Japanese prefer to ask for a blessing.

In addition that outstanding they have activities on surfing board because east part of Ichinomiya is next to the Tsurigasaki Kaigan that is the coast be held in the surfboard competition in the upcoming event on TOKYO Olympics year 2020.

Neighboring municipalities near by are as Aichi Prefecture (Kōnan, Iwakura, Inazawa, Kitanagoya, Kiyosu) and Gifu Prefecture (Hashima, Kakamigahara, Kasamatsu, Ginan).

How to get there:

From Tokyo Station:

  • Take the JR Sotobo Line Limited Express “Wakashio” Express Train to the station “Kazusa Ichinomiya”. It takes about 60 minutes.
  • The train “Wakashio” departs from the basement of the JR Keiyo line.

From Narita Airport:

  • Take the JR Narita Sobu main line to the express train (Rapid). Then change to Chiba Station. Take the JR Soboto line and get off at “Kazusa Ichinomiya” station for about 90 minutes.
  • Narita Express Train No. 2, 4 and 6 will not stop at Chiba Station except during the time of 7.44 – 8.50 hrs. Some trains will not reach the station. Kazusa-Ichinomiya.

From Haneda Airport:

  • Take a bus from the airport to Tokyo Station. Continue on the JR Sotobo Line. Wakashio Express Bus Line. Take the Kazusa-Ichinomiya Station.

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