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Chapter 3 Unexpected Contract to a Man

Di Hanyi raised his hand, resisting the urge to strangle her, and pointed to the faintly flashing contract rune imprint on his heart.

“Cancel this thing.”

Nan Xingwu felt a forbearing murderous aura, so she took a step back subconsciously.

“I do not know what you’re talking about.”

Di Hanyi stretched out his hand and directly lifted the little girl in front of him, looking at her with cold eyes.

“Your contract rune was printed on my body, and it was immediately eliminated. Within twelve hours, it must be cleared.”

Whether this stupid girl understands what she has done, it is a marriage bond contract, how can she casually form a relationship with people like this.

Nan Xingwu understood this time, she blinked innocently, “I won’t!”

Did she accidentally contract a man?

But how did this man appear? Obviously she didn’t see anyone after dropping her contract rune!

Di Hanyi took a deep breath several times, “I teach you!”

“Okay!” Nan Xingwu agreed readily.

At this moment, a spiritual power broadcast suddenly sounded over the Eudemons Garden.

“Nan Xing Wu from the legacy of the sea has arrived at the exit of Huanshou Garden, your family is in a hurry to find something!”

“Nan Xing Wu from the legacy of the sea has arrived at the exit of Huanshou Garden, your family is in a hurry to find something!”

“Nan Xing Wu from the legacy of the sea has arrived at the exit of Huanshou Garden, your family is in a hurry to find something!”

Nan Xingwu was startled, her family looking for her?

This spiritual power broadcast has actually been broadcast three times, this is the rhythm of something big!

She left behind the mysterious man who was about to teach her the method of dissolving the contract rune, and quickly ran towards the exit of the Huanshou Garden.

Di Hanyi reached out to grab her back, but was unexpectedly resisted.

Nan Xingwu ran to the exit panting, before he could react, she was energetically hugged into her arms by a person.

“Xiao Wu, it’s really great that you’re okay… My eldest brother and I have been chased by people for the past two days. The killer also said that you were killed by them three days ago, and it scared me to death…” Nan Yunshuang She hugged her sister tightly in fear.

The familiar male voice made Nan Xingwu a little distracted…

The original owner has three identical triplets, and the person in front of him is Nan Yunshuang, the second brother of the original owner.

He and his eldest brother Nan Yunyi are both students of the Phantom Advanced Academy, and they are very strong, but they also encountered assassinations, which shows that someone is dealing with the Canghai Legacy Pearl, not against her alone.

Thinking of this, Nan Xingwu’s heart sank a little, but she didn’t say something when she reached her lips.

In fact, his sister was indeed dead, and she was suffocated to death in her sleep on the first night when she came to the Huanshou Garden. It was also because of this that she had her journey through.

After a long time, Nan Xingwu said, “Where is the big brother?”

“The eldest brother is back to Canghai Yizhu. There may be an accident at home. I will come and see you first. Xiao Wu, I will take you to the Wild City and then go home.” Nan Yunshuang’s eyes were a little red, and he was worried.

These assassins dared to assassinate him and his eldest brother. Xiao Wu was only at the first level of the phantom, and his strength was too weak, and it was not safe to stay here.

“My second brother and I will go back and have a look. It is too far to go back and forth to the wild city and go home. We can’t take care of anything in the family.” Nan Xingwu said seriously.

Nan Yunshuang hesitated, but still agreed.

He summoned his four-winged flying eagle, took his sister, and quickly flew to the Canghai Legacy Pearl…

Nan Xingwu didn’t notice at this time, there was a shivering black little spider stuck to the hem of her skirt, and the little spider was looking at the lavender dragon-shaped phantom behind her with a look of fear…

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