Chapter 1182 Talking Foreign Spirit Grass

Chapter 1182 The Talking Abnormal Spirit Grass

“Really not!” Xiao Su’er frowned tightly, and she wanted to touch it again, and even put her hand on the collar of his shirt, trying to unzip his clothes. Ling, but raised her head inadvertently, but saw that Bo Qingang couldn’t bear the already smiling eyebrows. She immediately reacted and slapped Bo Qingang angrily.

“What are you doing? I’m so worried about you. Are you kidding me now? Are you hurt?”

She slapped the slap just now as a gentle pretence, but Bo Qinghan, but the whole person curled up. Tuan, coughing in pain. Sales, your face changed drastically in an instant, and you hugged Bo Qinghan. Are you really hurt? Why didn’t you say it earlier? Where did you get hurt by joking with me? Afraid to show me the paper.

She was worried to the extreme, but at the same time she felt that she was really stupid. Bo Qingang was an ordinary person and a spirit beast. How could she ever be able to fight? It’s so stupid to believe that he was not injured!

Bo Qingang’s face was pale and shook his head, “”I was indeed injured. Just seeing you was too cute just now, so I wanted to make you play. “

What’s so fun, you idiot!” “Xiao Su’er supported him, took him out of the forest of another world, and found an inn in the nearest town to live in.

“I’ll help you boil water, you can bathe and change clothes quickly, don’t let the wound be infected, it will be miserable, I will wait a moment. Put you on medicine. “

Xiao Su’er said while holding the kettle to go to the kitchen, but Bo Qingang grabbed her, “Su’er, just let the inn’s second child do these things. You are here with me, and I am injured. It’s inconvenient. “

Then what do you want to do?” “

“Wait for you to take a bath with me and help me rub my back.” When Bo Qingang spoke, his eyebrows raised, like a dude. Xiao Su’er felt that he had really changed. After leaving China Mainland, the whole person was not like before. , But it’s fun too, but now is not the time!

Xiao Su’er glared at him, “What are you thinking about? This is not China Mainland. It’s just a wooden barrel for you to bathe. I also want me to rub your back for you. Stop it! Just wash your wounds out. “

She turned around and ordered the little second in the inn to boil the water. After filling a bucket of water, she pushed Bo Qingang behind the screen. Before coming in, Bo Qingang looked at her sadly, like a child, listened. She shook her head a little amused by the sound of water from behind the screen.

This thin young man is really becoming more and more like a child. Could it be because this is not China Mainland, so there are not so many people who know him, so he has liberated his nature?

However, he is really good. An ordinary person can only grab the foreign spirit grass in the hands of the giant python. Xiao Su’er turned his head and looked at the foreign spirit grass on the table, the green light. The halo is so obvious, it is really dazzling in the middle of the night.

Xiao Su’er took the foreign spirit grass into the medicine spirit jade space, and wanted to study it carefully. During the day, she deliberately went to find many medicine books and medical books, as well as books that record spirit beasts and spirit grass.

Xiao Su’er picked up the book and began to look carefully. This strange spirit grass was a rare medicinal material in Ghost Doctor Valley before, and ordinary people can’t get it. So she has never used it for alchemy. It is necessary to study carefully, not to waste this herb in vain.

After reading the medical book that recorded the foreign spirit grass, she found that it was no different from what she had expected. Although it is a very spiritual herb, it is no different from ordinary alchemy. It is good to master the heat.

Xiao Su’er put the medical book aside, clapped his hands and prepared to start alchemy directly, anyway, all the alchemy equipment in the medicine Lingyu space was complete.

When she lit the alchemy furnace, she was about to throw the foreign spirit grass in her hand, but then she heard a childlike voice in her ears, screaming: “Help! Are you not looking for me, okay? I beg You, don’t use me to refine alchemy, please!”

Xiao Su’er subconsciously threw out the herbal medicine in her hand, and looked around nervously. Isn’t she the only one who can enter the medicine spirit jade space? How is this going? Who is here?

She asked nervously, “Who? Who is talking. Get out of here!” The

surroundings were empty, and only her own echo could be heard, but the voice just now was clearly the voice of a child, and it sounded extremely immature, like A little girl, not her voice! Did she have schizophrenia and auditory hallucinations? This is unlikely.

“Can’t you see me when I am here? I was held by you just now, and now I am lost by you.” The voice sounded again, this time with a cry of grievance, and it sounded pitiful.

What? It was in your own hand just now, and now you have been thrown away by yourself? Xiao Su’er looked down at her empty hand, and then looked at the strange spirit grass she had thrown on the ground. She picked it up strangely, “You, you…”

She was so nervous that she stammered, but the grass in front of her was also It is indeed alive. It actually started to twist in her hands, trying to break free from her and escape. The grass just now was clearly an ordinary grass in front of her. How could it come to life in this medicine spirit jade space? Woolen cloth?

Xiao Su’er swallowed and asked, “It was you who were talking just now?”

“That’s me!” The voice became even more aggrieved, and it sounded a little trembling, and said cautiously: “Can you relax a little bit, pinch? Hurt me? “What

it said again made Xiao Su’er quite sure that this voice came from the grass in his hand.

“How is this possible?” You are a blade of grass! Even if you are spirit grass, which can have more medicinal value than ordinary herbs, you won’t be able to talk. “

Xiao Su’er feels really hell. I have heard of this strange spirit grass in Ghost Doctor Valley before, but I have never touched it. The master said it is very rare and cannot be touched by ordinary people, but I have never heard that it can talk!

” Why can’t I speak? “The voice became more and more aggrieved, and the whole grass was lying softly on Xiao Su’er, “You also said that I am a spirit grass. I am different from ordinary herbs. It is rare for me to see it, okay? Not all grasses can be compared with me, and they are already refined, okay? “

” Into a fine? “Xiao Su’er was even more surprised. She had heard that some herbs grow in a place with aura, absorb the essence of heaven and earth, and after enjoying the aura of the sun and the moon, they will open up their minds and become refined by cultivation, but she didn’t expect to be able to encounter them. This kind of grass must have enough time to absorb the essence in the deep mountains to become refined.

No wonder, no matter how strange the grass is, there is no giant python guarding it! That’s it, it It’s not an ordinary herbal medicine, and it’s also different from an ordinary alien herb.