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Nagaoka Tenmangu Shinto Shrine in Nagaokakyo, Japan

Nagaoka-Tenmangū Shinto shrine in Nagaokakyo, Japan

Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine or Mikaeri-tenjin is dedicated to Sugawara-no Michizane, a scholar, poet, and politician of the Heian Period during year 794–1185 of Japan. Michizane who was relegated to a minor official post at Dazaifu in Kyushu, visited the location where the shrine currently stands on his journey to Dazaifu and was reluctant to leave.

At the end of every month, there will be a festival for see the plum blossom at this shrine including the end of April until the beginning of May. Every year people gathered to watch the Azalea at the shrine. Azalea is a Kirishima species about 150 years ago. The bright red leaves are about 150 meters long in front of the court entrance. The image of the Azalea for more than thousand-thousand-year-old that are blooming at the same time as a red cloud in the Hachijōgaike pond. Your eye will catching on picture when there bloom.

Opening hours from: 9:00 am – 18:00 pm (April – September), and 9:00 am – 17:00 pm (October – March)
Admission fees: Free
Address location: 2-15-13, Tenjin, Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto, 617-0824, Japan
Telephone: +81-75-951-1025

How to get there :

  • Take the Hankyu Railway Line from Umeda Station to Nagaoka-Tenjin station (HK77) and walk about 10 minutes to the shrine.
  • The nearest station of Nagaoka Tenman-gu Shrine is Hankyu Nagaoka-tenjin Station.
  • The shrine is about a 20-minute walk from Nagaokakyo Station on the JR Tokaido Line.
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