5 Places to go in Nagoya of Japan

Nagoya is city in the middle of Japan. Even though is not the top city of Japan but when traveling in this place that nothing must interesting. In addition of this city also have long history. Its also have famous car industry in the city which is Toyota brand. Therefore have beautiful nature and shopping area follow by the top 5 recommended places to go in Nagoya.

1.Nagoya Castle was built during the Edo period and most of the castles were destroyed at the later on. As the point of view around the castle you can see cherry blossoms. This bloom will be during in the late of March – early April.

2. Toyota Factory Tour and Museums
This museum you will take about 1 hour from Nagoya City. This is Toyota headquarters and they stands Toyota Kaikan Museum in the factory. This area you will see showcasing products from new Toyota models and various technologies including robots.

3. Osu Shopping Street and Osu Shopping Arcade
This shopping line is surrounded by over 400 shops and restaurants. The street will focus on selling modern products such as electronic devices, cosplay costumes and anime cartoons.

4. The Japan Railway Museum, SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
The museum exhibition various on trains such as trains, steam locomotives, Shinkansen train or bullet train that been on world record. Also have the latest magnetic train or maglev model.

5. Nagashima Resort
The resort is reputed to be the most enjoyable amusement park in the west of Japan. This is considered to be the most hip tourist attraction of Nagoya city and located on Nagashima Island or can be call “Long Island”. There have shopping place, large flower garden, theme park and on-sen for relax.

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