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Ning Qiu pulled Chen the ghost to stand beside him. Before coughing a few times before saying “Today we come to play a comedic drama for others to watch,” Chen the ghost ghost pretended excitedly. “What is comedy?”

Comedy drama comes from the word Xiang Sheng, is a Chinese comedy performance art. It is like playing Thai comedies using 4 skills which are speaking, imitation, teasing and singing. Can divide the expression into monologue Interactive chat And short dramas By showing the most popular interactive conversation Beginning in the Qing Dynasty

In ancient China There is a promotion exam and some characters may be hint about this Should have picked up the story of Kejwi in a bit

Is the ancient Khun Na examination system in China By exam, moving up one by one, first to local level (District or province) is called the Tong Sue exam. Candidates passed the exam. Eligible to participate in the next regional exam (County or County) called Xiang Zhi examination If passing the exam, will get to be Jivarin. Then can come to test the level of Hui Sue in the capital to become Jin Sue Has packed into government service And will be able to take the exam in front of the throne In order to be selected as a three-tier graduate There are three graduates of First Doctorate level. Ranked in order of the highest scores are Zhuang Yuan (Cho Hong), Spin Yan and Than Hwa.

At one time, Ning Shui met with Luang China Guan Hai, who raised his hand to act like a monk. Interestingly, what is “Mon” ?

Ahl (read that it will be ) is not moved or not moved forward Ahl Ming civilized Ahl Nat King is the guardian deity of Buddhism. Is a ferocious manifestation of Witthaya Raj according to the belief of Vajrayana Teach the dharma in a horrifying manner to encourage the offender to repent The statue of Kon Ming Ming in a painting or statue It is a deity with a sword, which has the handle of Vajra in his right hand. Used to defeat evil The left hand held a rope to hold the evil. The back is surrounded by flames. And usually in a standing position or sitting on a rock base Represents the firmness in the dharma The braid hair style is seven knot draped over the left shoulder, a symbol of the Lord Buddha’s servants. The mouth corner has two fangs. One side pointed to the ground One side pointing to the sky

Gold brick
Once during the winter solstice The emperor looked at the image of a Mei flower vase on a golden brick. Interestingly, what is the “golden brick” ?

Gold brick is a brick that was built specifically for use in the Royal Palace. It is recorded that the production of a gold brick takes 720 days. Complex methods of burning, such as soil preparation, have to go through 7 steps, dig, move, tap, wash, crush and grind. The raw material must be clay that is dug from Taihu Lake. Takes 1 year to dry in the sun before immersing in water Then pushed the oxen to compress until it became a clump of clay Then put in the crucible Cover with a flat sheet Leave it to be exposed to the sun for about 7 months when the bricks are dry. To be burned using special grass, bake for 1 month, burn natural wood for the last 2 months, use pine branches to burn for another 40 days before leaving the stove. Immersed in Wu Tong oil until it has a glossy color Therefore complete the process

Ghost fire
At one time, Ning Shui looked at the sword marks on the walls and ceilings of glowing stones. So thought in mind that it might be a ghost fire and what is it? Ghost fire refers to a fire ball from methane gas that burns in the air. Causing him to see a glimmer of light at night The methane gas is caused by rotting decay of organic matter. In ancient times, people still do not understand this principle. Therefore thought that it was a spirit light Thais believe that it is a Kruea Ghee or the eyes of a ghost

There is still much more knowledge. Which can be found in the footnotes that appear at the bottom of some pages in a fun-looking Chinese translation novel The work is written by Mao Ni and translated by Khun Mod Daeng. There are 40 books in total. Enthusiast fans will follow for a long time.

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