Chapter 1183 Grass Essence

Chapter 1183

Grass Essence Small Ideas “Then since you are a Grass Essence, it must be different from ordinary grasses, do you have any special use?” Xiao Su’er looked at it and began to ask.

“I, my spiritual power is much stronger than ordinary herbs. If you use me to refine alchemy, you will soon break through. Many cultivators are looking for me. I did not expect to be hurt by an ordinary person who is not a cultivator. After the python, woo…” The

grass spirit started crying loudly while talking. Although the grass in her hand was lying on her hand, it was still shaking violently, and Xiao Su’er felt a little distressed.

But listening to it, it seems that it is indeed useful, since it can be used to make a breakthrough earlier, it is still used to refine alchemy, although it is a bit sorry to do so, but it is just a grass after all!

Xiao Su’er began to do mental construction for herself. After finishing it, she walked to the medicine furnace and was ready to throw it in. The grass essence reacted and immediately begged for mercy, “No, I beg you, don’t use me for alchemy! Even if you don’t use me I have many uses when I come to refine alchemy.”

Maybe it was because life was threatened and too scared. Its voice was so deafening. Xiao Su’er was so loud that her eardrums hurt. She rubbed her ears and looked at it, “Can you still raise it? But you can raise it except Is there any other purpose besides being able to grow up? Could it be that you have grown up some spiritual power to be more powerful than now?”

“No, not only that, you raise me as an ordinary spiritual grass. But you don’t need to give it to me. I water and fertilize. I only need spiritual power to water me. I can continue to bloom. Although I am still young, I will grow flowers, leaves and fruits in the future.”

” Flowers and leaves can be used to refine alchemy, you Don’t kill me now, can’t you? You can reap more in the future, please.” The

grass essence was still lying softly on Xiao Su’er’s hand begging for mercy. Xiao Su’er’s eyes lit up when she heard what she said, “Just one Just a herb, will it bloom and bear fruit? Don’t lie to me!”

“I didn’t lie to you, I really didn’t lie to you, can you just wait for a month? I’m still young, and you will see it in a month. I bloom, and that time can prove what I said is true. you can find someone to test the general toxicity of a leaf as long as I can be a solution, not to mention minor injuries. ” “

even tendon injury The bone-moving injuries can be quickly healed with a piece of my petals. Can you not use me to

refine alchemy right now?” The grass essence was so scared that it was almost broken, lying on Xiao Su’er’s hand shivering. Xiao Su’er felt a little softened when he saw it, and according to his statement, it was indeed the only way to reap greater gains by raising it, and it would always be able to have a steady stream of leaves and fruits.

Even if you return to China mainland in the future, you don’t have to worry, maybe it will be faster for those intractable diseases to be treated with this refined herbal medicine.

No matter what the calculation is, it is much more useful to raise it, Xiao Suer immediately decided, “Okay, don’t worry! I don’t need you to practice alchemy, I will raise you, don’t be afraid!”

“Really?” The grass essence stood up from Xiao Su’er’s hand as if the spirit came in an instant, “Thank you, thank you, as long as you don’t need me to do alchemy, you will save me, and you will be mine in the future. Master, I will listen to you for the rest of my life, and I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

Xiao Su’er suddenly laughed when he heard what he said. It’s kind of cute and talks like a child.

“Okay, don’t be afraid. I won’t let you go up to the sword and down to the sea of ​​fire. You can just grow up in my medicinal spirit jade space obediently. Now, tell me your name?”

“Name” I don’t have any.” The spirit that the grass essence had just now disappeared again, “I am just a herbal medicine that gathers the aura of heaven and earth, and it becomes essence by chance. There is no name where Mom and Dad come from, so for a while the forest The animals inside are laughing at me.”

It was still crying when it spoke. Xiao Su’er gently touched its leaves with some distress, “Don’t be sad, I will give you a name now.”

“Really? Okay, okay, master, please start for me, I’m happy about everything you do.” The grass spirit twisted her small body happily.

“How about you call Xiaoyi? You are Foreign Spirit Grass, I named you Xiaoyi. But you are not the Alien of Foreign Spirit Grass, it is the meaning of meaning, I hope you can live more and more interesting in the future. “

Cao Jing heard the name and agreed without thinking, “Okay, okay, I will be called Xiaoyi from now on, I have a name!”

“Well! After we have a name, we will think about how to raise you, you Tell me, how should you raise me?”

“It’s easy to raise me. You don’t need to instill spiritual power for me every day. I will automatically absorb the spiritual power from you, and this medicine spiritual jade space is full of spiritual power. It can absorb the spiritual power of this medicinal spirit wood. It’s very comfortable here. I just need to find a comfortable place to stay. I don’t need to worry about it.”

“Is it that simple? Then you go.” Xiao Su’er heard it say. , I think it’s much easier to grow it than to grow an ordinary herbal medicine. You don’t need to care about anything, you don’t even need to pour water.

“Okay, Master, I’m going to sleep.” Xiao Yi twisted her body and asked Xiao Su’er in her little milk voice.

“Go, you should have been very tired today with such a big mood swing, you must be tired!” After

Xiao Su’er agreed, Xiao Yi immediately jumped from her hand and found a random place in the medicine spirit jade space to take root.

Xiao Su’er found it interesting to see the little thoughts that took root in the medicine spirit jade space. She had been away from the Ten Thousand Saint Continent for ten years, and even the herbs could be refined. It seems that the changes that have taken place in the past ten years can be said to be earth-shaking.

She was sighing the impermanence of the world, but suddenly heard…


Outside the Yao Lingyu space, there was a loud splash of water. When Xiao Su’er heard this sound, she immediately thought of Bo Qingang, and ignored the grass essence who was able to take care of herself, so she immediately opened her eyes and went around behind the screen.

“Bo Qingang, are you okay?” She asked as she walked backwards, but there was no sound behind the screen. She was even more anxious. She stepped two steps to the back but was blinded by the steam-filled scene, and she couldn’t see it for a while. Really.

The shadow of Bo Qingang can be vaguely seen, but the whole is not in the water, only half of his head is exposed. Xiao Su’er was so frightened that she immediately stretched out her hand, trying to pull him out of the bucket. Is the injury really that serious? Can faint even in a bath.

Unexpectedly, she just touched the thin body in the bucket, but he suddenly grabbed her arm. The next moment she only felt her feet lift off the ground. After a while of dizziness, she successfully fell into the bucket and splashed a piece of it. Splash.