Unterlinden Art Museum in Colmar, France

The Musee Unterlinden Museum is an excellent museum in Colmar that has a large number of visitors each year. The Musée Unterlinden’s original location in the 13th century convent is now linked to the former municipal baths building inaugurated in 1906. This museum is a showcase of outstanding art works from the Middle Ages to modern modern art. In addition, here is also a treasure trove of many modern times to watch.

The distinctive museum of Musee Unterlinden is an exhibition showing the artistic changes from 1853 until the present with the herzog & de Meuron as an extension by adding modern building and combined with delicate modern architecture which well known as a remarkable story in the history of museum. In this museum that you will be able to see the continuation of the history more than 150 years based on the walls and works of art and be considered as Societe Schongauer’s constant changes.

The Musee Unterlinden was officially opened on April 3, 1853 but the museum has an old picture of 3rd century mosaic that was discovered in Bergheim in 1848. There are also ancient statues that has been confiscated during the French Revolution such as the Grunewald Altarpiece Isenheim and the Marrtin Schongauer’s Altarpiece of the Dominican people. So this museum is known to have many collections of art until art work has overflowed to the high walls. Also the museum has been continuously updated their room which called “Selle de la cheminee” was created to display the Alsatian collection and creating of the Theophile klem hall from the Church of St. Martin. The creation of the Fleischhauer Hall as collection of Archeology on a tribute to the president of Societe Schongauer.

In addition, the expansion of the underground area that occurred in the years 1973 – 1974 to create a space be display on modern art until the 21st century. It has been expanded to the herzog & de meuron project when the museum’s wing project has displays on art collections. Under the concept of connecting to the glory of ancient art and makes many visitors come to the museum. The museum open daily from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm and closed on Wednesday only. But there will be open time at 10.00 am and stopped during the Holiday so you should check when open and close date on the website before your visit.

The admission fee for adult tickets is 13 euros but if viewed as a group of more than 15 people cost will be 11 euros and for children aged 12 – 18, including students with student ID cards. Free for children younger than 12 years. In addition, there are also 35 Euro packages for families as well.

You can get to the museum from the first point on the station that can be seen and is the location around the tourist center. Only 15 minutes walk from the station or use the bus lines #1, #3, #5, #7 and #8 to park at the station area.


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