Mawsmai Cave in Cherrapunji, India

Mawsmai cave revered as one of the most popular and notable landmarks in Cowpuncher is Mawsmai cave. The striking natural cave is flocked by visitors in great numbers. It is one of the best places for history buffs and experience seekers. The Mawsmai cave in Cherrapunji boasts of wide and amazing entrance with the dark and magical mystery inside. The limestone constructions of the cave would surely leave you fascinated.

Getting inside the cave you can see constant dripping of water from the roofs of cave and the formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Further, with great observations, you can also note how the roof and the floor of the cave are joined together to form the iconic pillars. Moreover, some openings of the cave are quite large but some are so small that one has to kneel down and bend their heads. Although, the entrance is quite large, the exit is small. It is a great fun to be at Mawsmai cave in Cherrapunji. Do not forget to take pictures as it is a lifetime opportunity.

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