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Chapter 3 This is really not her child

So after thinking about it, she decided to send this child away.

It’s not that it’s a scam, but she doesn’t seem to have anything to cheat. With such an exquisite child, it doesn’t look like a tool for traffickers to deceive, so she picked up her bag and key, and then pulled it. That little Zhengtai, is going to take her to find her family.

But Xiao Zhengtai kept her mouth flat, as if she wanted to cry without crying, she didn’t say anything. In the end, Song Chiyu could only choose to send the child to the police station. Since he was a child of a rich family, someone should report the crime.

But only then did the transcript, Xiaozheng, who had been tolerant, seemed to be unable to bear it all of a sudden, and cried with a wow.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh for Chenchen to be obedient ……”

The cute little face was crying hysterically, and the whole body was shaking, sobbing constantly, and the little face was flushed.

Such a mournful cry, coupled with the other’s pitiful appearance, immediately made the policewoman next to her feel softened, and hurriedly stepped forward to comfort her, but Xiao Zhengtai didn’t mean to stop at all.

At this time, the male policeman who was going to make the transcript couldn’t help it. I said you were making fun of our police station, right? My own children have been raised so old, and they still want to lose them. If they don’t want to, don’t give birth to them in the first place! “

The policewoman next to her also began to help, and everyone else was accusing Song Chiyu one after another.

Damn. Groove? This style of painting is not right. She is a kind citizen, sending the lost children to the police station.

No, Comrade Police, this one is really not my child. He walked away in front of my house and asked him other things. He didn’t know, so I sent it here. “

And just as Song Chiyu’s voice fell, Xiao Zhengtai’s cries grew louder, and the whole person was still sitting on the ground.

Ever since Song Chiyu received countless eye knives, the children were crying like this, and they could still lie. Did you know that it is against the law to abandon your children at will! “

It’s a violation of an egg, an egg, this girl really wasn’t born to her, Song Chiyu felt like she was going crazy.

Comrade police, I use my personality to assure that this is really not my child. If you don’t believe me, I will ask for a paternity test. All the results will become clear when the firm results come out. “

Regarding this Song Chiyu, he is still very confident, and the paternity test will not deceive people. When the results come out, everything will be settled.

The person who had originally vowed to accuse Song Chiyu so firmly, seeing her speaking so firmly, suddenly had no bottom in his heart. Isn’t it true that he did a paternity test so firmly?

Ugh… Mommy, you are really mommy, you still told Chenchen, hiccup… When you said that you were born on your birthday, it hurts for a long time, so that Chenchen will respect you well in the future, hum… Mommy , You think Chenchen is not doing well, so don’t you want Chenchen? “

When the police were skeptical, Xiao Zhengtai succeeded in a wave of divine assists.

So a policewoman sneered, believing that Song Chiyu was going to abandon her son, right? I happen to have a friend who I know, so I will do it now. It only takes two hours, and the result will come out, and then I will be able to say anything. “

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