Chapter 1184 Pillow Wind

Chapter 1184 Pillow Wind

“Ah!” Xiao Su’er screamed subconsciously, struggling to get up, but was hugged tightly by Bo Qing’an, preventing her from getting up.

Bo Qingang pressed close to her ear, and her voice slipped into her cochlea, “Su’er, I can hold you well.” When the

two people spoke, they were very close, and the man’s hot breath penetrated Xiao Su’er’s cochlea. , The mist blurred their eyes and brewed the surrounding atmosphere.

“Bo Qingang, are you crazy? You are all injured, why are you doing this!” Xiao Su’er blushed like a monkey butt for a moment, angry and funny, Bo Qingang was just to hug her, why did she pretend to be dizzy? ? She was so scared that she thought something serious happened. How could she be like a child?

Xiao Su’er was still a little worried, and struggling to say, “Okay, let me go, you get up quickly, let me see where you are hurt.” As

soon as her voice fell, Bo Qingang went to her hand. Buckle, the whole person wrapped her waist, she was instantly trapped in his arms, unable to move.

Xiao Su’er looked at each other with a face of helplessness, “What the hell do you want to do? Stop it! You can’t wipe your body, can we talk?”

“I don’t, I think It’s more interesting here.”

Xiao Suer grabbed his hand, “What are you doing? Tell you not to make trouble if you are injured. I will check your body first and make sure you are fine before talking about other things.”

“No!” “I am on my body. No injuries, I want to be here with Su’er.”

Xiao Su’er was still worried about Bo Qingang. She reached out and touched his chest but felt that there were no wounds. There was really no wound. She asked angrily, “You What are you doing? Did you pretend to be on purpose just now? Are you hurt?”

“I don’t have one. I just want to see how Su’er is worried about me. Although the snake is a monster with spiritual power, after I entered, I tried to hit his cul-de-sac. I found that this is also true. His weakness succeeded in subduing it without injury! Am I very powerful?”

Bo Qingang was complacent, still asking Xiao Su’er for his credit. Xiao Su’er was anxious, and opened his mouth to bite directly on his shoulder.

“Um…” Bo Qingang felt a pain in his shoulder, but he completely resisted it. He looked at Xiao Su’er, who had some water vapor sticking to his face with a fondling look.

“Yes, you are the best! Don’t make trouble now, the water is already cold when you get up soon. Although it doesn’t matter to us, don’t stay in it, get up soon.” Xiao Su’er grabbed him. Wanting to pull him out of the bucket, Bo Qingang stood up directly, picked her up, stepped directly over the wooden bucket for bathing, and walked towards the bed of the inn.

In the middle of the night, the full moon hangs high.

In a room in the backyard of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, Xia Lanying fell into Su Tangqing’s arms, holding him coquettishly and complaining, “Master, but you are married by a Ming match, you can’t forget the slave family, do you see if only the slave family treats you best? “When

she talked, her voice dripped softly, Su Changqing looked down at the wife in her arms, her face was skillful, although she had already given birth to a child, she still had the charm, just like a daughter who was just over the age of 笄. Home, listening to her words instantly softened his heart, making him feel that he had done a great wrong.

“Of course Madam is the best to me, why did Madam suddenly say this?”

“You know that the slave family is the best to you, why do you ignore me in the daytime, there is only Su Xin’er in your eyes, what is good about her,” You see, Yao’er was so angry that he is now lying on the bed to be alive or dead.”

Xia Lanying added to Su Yaoer’s situation and said that, Su Changqing patted her on the shoulder to comfort him, “Madam, those who know the current affairs are handsome, you are today Haven’t you seen it? Xin’er is so capable, I naturally want to treat her better, don’t you follow her when she succeeds!”

“The master is thinking that it is the slave’s hair that has long hair and short knowledge.” Xia Lanying stretched out his hand to hook his neck and said duplicity, thinking about Su Xin’er, that scumbag still needs her light? To be angry with your baby girl like this, you must find a way to vent your anger!

Nowadays, people have to bow their heads under the eaves, but the feng shui turns, one day she will turn back to waste, and she will not be proud of it for a long time.

“It’s best if you can think so. Don’t worry about Yao’er’s injury. A pharmacist in the palace will definitely heal her.”

“Master said that, but now I am a little worried for Xin’er. “

What are you worried about?” Su Changqing looked down. Now he wants to coax Su Xin’er well, so he can’t neglect it at all.

“Of course it’s the bridegroom’s marriage. If you think about it, Lord, the prince’s ex-marriage bride was disgraced. Now that she has such a high ability test, she has to fight the iron to find a suitable marriage before she can be ashamed and let everyone know. Our family’s Xin’er is not something no one wants.”

Su Changqing listened to her secretly thinking, and she was right! The previous prince’s retiring was a riot, which indeed affected Su Xin’er’s reputation.

Now that her ability test is so powerful, which cultivator does not want to marry her? But her previous reputation affected her, even if she was married, she would try to find a concubine. If the daughter of her dignified prime minister married out, she would have to be pointed out that she couldn’t keep her husband, and he couldn’t afford to lose face.

Su Changqing rolled his eyes and said, “But today you also saw Xin’er and the Six Princes…” In

his heart, he almost believed that the relationship between Su Xin’er and the Six Princes was extraordinary. For the royal family, he But if you want to try your best, even if you marry the Sixth Prince, even if you are a concubine, it sounds better than others. Who in the court dares to take care of it?

“Master, you are really confused, do you think it might be true?” Xia Lanying continued to blow the pillow breeze.