Reverse life: Meet Mr. Qin Chapter 0

Qin Jiajun and I grabbed the hands of a game card at the same time. The moment we recognized each other, we two smiled at each other and let go of our hands together, and then said in unison, “Come on.”

When the voice fell, we were embarrassed for a moment. Qin Jiajun smiled at me, “I bought it for Shen Haonan.” I nodded, “It’s a coincidence that we can all meet you.”

“It’s a coincidence, but I guessed that he would buy this card. I gave his game console. Whenever a new game comes out, he will definitely play.” He raised his eyebrows, “I just took this card. , It is ready to be given to him.”

I hurriedly scrambled, “I’ll settle it. I promised Shen Haonan, and you won’t have to spend money.”

Qin Jiajun stepped back half of his body and asked me to get the game card, but before he reached out his hand, a little boy jumped out from somewhere behind him. He appeared in front of me like flying, disappeared like flying, and took away. The last game card placed on the shelf.

I suffocated instantly, turned my head and shouted at the boy, “Hey! That’s mine!”

Qin Jiajun looked at me and laughed. He tried his best to restrain, but still couldn’t hold back. With a dark face, I was going to have a fight with the kid while pulling my sleeves. Qin Jiajun pressed my shoulder and said, “I have another one. Give this to Haonan.”

I am full of guilt, “Isn’t this what you want to play…” He spread his hands, “I don’t like to play with these things.”

In fact, I really want to ask him why he still wants to buy if he doesn’t like to play, but thinking that I am not familiar with him, it will be rude to ask too many questions.

I took his kindness, after all, I had to go back to work with Shen Haonan.

During the settlement, Qin Jiajun disappeared for a few minutes, and he asked me to wait for him at the entrance of the store for a while, and he had something for me to take back.

When he returned, his hand was carrying the same diamond gift bag that was given to Zhuang Yan last time. I was a little puzzled. He handed the bag to me. “I didn’t know that you and Feifei Jiang were sisters. The incident has caused you trouble. I always owe Miss Jiang an apology. This is an apology gift for her, but please also bring me a sentence. I always take care of Zhuang Yan as a younger brother and sister. This necklace and Zhuang Yan It’s the same series, and it should be suitable for you little girls. The gifts are not expensive, just to express apology and have no other meaning.”

I figured out his “no other meaning”, and the sentence he took care of Zhuang Yan as a younger sibling, and the “apology” he gave to Jiang Feifei was the same as Zhuang Yan. I looked up at him and deliberately asked, “Does Mr. Qin know what diamonds represent?” He thought for a while, “I only know that rings represent eternity, necklaces… is there any saying? Women should like diamonds, no matter what it represents .”

I talked too much, “Diamonds are the things that make women the easiest to think of emotions. Is there really no other meaning for Mr. Qin to give my sister such an expensive gift?”

My gaze was straight towards him. In fact, I understood that he wanted me to convey Jiang Feifei, and he didn’t think too much about Jiang Feifei. But men in their thirties always speak out, and I am really afraid that they will be wrong.

Before he answered, I wondered if he would be a merciful man, but when he answered, I suddenly felt that a small number of women in this era are more or less affectionate.

Qin Jiajun smiled, “If I give Miss Xu a diamond ring now, will Miss Xu think I am interested in you?” He deliberately reminded me, “Under the condition that we only met three times.”

I was speechless for a while, then shook my head, “No, we don’t even count friends…”

Qin Jiajun glanced at the gift bag, and then said, “But it’s my fault. The gift selection is too sensitive. In fact, I don’t know women well. I think diamonds are something that all women like, including my female friends or partners. I also send some expensive gifts. So… I can only bother Miss Xu to help with the conversation. I don’t think too much about Miss Jiang. This gift should be an apology, sincerely be friends with the Xu family. That’s it.”

Qin Jiajun’s words were neither muddy nor uncomfortable. After clarifying Jiang Feifei’s mind, he immediately expressed his attitude and handled it properly. Qin Jiajun is a very convincing man. He is calm and steady from the inside out. Even I didn’t even know it.

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