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Chapter 5 Mommy, I’ll be nice to you

She has no way to lose this child now, so can she only admit her fate? Sure enough, the thief was damaging her.

Okay, a boy always doesn’t cry well. If there is no one in the family, just follow me temporarily. By the way, what’s your name? Chenchen? “

What Song Chiyu didn’t see was that after she said this sentence, a successful smile flashed across the drooping little head. The housekeeper’s grandfather was right, and Mommy was the easiest to relent.

But when I raised my head, I looked good again. Mommy, my name is Xi Yuechen, and Mommy calls me Chenchen. I am four and a half years old. I am very obedient, and I can do a lot of things on my own. , Mommy, I’ll be nice to you. “

After speaking, he opened his mouth, revealing two small tiger teeth, and his heart softened even more as he watched Song Chiyu.

Although she couldn’t accept the fact that the other party called her mommy at once, she couldn’t help it if the other party didn’t change her words.

When walking past a noodle shop, Song Chiyu suddenly thought that he hadn’t eaten dinner, and it would be very late to cook again.

When I lowered my head and just wanted to say something to my cheap son, I saw that the other party raised his hand slightly to cover his stomach and looked at the noodle shop not far away.

He should be hungry, but he was afraid that Song Chiyu would be unhappy, so he didn’t say anything.

After understanding the other’s cautious thinking, Song Chiyu smiled sweetly, then took the other’s little hand, walked towards the noodle shop, ordered two bowls of noodle soup, and ate quietly for one young and one young.

During the period, Song Chiyu secretly observed the little guy again. He was obviously very hungry, but he ate very gracefully. It seemed that his previous tutor was pretty good. Just don’t know what kind of person his parents are.

She still doesn’t believe in that paternity test, even if she has to bring people with her now.

On the way back, the little guy was already very tired. After all, he was also a four-year-old. Although he had always been sensible, Song Chiyu could still see it, so he carried him back softly.

Under the colorful neon lights, look at the special coordination.

Mommy, Chenchen will definitely not let Mommy and Daddy miss it, Chenchen…Chenchen will definitely protect Mommy. “

Xi Yuechen’s small face was affixed to Song Chiyu’s warm back, with a pair of eyes firmly looking at the huge screen wall not far away, on which an interview column about RK Group’s recent investment was playing.

When Song Chiyu heard what Xi Yuechen said, he couldn’t help but stopped, turned his head slightly, heard the sound of even breathing, couldn’t help but chuckle, and seemed to be asleep. “

She didn’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing to pick this little guy back, but she didn’t know why. Although she tried her best to get rid of the other party, she was not very repulsive.

If it is really what he said, then she will keep it. Tomorrow, she will go to the household registration to confirm the adoption procedures. There are also four-year-old children. They should be at the age of kindergarten?

What’s more, you have to buy everything the children need, clothes, shoes, and so on. Song Chiyu, who has no experience in raising children, feels hesitated at once.

As a result, I was completely unaware that, in my heart, I had completely accepted this child who was dependent on me, and even with my lips, I still felt that I was forced.

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