Serenity Beach, India

Serenity Beach, Pondicherry is 10 km away from Pondicherry which perfect to enjoy solitude, sun, sand and surf. Serenity Beach gets its name from the beach resort of the same name. The original name is Kottakuppam beach or Thanthirayan Kuppam beach. Serenity Beach can Surfing, fishing, wave-watching, etc. Serenity Beach as its name suggests is a tranquil spot along the Bay of Bengal. Beautiful and scenic, the name is very apt for this beach. Bathed in warm golden sand with a trail of rocks leading to the sea, it is perfect for calm days.

Fishermen are seen thriving here early in the morning. Their boats and gear spread over the beach. The quiet stretch is a paradise for honeymooners. Since the beach is not very popular yet, it is isolated and peaceful. The beach lies only 10 minutes from Pondicherry. It is accessible from the town.

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