Saddle Peak in Andaman Islands, India

Saddle Peak have a height of 732 m, Saddle peak is the highest point in the Andamans. Located in Diglipur, this peak rises amid thick evergreen jungle, overlooking the breathtaking North Andaman and Middle Andaman coast. As the peak is encircled by a rich bio-diversity natural paradise, it is also known as Saddle Peak National Park. This region is home to around 37 indigenous insect species, more than 13 species of birds as well as 6 species of indigenous trees.

Saddle peak is also quite popular amid adventure and trekking enthusiasts. The hike up to the peak is 8 km long and is steep. Trek through the forest, then to the top of the peak, finally ending it Kalipong river bank takes around 6-7 hours. Once at the peak top, savor wonderful views of the archipelago of the Bay of Bengal. There are three viewpoints. Trek to Saddle peak is a slightly tough one and thus it is important that one should drink enough water before starting the climb.

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