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Chapter 2 Can I get a certificate without a person?

Lu Yucheng frowned, really couldn’t bear her thoughts. He wanted to scare her and give her a memory, but now he couldn’t bear it, and said: Get off the car now, don’t let me say the second time. “

Let her get out of the car?

Aren’t you going to be frivolous about her?

Gu Ningxuan was surprised by the uncertainty of the elder brother. She didn’t know what words she said made him feel relieved. She was taken aback for a moment, and she quickly picked up her bag and got out of the car, running fast.

In one day, he was frightened twice and escaped twice. Gu Ningxuan couldn’t stand her heart no matter how strong she was. She didn’t even dare to call a taxi. She called her best friend Xia Yiyi and waited for her to pick him up. She went back.

It wasn’t that she was counseling, she was really weak in her legs and feet, and she couldn’t walk.

Half an hour later, the window of the car was lowered, revealing Xia Yiyi’s radiant face. Miss Gu Er, you are working as a pier on the side of the road, why don’t you get in the car soon? “

Gu Ningxuan got up and got into the co-pilot like a thief.

You don’t know, I saw my fiance today, who looked like the scene of a car accident, and scared me into a black car. The driver took my money and drove me to this place where birds don’t shit. I almost lost my life. The fragrance is gone! “

She frantically complained about the previous experience, until Xia Yiyi finally rolled her eyes at her and pointed to her bag: Stop it, your phone rang. “

Gu Ningxuan saw the mother on the caller ID”, subconsciously wailed, and accepted her fate: Mom, what are you doing?”

Gu Ma’s loud voice made her ears hum through the phone: Gu Ningxuan! I think you are fattened! Don’t even dare not listen to what your grandpa said! I told you to get the certificate, people! “

I…” Gu Ningxuan’s explanation was stuck in her throat, and there was no more.

She can’t say that she ran away because that person was too ugly, right?

But fortunately, the Lu family had already prepared. They have already completed the licenses for the two of you. I think you and Lu Yucheng, who are handsome and beautiful, are really a match made in heaven. “

Lang Cai female appearance? Made in heaven? Gu Ningxuan really wants to yell, is she so ugly, she is like that Mr. Lu Yucheng! this! So! Match! !

Is this still a real mother?

Due to Gu Ma’s lust, Gu Ningxuan still closed her mouth obediently and swallowed everything she wanted to say.

“However,” Gu’s mother changed her words. For the sake of the Lu family and your sister’s career, the two of you are still in secret marriage for the time being. So capricious, do you hear it?”

Gu Ningxuan was so shocked that her jaw dropped.

Hasn’t she escaped marriage? Why is the Lu family so powerful, I can arrange her clearly without being there? !

No way! Mom, listen to me, this marriage I won’t…”

Before she finished speaking, she found that Gu Ma had hung up the phone, and Gu Ningxuan was so angry that she almost dropped the phone.

Just admit it, who made the Lu family be kind to your grandfather. “Xia Yiyi finished speaking, and patted her shoulder sympathetically. Oh, what a nice little beauty, just flowers are stuck in the cow dung, tusk.”

No way!

Gu Ningxuan felt that this matter couldn’t be left alone, she yelled tragically: You can leave if you are knotted! Let’s go for a drink first! “


Gu Ningxuan opened an expensive bottle of her painful red wine and touched a glass with Xia Yiyi.

No, I think I must have an unforgettable one…”

She had drunk a lot of alcohol, and she was a little bit drunk, and the light in the bar was dim and blurred, and her eyes were in a daze.

Xia Yiyi deserves to be her best friend since childhood. She immediately noticed something was wrong and asked vigilantly: Ning Xuan, what are you going to do? “

Hehehe, “Gu Ningxuan was really drunk. She hiccuped and smirked at Xia Yiyi. No, I can’t tell you.”

Xia Yiyi was about to warn her not to mess around, and she felt like her stomach was turned upside down. Her face turned pale in an instant. She pulled Gu Ningxuan and said in a low voice: Grandma and aunt are here. Stay here honestly for me. Did you hear? I’ll be back soon. “

Gu Ningxuan blinked and listened to her with a bit of confusion. She saw Xia Yiyi walking into the toilet. She smiled triumphantly, stood up from her seat staggeringly, looked around, and pointed towards the corner. The man in there walked over.

It’s him. Gu Ningxuan shook her head hard, trying to show the most seductive smile to face her upcoming prey.”

She was mentally prepared, not to mention that this man seemed to be pretty good, and she didn’t suffer.

When Lu Yucheng, who was drinking in the booth, saw the appearance of the little woman walking towards him, his eyebrows suddenly dazzled.

His newly-baked wife, why don’t you stay at home at night, why do you come to the bar?

He narrowed his eyes slightly, looking at the two drunk red balls on Gu Ningxuan’s cheeks, his expression became colder by a few degrees.

Gu Ningxuan was completely unaware of the change in Lu Yucheng’s expression. She unceremoniously sat down next to the man, and even put her arms around his shoulders boldly.

Good brother, you take me back, okay? “She leaned over Lu Yucheng’s ear, exhaling like blue, her voice dripping with soreness.

She remembered that it was said in the TV series, try Bailing.

Lu Yucheng felt the tingling on his neck, and the hand holding the wine glass suddenly tightened——

Damn it, does this woman know that she is about to marry? !

Gu Ningxuan looked at Lu Yucheng as if there was no reaction. She gritted her teeth and hugged his waist directly. The man’s waist was thin and strong, with a perfect curve of winding, and…

She touched Lu Yucheng’s waist and giggled: Handsome guy, make an appointment, I will pay the bill. “

The little woman gazed at Lu Yucheng with silky eyes, but her eyes were full of unmanned light, and she awkwardly spurned at him.

Lu Yucheng pinched her shoulder, gritted her teeth, and squeezed out a few words from her mouth: Take a good look, who am I! “

A familiar voice poured into Gu Ningxuan’s eardrums, her brain seemed to be frozen by ice again, a clever, a little awake.

The moment her eyes met, she took a breath, and cried out in surprise: Are you the driver of the black car during the day? “

Gu Ningxuan hurriedly released her hand, trying to get off the man, but she was grasped by Lu Yucheng, the iron-like hand couldn’t be broken no matter how she broke it.

Gu Ningxuan is a little anxious: Hey, don’t you want to, if I want to go, you still don’t let me go! “

She, can’t she be wrong!

She was the one who took the wrong look and chose the wrong target! Who knows that black car drivers still come to make ducks these days.

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