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Chapter 2 Where’s the Child

After all, what she needed most now was rest, but when she returned to her small apartment, she found a small figure sitting in front of her house and fell asleep.

Song Chiyu looked at each other, then looked around, and confirmed that this is his own home, but where did this little guy come from?

Looking at the clothes he was wearing, and his small fleshy face, he was white and tender, delicate and cute. He must be a handsome guy when he grows up. At first glance, he is a child of a wealthy family. But how come he appears at his door? So, Song Chiyu squatted down, then stretched out his hand and patted the opponent lightly. After all, he was sleeping by the door, and she couldn’t open the door if he didn’t move it away.

Hey, kid, wake up! Where did your sir go? What are you doing in front of my house? “

Following Song Chiyu’s movements, Xiaozheng opened his eyes too slowly, glanced at Song Chiyu, and yelled, Mommy, you are back. “

Then he stretched out his little hand and put his arm around her neck, buried her body in her arms and continued to sleep.

Damn. Groove! “No matter how calm Song Chiyu is, he still couldn’t help but explode in the current situation.

Immediately afterwards, I hurriedly pulled Xiao Zhengtai out of my arms, kid, you should hurry up to find your family, I am going home now, don’t stay in front of my house. “

Because I have seen a lot of people in the news, using a child to deceive people, and then abducting good-hearted people, what kind of human feelings, Song Chiyu has been watching a lot during these years in the orphanage.

Although the child looked at him very cute, she couldn’t help but soften when she was holding herself just now.

But she left the orphanage and struggled for so many years as an adult, and she had seen too much darkness, so even if she thought this Xiaozheng was too cute, she still gritted her teeth and heartened, and at the same time watched carefully to see if anyone around was secretly observing.

Then he opened the door quickly, squeezed in and closed the door quickly, while carefully observing the situation outside from the cat’s eye.

Because she was afraid of someone outside, there was nothing to notice, a small figure, taking advantage of her opening the door and not paying attention, entered the house very quickly.

Mommy, Chenchen feels a little hungry. Mommy, can I have something to eat? “

Nuonuo’s voice sounded behind Song Chiyu. Song Chiyu, who was vigilant, didn’t respond, and answered subconsciously. After a while, I will first check if anyone is following outside. “

Mommy, no one followed, Chenchen came by himself. “That Nuonuo’s voice answered Song Chiyu again.

When he realized that there was no one outside, Song Chiyu just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief and suddenly woke up. Who was talking to him just now?

Thinking of this, she immediately turned around, and then saw Xiao Zhengtai at the door, sitting on a chair cleverly, swaying her legs and looking at her.

Lying…” Song Chiyu originally wanted to explode, but he thought that the child in front of him was still a child, and he was born with restraint. When did you come into my house? And I am not your mother, your family adult What? I’ll take you back now!”

Song Chiyu now feels that this little guy must be irritable, and then ran away from home, just at his doorstep, and didn’t want to be found, so he relied on himself.

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