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Chapter 1 I Will Never Marry an Old Man

Gu Ningxuan reluctantly took a taxi to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. After waiting, she saw a super cool Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped by the roadside.

She glanced at the license plate first, it was the arrogant one in my mother’s mouth–


Although she was mentally prepared, she was depressed to die when she thought of marrying such a disfigured man instead of the old sister!

I really want to leave, but the old lady found true love and fulfilled her marriage contract, so she could only fall on her…

The next moment, the car door opened, and two tall and mighty suit bodyguards got out first, and respectfully helped a man with inconvenient legs to get out of the car.

Through the sunglasses, Gu Ningxuan clearly saw the other side’s profile, and was almost frightened.

What’s so special, anyone who doesn’t have a long-sighted claim that Lu Yucheng was just a car accident left some sequelae, and his face was ruined, the skin grafting operation failed, and he looked very old… Isn’t this too implicit? !

He was supported by a bodyguard with a crutches in his hand. Although he was wearing a small black top hat, he was tall and straight and dressed like a human, but he couldn’t stop the obvious on his face anyway. wrinkle.

He looks like an uncle in his thirties. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is seventy and eighty!

Looking at Lu Yucheng’s respectful face, Gu Ningxuan could only feel the thunder rolling above her head and her head was blank.

She doesn’t discriminate against people with defective appearance, and she tolerates problems with legs and feet. After all, someone had a car accident…

But who knew he was so serious!

Thinking that her wedding night was about to become the scene of a horror movie, she took a breath.

No, she couldn’t get married even if she died!

Gu Ningxuan took off her sunglasses and ran away. She rushed to the road decisively, stopped a not-so-noticeable Volkswagen sedan, and patted the window twice.

As soon as the car stopped, she quickly opened the door and got in, swiping out a few banknotes from her purse. No matter the three or seventy-one, she forcibly stuffed it into the driver’s hand, brother, go, go! “

To save a life is better than to build a seventh-level Pagoda, and her head is about to smoke in a hurry.

Lu Yucheng was slapped by the banknotes in her hand, his dark eyes narrowed dangerously, and his voice was extremely cold: Get out of the car! “

His voice was low and dumb with some inexplicable sexiness, which caused Gu Ningxuan to look in the driver’s seat curiously.

I don’t know, Gu Ningxuan was immediately surprised by the star-like face, and she swallowed a mouthful of saliva on the spot.

Although she can’t remember people with her face blind, she is not always in contact and forgets when she sees it, but she has the ability to appreciate beauty. This man is really Tai Chi.

At about 27 or 28 years old, he has short, crisp hair. The lines on his profile are as graceful and smooth as a statue of David. The eyebrows fly into the temples, the nose is thin and the lips are thin. The rate of turning heads when walking on the street is a certain percentage!

Especially those eyes, elegant and deep, as if reflecting a whole starry sky in them, people can’t help but want to explore.

Obviously wearing the same black suit and white shirt as Lu Yucheng, the effect is worlds apart!

Gu Ningxuan came back to her senses, with a pleading look on her face: Brother, I know you are a good person by looking at your face. If you do, just send me to the front entrance. “

Lu Yucheng is angry and funny. His Phaeton looks so much like a taxi. Can anyone afford it?


He looked at Gu Ningxuan’s pitiful expression, and said with interest: Give me a reason to drive you. “

Gu Ningxuan was so irritated by his face that she couldn’t think, her adrenaline soared, and she always felt that this man’s face gave her a sense of deja vu, but she just couldn’t remember where she had seen it.

Lu Yucheng looked at Gu Ningxuan who hadn’t spoken for a long time, and was also aroused a little bit of curiosity.

The woman in front of her was white and beautiful, with watery apricot eyes and a faint pink lip color. She subconsciously pucked up when she spoke, as if she was asking for a kiss.

This is clearly the fiancee he has seen in the photo.

Lu Yucheng thought, frowned in confusion, shouldn’t she be waiting for him and grandpa at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau? How could he accidentally hit his car by mistake?

Judging from her reaction, she didn’t seem to recognize him.

Seeing that the handsome guy didn’t respond, Gu Ningxuan began to understand with reason and move with affection: Big brother, look at me, young and beautiful, but the authoritarian elders in our family have to ask me to marry an old and ugly man, and he will be with him today. Get the certificate, who can stand it? No, I’m going to run away. “

Old ugly? Are you talking about him? !

Lu Yucheng’s expression deteriorated in an instant, and he uttered two words in disbelief: Escaping marriage? “

Gu Ningxuan poked herself secretly and wiped her bitter tears, her head nodded like a chicken pecking rice: yes yes yes! “

She hadn’t noticed that Lu Yucheng’s expression had changed, she was still talking about it: Big brother, you help me this time, you can definitely find a wealthy daughter-in-law, really, you believe me, let me take a look at your face I think you are a single, single… aristocrat. “

Frightened by Lu Yucheng’s face, Gu Ningxuan said the last two words carefully, looking at him pitifully.

Lu Yucheng sneered in his heart, who is single?

His fiancee is right in front of him!

He glanced at her and smiled instead: Are you going to the subway station in front? “

Right, right, right,” Gu Ningxuan said with a beaming face, just ahead, not far at all.”

A smile full of malice appeared at the corner of Lu Yucheng’s mouth, which was fleeting.

Gu Ningxuan leaned back in her chair as if it were collapsed, lamenting that it is not easy to take a ride these years, and it takes a lot of talking to give a lot of money.

Hey, hey, brother, where are you going? This is not the way to the subway station! “

After regaining her senses, she looked at some strange scenery around her, a little panicked.

This person will not do anything bad to her, will he? In Gu Ningxuan’s mind, there were countless stories of black car drivers killing and throwing corpses. She was pushed out by her, and she called out for help as soon as the situation got worse.

You’d better not act rashly. “

Lu Yucheng seemed to be aware of her small movements and coldly warned.

It’s over, Gu Ningxuan’s heart is ashamed, and tears are bursting out of her fright. Brother, what are you going to do, if you have something to say-I will give you all you want, and everything you want! “

I want you. “

Without turning his head back, Lu Yucheng stepped on the accelerator.

Yes, want her?

Gu Ningxuan, who has lived for more than 20 years, has never touched a boy’s hand. Apart from the little fat guy next door who played with her for two days when she was a child, she is also a big girl with zero love life. She doesn’t want to be like this. By him this and that!

I knew I shouldn’t get in the car, and it’s better to marry that old ugly…” Gu Ningxuan’s face turned pale, and she didn’t dare to call the police to irritate him, panicking completely.

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