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Chapter 3 Uncle, you have worked hard

Lu Yucheng’s eyes became darker again, and his lips smiled coldly: Why, after seduce-inducing someone, I want to leave after patting his butt? “

Gu Ningxuan forced an awkward smile: I didn’t recognize it, it was a misunderstanding and misunderstanding what happened during the day. “


Lu Yucheng looked down at the little woman in front of him, even if it was him, he couldn’t help showing a hint of surprise.

The drunk-eyed little woman in her arms is wearing a white shirt and jeans, and her close-fitting clothes outlines a slender figure with a concave and convex shape.

From his position, he was completely seductive, his skin was as white as snow, and his broken face made him think badly.

Gu Ningxuan felt that she was in big trouble, but the other party was really too upset. She was thinking about how to get out with a headache, and subconsciously pursed her lips.

Seeing this scene in Lu Yucheng’s eyes, his bloodline was almost broken, and at the same time, the faint anger in his heart was constantly fermenting.

Does this woman know that she is already Mrs. Lu, yet she is so bold!

Lu Yucheng’s smile is a bit meaningful: In this case, I will reluctantly agree to your request. “

reluctantly? Reluctantly!

Gu Ningxuan is about to cry: the twisted melon is not sweet, really, brother, if you don’t want it, we can just get together and spend time… No, just treat it as never before! “

No, I regret it,” Lu Yucheng glanced at her coldly and let’s go.”

Obviously it’s a matter of rejoicing and liking you and me. How did it become like this?

But there are not many handsome guys like him, and she won’t suffer anyway!

Gu Ningxuan stumbled behind him, Lu Yucheng heard the noise behind him, and seeing her doing this, he simply beat her up and hugged her!

Hug the princess!

Gu Ningxuan was caught off guard by Lu Yucheng. She was not light, and Lu Yucheng swaggered out of the bar with her in his arms. Her face was not flushed or breathless, and her physical strength was embarrassing.

Physical strength… Gu Ningxuan’s face blushed at the thought of this. Fortunately, the flush after drinking has not faded, otherwise her face will be lost.

It took Lu Yucheng 12 points of stamina to hold back her without doing it on the spot!

Gu Ningxuan was held by him, and after a while, the drunkenness gradually came, and the wine was full of stamina, and she started a new round of giggles: Hey hey, uncle, you guys in this industry, do you have to serve those rich women every day? Sister, that’s really hard work. “

Isn’t it enough for her to treat him as a black car driver, and treat him as a duck?

Lu Yucheng’s voice was icy, with uncontrollable anger: hard work is not hard, you will know later. “

In a five-star hotel, he hugged Gu Ningxuan on the private elevator, and Gu Ningxuan writhed restlessly in his arms, making him feel so uncomfortable that he was full of evil fires, and she had to say: You have served this night, I will give you all the money. I, Gu Ningxuan, have never…not bad money! “

I will definitely treat you well in a while. “Lu Yucheng bowed down to Shen and said in her ear, which caused Gu Ningxuan to start to move again.

Itchy, itchy…”

Like an innocent child, Lu Yucheng couldn’t help being surprised. Who borrowed her courage to let her drink alone? !

Lu Yucheng took out his room card and opened the door. He didn’t even bother to take off his clothes and threw Gu Ningxuan, who was so drunk in his arms, on the luxurious kingsize bed.

He didn’t understand why this woman’s unintentional movement could stir up his desires. He obviously couldn’t take any interest in any woman during the three years when he went abroad!

Except for the night three years ago, she was the only one who almost gave it to him.

But he didn’t really have a relationship with her. After all, he couldn’t deal with the lifesaver who only had a relationship.

Lu Yucheng remembered what happened three years ago, and the whole person has calmed down, but it is a pity that Gu Ningxuan insists on pestering him!


When Gu Ningxuan opened her eyes, she was already three poles in the sun.

She unconsciously lifted the quilt and wanted to get up and wash, but she was scared by her naked and naked appearance and got back into the quilt again. Last night’s scenes were screened in her mind like a flashback, and she covered it in disbelief. Mouth, turned his head cautiously——

Lu Yucheng’s handsome face, like a god, was on the pillow next to her. His eyelashes were so long that he didn’t look like a real person.

I go!

It really wasn’t a dream!

She slept with someone other than her fiance!

Obviously her plan has come true, but Gu Ningxuan has no sense of accomplishment at all with a guilty conscience.

At this moment, she just wanted to run away quickly!

When Gu Ningxuan finally found her shirts, jeans and inner-clothes in the messy pile of clothes on the ground, her heart collapsed.

The shirt had been violently torn, the jeans were a little better, but they were crumpled and spilled red wine.

How could she get out!

Lu Yucheng woke up the moment Gu Ningxuan lifted the quilt and got out of bed. He didn’t open his eyes when he wanted to see the woman’s reaction.

Unexpectedly, after she discovered that her clothes were torn, she actually came over and poked him very recklessly: Hey, uncle, you find me a piece of clothing to wear, I can’t get out. “

So open and outrageous.

You sleep with me, you want me to buy you clothes? “Lu Yucheng slowly opened his eyes, his eyes were cold, making Gu Ningxuan take a step back subconsciously.

But remembering that I didn’t wear anything yet, I quickly piled up all the clothes on the ground like an ostrich. Even Lu Yucheng’s shirts and suits were all over his body, threatening him with insufficient confidence: You won’t buy me a skirt. Not only don’t want your piao assets, but also don’t want your clothes! “

Does the little girl know that women wearing men’s clothes mean more temptation than covering their bodies?

Seeing her pretending to be a tiger, Lu Yucheng sneered: Then consume it and see who can afford it. “

Of course Gu Ningxuan can’t afford it.

I haven’t returned all night, and it’s been a fool around at home, but she hasn’t forgotten Xia Yiyi, who was thrown in the bar by her. The girl is definitely going to slice her into cucumber soup and eat it today. What happened?

If she was thinking about it, she revealed her identity as a guest: Just treat it as a one-stop service, not to mention that I didn’t give you money. Let’s talk about how much you want. “

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