Little Venice of Colmar District in France

The area of ​​La Petite Venise or the Little Venice of Colmar is the most famous area that makes Colmar city become the most romantic destination for honeymoon.The tourists are fascinated by the lovely charm as makes this area welcome from all over the world tourists visit. Little Venice is name that given to the south eastern area of ​​Colmar and has a lovely village lined with small canals from river in the village and masses of beautiful flowers that people in the village can enjoin as romantic land like Venice in Italy.

Little Venice area will start from the Koifhus building or the customs office in the past. All of the building is characterized by burgundy tiled roof. When you walk to a little further that is the fountain of Schwendi. In the middle has a statue of Lazarus Schwendi who is important person that been led to the army fight in Hungary and brought the grapes from Hungary to the plant. Grapes from Hungary that he bought until today become White Grapes of Colmar city. You can walk through the fishing district at Turenne and Saint-Pierre bridges. On the way there you can crossed to intermittent bridges and this bridge is the highlights of the Little Venice area.

At the beginning of Krutenau is gardening place on the Colmar. It is the residence of rural community place who produce white wine and marketers of Kruteanau will stretch all over Turenne street. Therefore that don’t be surprised when you see a great white shop spread out in this Little Venice area and you shouldn’t miss out white shops in this Little Venice neighborhood. Besides the beautiful corners that suit for photography. There are also many food and souvenir shops such as the Quai de la poissonnerie and originally fishing port.

In addition to exploring on the beautiful scenery and collect pictures from the street along with canal or bridge. You can ride a cruise to see beauty screen around this area from the middle of the river and guarantee that you will see neighborhood of Colmar with a wider view of this villages from both sides. At this point you will experience the charm of tranquility on take a photos from the middle of the water with more beautiful than the pictures from side walk. The cruise will ride around the village of Little Venice. This will take you to ride about 15 minutes and cost about 7 Euro per person. This Little Venice is beautiful during day time and night time.

Can walk along from the map to the southeast and not far away but they usually take a car to visit this area or ride a bike to visit Colmar city.

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