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Smithsonian Museum at Washington D.C. State, USA

Smithsonian Museum open from 10.00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. Smithsonian Institution Museum located in Washington, D.C. state and this is history museum with the aim of educating all mankind. This is a world class gathering of modern civilizations and covers the knowledge and science that related to human beings from primitive to present. In the museums there are 19 research centers, 8 research centers, and 12 study centers as well as various animal parks. United States It has also collected over 142 million objects.

The Museum of America is a museum that anyone has watched. They had been in movie on night at the museum and Ben Stiller be actor of this movie. This museum is famous for the collection of many real dinosaur bones. This will be interest to people around the world and children come to visit. There are also various animal species from mammals, aquatic animals, birds and animal carcasses. The story of human history is the ancient artifacts from many continents around the world as well.

The museum also has a collection of various cultures around the world to show the audience who came to know the human origin including the relocation of human beings of that era. They has moved to various continents and still have tools to use on clothes in ancient times.

An exhibition of celestial stars for visitors to learn about the orbit or the solar system, earth and space. There is also an exhibition of astronomy and physical to be thoroughly viewed.

The History Museum of America considered to be one of the attractions because they can come and see all ages with enjoy fun activities and learn many knowledge about history.

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