Chapter 1181 Intimacy

Chapter 1181 Intimacy

“The forest of another world is different from the forest outside, so it is called another world. There are monsters everywhere, and all kinds of animals have cultivation skills. The kind of herbal medicine just mentioned is so rare, it should be able to Is it guarded by monsters?”

Although Bo Qingang was the first time to come to this Ten Thousand Saints Continent, and the civilizations of the Ten Thousand Saints Continent and the Huaxia Continent were far apart, he was a person who took things easy and quickly mastered the world. I also inquired many things about the rules of this world

. He was not surprised at all about the giant python that appeared just now. Instead, he explained it to Xiao Su’er. After hearing what he said, Xiao Su’er felt very reasonable, but still clinging to it. Staying on the lower lip, the eyes are not reconciled.

She had just become a cultivator, and she definitely couldn’t beat this giant python. Bo Qingang was not a cultivator, let alone a cultivator, but she really wanted the foreign spirit grass in this cave.

“Su’er!” Bo Qingang touched the broken hair in her ear, “Then how about I go pick it for you?”

Xiao Su’er was stunned when she heard this, and raised her head to meet Bo Qing’s gaze, like a black gem. It is herself that is printed in her eyes.

Her heart jumped wildly, but she still kept her eyes closed slightly, “No, you are not a cultivator. If you go in, something will definitely happen. The risk factor is too high, so let me do it.”

“No! If you want me, you have to take it for you. Isn’t it dangerous for you to go in? I am a man, and you can’t let you take the risk alone. But…”

Bo Qing’ang stopped speaking meaningfully, Xiao Su’er raised his eyes to look at him.” But what?”

“But I need to give me a little encouragement.”

Xiao Su’er was about to ask her what kind of encouragement she would like, but before she could speak, she was wrapped around her waist by Bo Qing, pinched her chin and kissed it directly. A kiss made Xiao Su’er feel a little unable to breathe.

But Bo Qingang was very involved. The two people separated after crossing the Wansheng Continent. He thought Xiao Su’er could not cross over or crossed to another continent.

In this time and space, there are China Continent and Ten Thousand Saint Continent, there must be other continents, but he can cross over, but he does not know how to cross back, he is very worried, for fear that he and Xiao Su’er will never see again.

These few days are like living like years, living in torment every day. In the ancestral temple, someone said that Xiao Su’er’s body temperature was different from ordinary people. He immediately thought that it was his Su’er, and went up and grabbed it.

He couldn’t imagine how disappointed he would be if it weren’t. Now that the two finally have a chance to be alone, of course he must get close.

Xiao Su’er felt his heart hug him back, and kissed him deeply. The breathing of the two became heavier and heavier. When Bo Qingang almost couldn’t hold it, he took the lead to end the kiss and hugged Xiao Su’er to gasp. .

“It’s okay, Su’er! I am now encouraged. Don’t talk about a python. Even if you come to ten, I won’t be my opponent. I’ll help you get it.”

Mint Hua panted, looked at Xiao Su’er with a smile, and stretched out her hand to scrape. Scratching her nose, her tone was full of petting, “Don’t worry about me. Although I am not a cultivator, for the sake of Su’er, no matter how difficult the opponent is.”

“Bo Qingang, you don’t know! Here it is! It’s not the same place as China Mainland. The cultivators here have an overwhelming advantage. You can’t beat it. Don’t go, okay? What if something happens to you?”

Xiao Su’er took his hand and didn’t want him to go. After all, she knew how powerful the python was. This is where she stayed for 19 years at All Saints Continent. She knew cultivators better than Bo Qingang.

“No, I will get everything you want for you.” Bo Qingang kissed her brow lightly, and put her head against her head, “Don’t worry, I will go back, don’t worry. , I know how to deal with it, and cultivators have weaknesses.”

He put down these words and stood up and ran directly into the cave.

Xiao Suer was moved in her heart, but she was also worried about his accident. She stood up and looked over to the cave. Bo Qingang had already rushed into the cave. The giant python just now seemed to be guarding something in the cave, so they After escaping into the bushes, he did not chase after him, but retracted back into the cave.

Bo Qingang ran into the cave now. I don’t know what it was like. Xiao Su’er heard some fighting sounds and was so nervous that she almost screamed. Bo Qingang was an ordinary person. He was not a cultivator, even if he was there During the time in China Mainland, he received professional military training, and his hands and feet were also very dexterous.

But compared to an animal with cultivation skills, it should still be incomparable!

Bang! Bang!

I don’t know how long it has passed. The sound of heavy footsteps came from the cave. Xiao Su’er saw a shadow running out of the cave with a blade of grass in his hand. A closer look was Bo Qingang whose robe was stained with blood. She immediately

She rushed over and shouted, “Bo Qing’ang!” After she got closer , she realized that Bo Qing’ang was exuding a bloody air, and the blood was stained on her robe, but she didn’t know whether it was his blood or the blood of a giant python.

“Su’er. Are you looking for this?” Bo Qingang watched Xiao Su’er lift up the grass in his hand, tightly holding a plant with a light green halo in his slender fingers, and took a look at the grass. It’s different from the usual grass. Xiao Suer nodded her head hurriedly, “It’s it, you helped me get it back.”

Xiao Suer said, eyes filled with tears at the same time, happy and worried, “Aang, are you okay? “

Bo Qingang originally saw her happy face and followed with a smile, but the moment she heard this question, her black eyes flashed suddenly, she suddenly covered her chest, coughed violently, with pain on her face, “I It seems to have been hurt, cough and cough…”

“Are you hurt? Where is it hurt?” Seeing him like this, Xiao Su’er didn’t care about the grass anymore, just hugged him, grabbed his hand and wanted to give it to him. He takes the pulse.

A successful smile slid over the corner of Bo Qingang’s mouth. The whole person was pressed against Xiao Su’er’s body without much weight, and she passed Xiao Su’er on her chest when she wanted to get her pulse, “I hurt it here.”

“Here? It hurts. Has it reached the heart?” Xiao Su’er didn’t expect that he was joking with her. She believed that she really touched Bo Qing’s chest, and even tried to open his clothes to check, but she didn’t find anything wrong.

“Is it here? I didn’t feel hurt.”

Bo Qingang watched her hand wandering on her chest, and a fire surged in her body, but he still held it back, just looking at her with a smile and said, ” Yes. It’s injured there, so you can touch it carefully.”