Mino or Minoh Park in Osaka Prefecture of Japan with nature color change

Watch the leaves color change near Osaka Prefecture of Japan at Minoh Park. Meiji no Mori Minō Kokutei Kōen or known as Minoh Park is Quasi-National Park in Osaka Prefecture of Japan. It was founded on 11 December 1967. Its name is commonly romanticized as “Minō” or “Minoo”. Now the city government officially uses as the spelling Minoh in English. The National Park is famous for its abundance of nature. Located on a valley 100-600 meters above sea level. On the north side of the city of Mino. Within the park is the site of the towering Mino waterfall, with a width of 5 meters and 33 meters high. Each season of nature is different. The most beautiful and popular season is during leaf change color.

The national park can accessed by the Hankyu Railway in Osaka and about 30 minutes from Umeda Station. This isn’t just for make journey to see color change from leaves but you can take attracting tourists. Because traveling between ascending and descending is considered as charming as that makes many people attracted. Even more during the autumn season when you arrive there must try local food like Momiji Tempura.

How to get there to Minoh park. If you take train from Umeda station and take the Hankyu Takarazuka Line from Hankyu Umeda Station to Ishibashi Station about 15 minutes. Then change to the Hankyu Minoh Line and get off at Minoh Station about 5 minutes. Total expenses about 270 yen and you can use the JR Pass.

After you exit Minoh Station and go straight to the north. You will see Minoh River in 5 minutes as you pass by some souvenir shops. That trip will start from Hankyu Minoo Station then walk to Ryoanji Temple which is halfway during you walk from train station to Mino Waterfall besides temples have many shops. There are also famous insect museums that have more than 10,000 insect specimens and butterfly garden in a large greenhouse about 30 species and more than 200 flying freely in this place.

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