Chapter 1180 Another World Forest

Chapter 1180

Another World Forest As for Su Changqing, he is extremely satisfied with her now. Even if he puts a stinky face on him, he feels very happy. He doesn’t dare to question Xiao Suer’s words at all. Instead, he smiles and follows her on the carriage with her, taking pictures all the way Her flattery.

Su Yao’er in the prime minister’s mansion was anxious and added that the two slaps brought spiritual power, and the injury was too serious and needed to be calm.

Xiao Su’er was able to see Su Changqing’s horror thoroughly now. Now that she has become more powerful, she can deal with Su Yaoer’s situation casually and ignore it. Nowhere can he see the way he usually favors Su Yaoer.

He now put all his mind and body on his second daughter, Su Xin’er, to make up all the debts he owed before, so he replaced the furniture and gave gold and silver jewelry.

Xiao Su’er didn’t care about him so much, just waiting for it to get dark.

Late at night, the moon and stars are scarce.

Xiao Su’er waited until all the people in the prime minister’s mansion were asleep, then put on a short hit, overcame the wall of the backyard, and quietly left the prime minister’s mansion.

After leaving the prime minister’s house, she ran non-stop towards the outskirts of another world forest.

There is only one month here. She wants to improve her abilities as much as possible, and then she will stand out in the exam of Ghost Doctor Valley. There are an endless stream of cultivators here, and there are still many people hiding in the dark. They have never appeared before, and there are still many masters who can’t take it lightly.

Ghost Doctor Valley is also a place where these cultivators flock. She has to improve her abilities. The Other World Forest is a forest on the outskirts. It is very dangerous and there are many unusual beasts.

Of course, there are a lot of unusual herbs, and a single herb picked there is much more spiritual than the herbs in the ordinary mountains and forests. If it is used for alchemy, it can improve one’s cultivation level and make one’s breakthrough as soon as possible.

Xiao Su’er practiced in the medicine spirit jade space every day. The external plug-in was much faster than others, but in order to ensure that he would not be surpassed by others, she had to go to the forest of another world to gather more herbs and come back to make alchemy to make sure nothing went wrong.

What she didn’t know was that after she entered the forest of another world, a person wearing a cyan robe followed her into the forest of another world. Xiao Suer took out the kerosene lamp that had been prepared and lit it. In the deep forest of another world, the sounds of wild beasts were all around. , She screamed for a while.

Although she is a cultivator now, and a cultivator with ultimate ability, she has never beaten a beast, not to mention the beast in the forest of consciousness!

Hearing this call still made her frightened, and walked cautiously. Just when the soles of her feet slipped and almost fell, a person steadily supported her from behind.

Xiao Su’er was shocked. She turned her head and was about to gather spiritual power in her hand to hit her, but she saw a familiar face. At this moment, Bo Qingang had taken off her mask and faced her with a familiar face.

“Aang!” Xiao Su’er hugged him, telling the feelings of miss these days, “Why are you here? I still think it might be two days before you come to me.”

“I’ve heard about it. Your demeanor on the ability test today followed you all the way back to the Prime Minister’s Mansion. I wanted to go directly to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to find you, but when I saw a mess in that mansion, all the pharmacists in the palace had gone, so there was no Going by, I want to go over the wall in the middle of the night to find you, but when I see you come out, I followed you all the way. What are you doing in this forest?”

“I have heard them say that this forest is dangerous, why are you? Came here alone in the middle of the night? If I don’t follow you, aren’t you afraid of danger?”

Bo Qingang looked at her with worry in her eyes. How could this girl be so uncomfortable! Although it was a stranger’s face facing him now, it didn’t matter, he knew it was his Su’er.

Xiao Su’er saw that Bo Qingang was coming, and immediately swallowed a Yi Rong pill to change back to what she was like before, and smiled at him, “I’m not afraid! I am even more afraid of seeing you now, you won’t let me the danger right? ” “

of course not, you come to this inside the forest looking for what? I’ll find you together! ” ,”

is to find herbs, I remember Guiyi Valley used to have a very rare herbs, because every It’s precious to come to this forest of other worlds, and it can also improve the cultivation level of the cultivator. If I can make a breakthrough, I will be able to take the exam in Ghost Doctor Valley by then, so I think now. Come to find it.”

“It’s not long. The exam will begin in only one month. Seize the opportunity!”

Xiao Su’er was very excited, and finally made it through, but this opportunity can’t be wasted. If she can’t even pass the exam at Ghost Doctor Valley, That would definitely not find ice cold grass, let alone detoxify, all these thoughts were wasted.

The two of them held hands and searched in the forest of another world. It was deeper and more revealing, and the night was dark. The two of them were looking for herbs very hard, and they had to pay attention to the beasts that appeared around it.

The two of them walked and saw a cave overgrown with weeds. Xiao Su’er wanted to drill into it without even thinking about it. Bo Qingang grabbed her, “What are you doing? Forgot that we were almost trapped in that cave before. Live?”

“Don’t worry, you see that the stars will not rain this month, and that kind of grass will generally grow in this cave. That grass is called a foreign spirit grass. It usually likes cold and cold places. I think This cave is very similar. I’ll go in and take a look.” Xiao Su’er comforted a few words and was about to enter the cave, but she just stepped further and immediately felt a disgusting smell of blood on her face.

This kind of bloody smell generally represents danger. Xiao Su’er’s face changed drastically, and she wanted to step back, but it was too late. The sound of breaking the wind came, and a giant python swooped out from the invisible cave and went straight to her. Away.

The python in this different world forest also has spiritual power, much more powerful than the average python, and in this different world forest is already full of spiritual power, people like Xiao Su’er who have just cultivated are not opponents at all.

Seeing the giant python’s blood bowl was about to swallow her directly, Xiao Su’er screamed inwardly and closed her eyes recognizing her fate. At this moment of danger, she suddenly stretched out a hand to grab her and took her directly. Rolled down into the grass next to it.

“Su’er, are you okay?” Bo Qingang looked at her worriedly, checked her whole body, and then settled down after making sure that she was not injured.

“It’s okay!” Xiao Suer shook her head and felt a little palpitating. “This python is so powerful.”

She is only a martial artist’s three-star cultivation base. She can feel that the python’s cultivation base is far above her, but she sees it. It is impossible to tell which level it is, in short, she can’t beat it.