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Chapter 4 Forced to have a son

So, after more than two hours, Song Chiyu held the paternity test in his hand in such a daze, and was driven out of the police station. He was also warned to do his duty as a guardian.

Looking at the neon lights on the street dazzlingly, Song Chiyu almost thought that he was dreaming. Suddenly, he felt that something was gently pulling at the corner of his clothes.

Isn’t it the one who is dependent on you, Mommy, hiccup… Mommy, don’t be angry, okay? “

Looking at the tear-stained, dirty face, a sense of powerlessness came to my heart. I took out a wet tissue from my bag, then knelt down and wiped his face carefully.

Don’t cry, I’m really not your mother. “After finishing talking, I looked at the paternity test report with a similarity of 99.9999%, and it instantly seemed to be slapped in the face.

I laughed twice. For the past 20 years, my life has been clean. Even my aunt has come on time every month, so it is absolutely impossible to have such a big son.

However, the paternity test is not easy to explain. She secretly thought that it should be the people from the police station who wanted to take the child back by herself.

Anyway, so far, she can’t really lose this child. It is estimated that she has her own files in the bureau nearby.

If she sends this young Zhengtai to another police station, Song Chiyu feels that she will be arrested again for education within minutes.

So, is she really being forced to have a son now? And the one that can’t be given away yet?

Um… I know you are a smart kid, I don’t know why you fall on me, uh… I mean, what about your father? What about your other family members? “

When this question was asked, Song Chiyu felt a little weird in his heart, and felt a little wrong, but for this one who seemed to be able to follow his own little Zhengtai temporarily, he still had to ask about the situation.

Since there is no way to send it away, she will take care of her for a while. After a while, she will think about how to deal with it. Recently, she has been really tired from work, and she has no intention to think about any conspiracy theories.

There is no one in the house…Everyone is gone, only Chenchen is left alone, so Chenchen came to see Mommy, but Mommy doesn’t seem to like Chenchen…”

With that said, Xiao Zhengtai lowered her head very sadly, as if tears were about to overflow again.

Hearing this Song Chiyu, he suddenly thought of it. When he was eight years old, his parents went by accident. The relatives around him kicked him like a ball, and finally he was sent to the orphanage.

Fortunately, she is also strong enough to hold on for so many years.

Now listening to what the young Zhengtai said, it seems that something has happened in the family, and there is only one person left, and she suddenly imagined some scenes in her mind.

He was afraid that he was similar to himself, so he went to his own home if he made such a mistake. After all, he was such a small child and helpless, so when he saw himself, he was so desperate to rely on himself. .

When thinking like this, Song Chiyu’s eyes also flashed with regret, and then he sighed.

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