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Chapter 1 Beat a small flower


The thunder in the night sky exploded, and the heavy rain ravaged every corner of the Emperor Moon Continent.

A blood-devouring spirit arrow pierced the sky, chasing and killing the girl who was desperately fleeing in the rain…

“What’s a secret arrow hurting people, you have the ability to stand up and kill clearly.” Nan Xingwu couldn’t do it.

She circled the Huanshou Garden until the Blood Devouring Spirit Arrow lost its spiritual power when it shot a spirit beast, she was slightly relieved.

After coming here for three days, she has been assassinated three times.

For the first time, the original owner with the same name as her was suffocated alive in his sleep, and her soul came through.

She is a spoiled black, Dao Miss. She has always been not afraid of heaven and earth. She was stunned to wear as a wasteful fourth lady with no strength and bun character.

The second time, that is, yesterday, she finally accepted the fact that she had traveled, and when she was about to send a message to the original owner’s family, a huge boulder suddenly fell from the sky. If she was a step slower, she would be smashed into meatloaf. Up.

For the third time, tonight, the spirit arrow that saw the blood-sealed throat was clearly going to kill her.

However, what made Nan Xingwu puzzled was that in the memory of the original owner, she didn’t know who was going to kill her.

“Just you waste material, you can pinch it to death with one finger, who wants to take this effort to assassinate you.” A mocking voice suddenly sounded from the left side of Nan Xingwu.

Nan Xingwu heard the sound and saw it, her eyes were slightly cold.

Lan Shui’er, the opponent of the original owner, takes pleasure in grabbing the original owner’s things. Lanlian Islander, a typical white lotus, has three levels of phantom realm, and his strength is two levels higher than the original owner, so he has always been proud of it.

“Are you gloating?” Nan Xingwu glanced up and down Lan Shui’er.

Lan Shui’er laughed unabashedly after hearing this, “Yeah! You were originally a joke from Canghai Yizhu, a waste material who dares to marry the second prince without looking in the mirror. You are also worthy to go. Diaoxianglou picks up the guests.”

However, this waste material is also very fateful, and several assassinations have escaped.

It seems that tomorrow will have to find another way, and she must not be allowed to leave the Huanshou Garden alive.

Nan Xingwu’s face was cold, and just as she was thinking of finding a way to teach Lan Shui’er, that little Bailian turned around and left.

She took a deep breath and went back to the room to change her clothes.

Spiritual power is cultivated in this world. It can fly up to the sky and enter the ground. The strength of the original owner is too bad, only the first level of the phantom, no different from an ordinary person, and she was only interested in guns and racing cars before, and she was not very skilled it is good.

Now think about it, if you want to get out of the ranks of waste materials, being able to contract with a powerful spirit beast is the only shortcut.

The next day, before dawn, Nan Xingwu waited for Elder Wenqing outside the Huanshou Garden.

Elder Wenqing is the best rune master in the entire Phantom Academy, and he is responsible for drawing the contract runes of the contract spirit beasts for everyone.

Because she came early, Elder Wenqing generously gave her two contract runes.

Holding the magic rune, she immediately entered the Huanshou Garden to find a suitable spirit beast.

Soon, she found a very beautiful pink little spirit horse.

Just as she was cautiously approaching with the contract rune, Lan Shui’er suddenly appeared and took the first step to pat the contract rune on the pink little spirit horse.

“You are a waste material, how can you be worthy of such a beautiful spirit beast, while resting.”

When the words were over, Lan Shui’er flicked the whip in her hand, and the contract rune that Nan Xingwu held tightly in her hand was released from the palm of her hand.

“Nan Xingwu, your magic rune lady has requisitioned! Haha…”

At this time, Nan Xingwu wanted to beat Lan Shui’er, who was smiling tremblingly in front of her, severely, but she endured it.

When she turned around, a flash of killing intent flashed in Lan Shui’er’s eyes. She shook the bell in her hand, and a huge black snake suddenly appeared from the air, swooped down, and bit at Nan Xingwu’s head…

Nan Xingwu, whose back was suddenly chilled, bent down subconsciously, and smoothly pushed Lan Shui’er who was standing behind her, and exchanged positions with her.

The next moment, Lan Shui’er screamed in horror.


This big black snake was not her contracted spirit beast. She was only temporarily found to deal with Nan Xingwu and wanted to get rid of suspicion, so she was bitten by the snake.

Lan Shui’er’s scream alarmed the people around, and soon there was a lively scene.

Nan Xingwu left quickly.

She intends to find Elder Wenqing to help write a contract rune.

However, when she walked to the entrance of the Eudemons Garden, she only saw the table where Elder Wenqing wrote the contract runes, but no one, and she was depressed.


After waiting for a while without waiting for anyone, Nan Xingwu simply sat down at the table.

On this table, Elder Wenqing used to draw contract runes with beast spirit blood and rune paper, and the contract runestones are also there. All you need to do is use spiritual power to draw and draw. She has seen Elder Wenqing these days. Painted countless times.

After thinking about it, Nan Xingwu rolled up her sleeves and planned to be self-sufficient.

Because Elder Wenqing did not leave a pen to draw the magic runes, she thought of a clever way, took a strand of her long hair and twisted it, curled it into a brush, and placed the rune paper on the contract sacred stone. Started to draw contract runes according to…

Because of her weak spiritual power, she can’t see it at all. Every time she draws a stroke, a special aura flashes on the magic rune paper…

When the last contract rune was drawn, there was a little pain in Nan Xingwu’s finger. The next moment, a drop of blood dripped from her hand.

While Nan Xingwu was frowning, she heard a soft voice from behind, “Nan Xingwu, what are you doing?”

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