Eglise St Martin Church of Colmar city, France

Eglise St Martin Church is church with distinctive of Gothic architecture that like landmark in the city of Colmar. The Church of Saint Martin was built between year 1235 and year 1365. It is considered to be the oldest church in Colmar city. This church is one of Gothic architecture style in the Alsace region. In year 1972 that had fire occurred in the south tower that that time all the structures and roofs of the tower were destroyed. After that in the next three years the area was replaced with new one. Therefore making this church look like a shadow. This church has been restored many times and recent renovations by a foundation. Eglise St Martin church has confirm that they have been in this city from the 11th and 12th centuries, and can tell that is have history.

The ancient remains were excavated from the church that be built in the Carolyn style for about more than 1,000 years ago and the foundations of the 2nd church were built to the Roman style. The current building was built in year 1235 until the year 1365 become the church of the college dedicated to Martin. This church is surrounded by many portals that are relatively. The largest portal shows that the opal carved which is highlight of this church as the old brown tile roof and pillars. This is support to be at the front of the building.

The front of the building has a lot of patterns which are contrary of the airy appearance from the steep window. The Jewish history in the city of Alsace proof as the presence of two Judensaue that came in the form of goblins and another corner is a portal statue. The spacious interior has something to indicate from furniture suffered with severe losses during the French Revolution. The majestic piece of Baroque during the year of 1755 are many medieval statues in the church. Gothic stained-glass windows have some of visible inside and another interesting part of this church is the head of Christ’s chapel with beard and this work are from the 13th century. Although this church does not have any history to support on the erection of a priest but be considered as cathedral for the Colmar people for a long time.

Eglise St Martin Church is open everyday from 8:00 am until 18:30 pm and no administration fee for visit.

This Chruch can walk from d’unterlinden square then head to Rue des clefs then you will find the main street of Rue des pretres. After that turn right through a small intersection at the optique cathedrale until you see de la cathedral then go straight to Rue de I’eglise. The church will be on your left side.

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