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Chapter 4 Heaven… Sky price?

One-stop…? “Lu Yucheng chewed this sentence, but his eyes didn’t fluctuate. The price was 200,000 yuan.”

He leaned up from the bed lazily, the smooth muscles were clearly defined, so sexy that Gu Ningxuan blushed.

But what she said made her doubt her hearing: 200,000? “

Two hundred thousand red ticket soft sister coin? Is it two hundred yuan? !

Even two thousand yuan will do! When did this business make so much money? !

If it changed someone else, Gu Ningxuan might still scold him for wanting to eat swan meat for some reason, but seeing Lu Yucheng’s face and figure, she was silent.

Maybe he was really worth the price.

When it was over, she didn’t have to play, she actually found a two hundred thousand expensive one!

She asked him cautiously: Are you…Are you the top card in your store? So expensive! “

Top card? Lu Yucheng sneered and cooperated with her, yes, yes, the top card in our store is me, 200,000 per night, no discount. “

Row! “Gu Ningxuan promised it altogether, she said that she ran away first, anyway, she couldn’t get out so much money right away.

Unexpectedly, Lu Yucheng had already noticed her careful thinking, and added, cash. “

cash? !

it is good. “Gu Ningxuan gritted her teeth and agreed, first cede the land and pay compensation, regardless of him!

Lu Yucheng curled the corners of his lips with satisfaction, picked up the phone beside the bed and made a call, sending a set of women’s clothing up. “

Just as Gu Ningxuan wanted to report her size, she heard him accurately say the size, and quickly hung up the phone.

She stared at him blankly, and asked in disbelief: Can you see other people’s measurements when you do this? “

This is too scary.

I don’t know where what she said touched Lu Yucheng’s pain point again, and his face became gloomy again. It was just an occupational disease, nothing to be surprised. “

For your generous portion, buy one get one free, I can also serve you once for free. “Before Gu Ningxuan could speak, he lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Gu Ningxuan caught sight of his body comparable to a statue of David off guard, and immediately covered his eyes and shouted: Why don’t you even wear clothes! Shameless! “

Don’t forget, my clothes are being worn by you. “

Lu Yucheng walked into the bathroom calmly, and after a while, he heard the patter of water coming from the bathroom.

Gu Ningxuan stood on the spot, still wearing Lu Yucheng’s clothes. The women’s suit he ordered was brought up by the waiter. She took the suit from the crack in the door and hurriedly changed it, only to find that the size was just right.

It’s terrible, isn’t Cowboy so good?

She just wanted to open the door and run away. Lu Yucheng opened the bathroom door like a telepathy with her. His voice was cold and formulaic: money. “

Gu Ningxuan sighed in her heart, failed to run away, and began to sell miserably: Uncle, you are good, I know you are the top brand, but I am not like a rich woman, I am poor and I can’t pay at all. Get up. “

As soon as she finished speaking, the bathroom door opened in response, and Lu Yucheng surrounded the bath towel, revealing his strong upper body, and his whole body exuded a hormonal aura.

If you can’t afford it, you can call the police. “

How does that work!

It was shameful to find Cowherd at first, not to mention that if her Gu Ningxuan’s name spreads to the Public Security Bureau, her magical grandfather will know about it, and then it will be more than just a matter of money. , She was afraid that she would have to lose her life!

If there is something to say, if there is something to say, “Gu Ningxuan showed a flattering expression, money, no problem! Let’s make a discount, can it be done?”

It’s not impossible,” Lu Yucheng sat on the bed calmly, just sitting in a boss posture of an office meeting. He is full of aura and can give you a discount, but with conditions.”

What conditions? “

Sleep with me a few more times, as you offset my prostitution. “

Looking at the man’s arrogant and domineering profile, and the manner in which he was confident when speaking, Gu Ningxuan did not feel any sense of disobedience at all, as if the words spoken from his mouth were justified.

But she is Gu Ningxuan, not sold out!

Her charming and charming little face suddenly flushed with anger, you think who I am, I am different from you! “

It’s different,” Lu Yucheng’s sneer at the corner of his lips grew deeper and deeper, and the dangerous color under his eyes made Gu Ningxuan want to run away. It is indeed different who takes advantage of whoever takes advantage.”

He was a little curious. When she knew that she was Lu Yucheng, the expression on her face changed.

You can call the police without paying. “

Looking at her anxious appearance, Lu Yucheng seemed to remind her very kindly.

Two hundred thousand, right? I’ll give you an IOU! “Gu Ningxuan gave in, can’t she admit it!”

She pulled out a pen and paper from her bag, and wrote her name and her phone number in a dance.

Gu Ningxuan, there is only one family, no semicolons, I will pay you back all the money I owe you! “

After Gu Ningxuan finished speaking, she handed him the written IOU, here, here you are. “

Lu Yucheng looked at her who was obviously unconvinced, but still stubbornly holding back tears. His complexion eased a little, but he sat there and didn’t move. He didn’t mean to reach out to take it.

Why should I believe you? “

He scanned her with a scrutinizing gaze, and then said again, just now there was a discount, pretending to be pitiful and wanting to repay, and he turned around and agreed so quickly. Do you think I will believe it? “

Gu Ningxuan knew what he meant, and finally remembered her rescue when the incident came. After holding back for a long time, she finally squeezed out:

My fiance is very rich! If I talk to him, let alone two hundred thousand, he will give me two million! “

Oh? Lu Yucheng raised his eyebrows. Why didn’t he know that he was so generous, and he gave two million if he said it?

Just say what she said today… From now on she won’t want to take a penny from him!

Why do you believe so much that he will give you money? “

Having said that, he still took the IOU from her.

No matter what you do! “

Gu Ningxuan turned her head with Bao Bao and left, and was stopped again by Lu Yucheng behind her.

and many more. “

Gu Ningxuan turned her head aggressively and saw Lu Yucheng waved the note in her hand expressionlessly. You didn’t specify when to pay it back. “

When it’s over, Gu Ningxuan wailed again in her heart.

Clever was discovered again, she moved back reluctantly and filled in two words for a week.”

One week is too long,” Lu Yucheng shook his head, one week is enough for you to immigrate abroad and never come back in your life.”

She bah!

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