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Chapter 1 Too bad

It’s past the peak period of get off work, the sky is dim, and the neon lights are on. Song Chiyu, who has been working overtime last night to the present, is talking on the phone with his girlfriend and girlfriend, listening to her crying and wondering which date it is. Ren boyfriend broke up.

I said, you just have a good night’s sleep, and if we get up tomorrow, can we have a good night? I have been working overtime since yesterday until now. I really want to go back to sleep well. I really don’t want to watch the meteor shower. “

Because after a while, the president of the group seems to be parachuting to their branch for inspection. Recently, their workload has increased exponentially, especially in their planning department, which has already written many files, but when they handed them in, they were all within a few minutes. They were all beaten down.

Working long hours made Song Chiyu feel that if she gave her a bed now, she could definitely sleep in seconds.

But the end of the phone obviously didn’t want it and it ended like that.

Pickled fish! I’m all in love now, and I feel so sad, so please accompany me to Sanqingshan to see the meteor shower, OK? “

Song Chiyu stopped and stood at the crossroads, waiting for the traffic lights. I asked if I could not call it such a low-priced name. My name is Song Chiyu, Yanyan Yufei, and Chi Yu who is worse than Chi Qiyu. The name of the “Book of Songs” is too raw. You call it such a market. “

Her voice just fell. I didn’t know who hit her elbow, and then her mobile phone flew out in a straight line and hit the windshield of a driving car with a bump.

Immediately after seeing the car, he stopped abruptly, and then two burly men like bodyguards rushed out, glanced around vigilantly, and finally locked their unkind eyes on Song Chiyu’s body.

Looking at the Rolls Royce in front of him that he could not afford for several lifetimes without eating or drinking, Song Chiyu cried out in his heart.

She wanted to go forward and get her mobile phone back, but looking at the two fierce bodyguards, she didn’t dare to move, but she held a good attitude, handled it leniently, and hurriedly bent down to apologize.

I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean it! I’m very sorry for the trouble that caused you! “

The other party looked at Song Chiyu warily alone, and carefully checked the phone alone, and found that it was really an ordinary phone, which was a little relieved.

Then when he got to the back, he carefully said something to the person in the car in a low voice, then he nodded when he saw the bodyguard, turned and walked towards Song Chiyu.

Return the phone to you. Our boss doesn’t mind this time, but be careful in the future! “

After speaking, he turned back and went back to the car. After a while, the car drove away quickly. When Song Chiyu recovered, the car had already driven a certain distance.

After the car was gone, I took my eyes back and looked at my mobile phone. My friend has hung up the phone. I should be depressed by myself. As expected, I was too tired, and my luck was not going well. .

She took another look in the direction where the car had left. When the car window was just pulled down, she felt a sharp gaze fall on her body, and the evil gaze seemed to see her through.

When she looked over, the other person had already closed the car window, and she didn’t see anyone inside.

So she suppressed the strange feeling and continued to go home, after all, she really wanted to sleep well now.

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