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Chapter 5 I was lying to her

Will not! “Gu Ningxuan is really maddened by him, address! My address is also for you, right? Gu’s family who runs Xingye Supermarket, you know where you are!”

After all, before Lu Yucheng nodded in agreement, she rushed out of the room like flying away.

As for the specific address, of course I didn’t give it!

It would be nice to be able to leave your phone number! She won’t fall for the bill!

Lu Yucheng was looking at Gu Ningxuan’s delicate and graceful handwriting on the IOU, thinking that her writing was completely opposite to that of a person, and the contrast was not so big.

Lin Mo called at this moment: Master, the girl was found three years ago, do you want to…”

What is her name and where does she live? “Lu Yucheng didn’t know Lin Mo’s embarrassment at this time, so he squeezed the phone tightly.

His brows frowned deeply when he heard Lin Mo say the name.

You first inquire about her situation, if it is indeed her, send the meeting ceremony. “

Yes, master. “

In the apartment where Gu Ningxuan and Xia Yiyi live together.

Xia Yiyi was sitting on the sofa sulking. As soon as she got out of the bathroom, she couldn’t find Gu Ningxuan. She called Ji Yu to come to the rescue. The two of them looked for most of the night, but Gu Ningxuan still disappeared. The city turned upside down.

When Gu Ningxuan took out the key from her bag with a guilty conscience, opened the door and came in, looking at Xia Yiyi as a pufferfish, and a little hesitant to step forward, she found that Xia Yiyi, who had come back, had rushed to her in three steps and two steps. .

After scanning Gu Ningxuan up and down, in and out, and found nothing unusual, Xia Yiyi stuck in her waist and yelled at her fiercely: stinky girl, where did you go all night without seeing anyone? ! You’re dying of me, don’t you know? ! “

and many more! “

She stretched out her slender fingers, pinched a piece of the fabric of Gu Ningxuan’s skirt, her eyes widened, and her words were unsatisfactory: What are you doing, come here! “

This is your sister’s limited edition of ferragamo that I haven’t snatched for half a month, so quickly grab it and give it a try. “

Xia Yiyi didn’t expect Xia Yiyi to divert her attention. Gu Ningxuan sighed with relief. She always doesn’t pay attention to food and clothing. Even those famous brand bags were given by Xia Yiyi. She didn’t expect that handsome cowboy would give her this. Good clothes to wear…

Can prostitute 200,000!

Thinking about it, she was so painful that she hurriedly raised her hands to surrender: Grandma, Miss Xia, let alone wear it for you, just give it to you! “

But—”She changed the conversation, my mother’s side…”

I asked Ji Yu to save you. He should be holding Aunt Gu’s rainbow fart at your house now. The sacrifice is so great, you have to thank him. “

I go!

Gu Ningxuan suddenly felt like a delicate flower struck by lightning, shocked by the news: Brother Ji Yu is back? “

Her brother Ji Yu is the best choice for her boyfriend. She was in her girlhood, but he and Xia Yiyi crazily dreamed of him for a while.

Ji Yu is back, then will he know the news that she has evaded the evidence?

Gu Ningxuan was a little panicked. She grabbed Xia Yiyi’s hand and asked eagerly: Does he know that I have obtained the news from Lu Yucheng? “

Xia Yiyi looked a little strange when she heard her words: I don’t know this, but Xuan Xuan, he came back from abroad this time to discuss the marriage with your uncle and auntie. “

Standing in place, Gu Ningxuan only felt the chill swept from the soles of her feet to her whole body.

The marriage contract between the Gu Lu family was supposed to be fulfilled by the eldest daughter, but the older sister had a boyfriend early in the morning, which allowed Gu Ningxuan to marry.

She was thinking that Sapo rolled off her marriage contract, and then looked for a chance to confess to Ji Yu, but she never thought that Ji Yu was her sister’s true love.

That’s it.

She felt cold all over and could not speak.

Xia Yiyi saw her desperate and didn’t know what to say to comfort her: Little ancestor, don’t be sad, isn’t it just Ji Yu, what is good about him. “

What’s so good? !

Just because he is Ji Yu!

He saved her…

Gu Ningxuan remembered her aggrieved old ugly fiance and the two hundred thousand, and said viciously to Xia Yiyi: Even if there is nothing left, my old lady will get Lu Yucheng’s money! “

I paid back the two hundred thousand for her!

With half a sentence left, she swallowed silently back into her stomach.

The one on you, ahem. “Xia Yiyi glanced greedyly at the little skirt on her body, and the halazi almost came out.

Give you! “

Gu Ningxuan took a bath, and after thinking and thinking, she still called her mother, the adult.

In any case, she must meet Lu Yucheng.

The phone rang twice and she was picked up. Gu Ma’s voice on the other end of the phone was so kind and kind that her scalp numb: Xuan Xuan, Ji Yu just left, you call me. It really doesn’t make people take a good rest. “

Having said that, there is no point to blame her.

Gu Ningxuan got so strange that she heard her mother continue to say: It happened that Yu Cheng, the child, asked assistant Xiaolin to send me some souvenirs. She also said that you two get along very well. Let me ask you when If you have time, he will take you to the Lu’s old house to see Mr. Lu. “

Get along well?

Two people who have never seen each other can get along well?

Gu Ningxuan sneered and said numbly: I see, Mom, you gave me Lu Yucheng’s phone number, and I accidentally deleted it. “

Gu’s mother gave her her phone number, and then talked about her many ladies’ manners and so on, and then reluctantly hung up the phone.

Gu Ningxuan looked at the series of numbers on the screen of her mobile phone, and after hesitating for a long time, she still saved it in her contact, remarking that she was old, ugly, and disabled.

It’s better not to call him, anyway, there is still a week before she fulfills her promise and pays back the money.

I hope that handsome cowboy will not trouble her!

However, Gu Ningxuan, who was two hundred thousand anxious, tossed and turned, couldn’t sleep at all.

Why is she so miserable, she just graduated from university and owed so many debts before she found a stable income job!

No, you have to make this call if you don’t make it! With the idea of ​​dying early and super life, Gu Ningxuan arrogantly dialed Lu Yucheng’s phone number.

Lu Yucheng’s mobile phone rang quickly, and the three big characters “200,000” on it were very eye-catching reminding Lu Yucheng that the person who called was Gu Ningxuan who had regarded him as a cowherd and also called an IOU!

He unlocked the phone and threw it to Lin Mo, who was aside, looking unclear and said: It’s Gu Ningxuan, do you know what to do? “

what? Is it really good? If you let the young lady know that you lied to her…”

Stop talking nonsense and answer the phone. “

Lin Mo helplessly pressed the green button, only to feel that his young master is really more and more able to play.

He coughed lightly, learned Lu Yucheng’s usual way of speaking, and said solemnly: What’s the matter? “

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