1 of the Restaurant that must try in Bangkok of Thailand

Nathong Restaurant is one of the restaurants that Thai people come to celebrate and eat. Asian tourism come here to have dinner also. They have many styles of foods such as Thai foods, Chinese foods, vegetarian foods and drinks. This is some foods that we choose from the restaurant.

1. Deep Fried Prawns and Vegetable Salad with cream salad sauce in Taro Nests baskets.

2. Deep Fried Pork’s Leg served with French Fried. The vegetable on the dish make similar Korea Kimchi.

3. Crab Fried Rice is make from crab, rice, egg and vegetable together.

4. Sea Asparagus in Brown Sauce is Chinese food style. They use sea asparagus, mushrooms and Chinese kale mix together with sauce.

5. Mixed Seafood in Spicy Soup and can call “Tom Yum Talea”

6. Steamed Sea bass Fish with Lime and Chili Sauce is also spicy menu. They’re use lime, chili, fish sauce and sugar mix together for make sauce and put on fish.

7. Seafood Meat with Yellow Curry. How to make? Prepare the curry powder in the mixing bowl first by adding eggs, oyster sauce, seasoning sauce, fish sauce, sugar, curry powder, unsweetened condensed milk, chili paste and water. Beat the ingredients together then put seafood that you like to the bowl.

8. Mixed Nuts (red bean), bread, coconut jelly and Sugar palm baby with Ice.

In this Restaurant have more than 100 menu to try with different foods style. When you have a chance visit Bangkok come and try Thai foods. Nathong Restaurant located at 569/1 Pracha Uthit Road, Samsen Nok district, Huay-Kwang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand. They open from 11 o’clock in the morning to 23.00pm at night.

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