Chapter 921 Acknowledgment Mother

Chapter 921 Acknowledgement Mother

Xiao Su’er always feels a little funny when she looks at her so serious, but she doesn’t know where the smile is. She can only watch her raise her eyebrows in a funny way, “What? You want to treat me? The younger brother is in charge? How are you responsible?”

Bai Qingyue is not stupid, Xiao Su’er’s expression and a provocative tone, tell her what the meaning of this sentence is, just think about it with her toes, she immediately blushed Shaking his head, “No, no, what are you thinking? I mean he was injured because of me, and I will be responsible for him. Why did you feel a different meaning?”

“Alright, alright, I am Just for fun. Or you can sleep in our house today. I feel your head is a bit serious. I will send you to class tomorrow morning, and my brother looks like he should go to class tomorrow. You two can do Together.”

Xiao Suer glanced at Xiao Yuhan who was crawling on the sofa, stretched out her hand and gently pushed to wake him up, but Bai Qingyue immediately took her hand in a panic, “What are you doing? He is injured, so let him sleep. Come on, what kind of class will you have tomorrow?”

“It’s okay. His injury will heal after a while. Although the wound is a bit deep but fortunately it didn’t hurt the internal organs. It doesn’t affect his daily lectures. Even if you stop him, he himself will He will run out quietly, so he can’t be idle.”

Xiao Su’er is not worried about his wounds at all. There was no more worry, Xiao Yuhan also took the medicine she planted in the spirit jade space, and the speed of healing the wound could be increased many times.

It is estimated that after one night, the injury will be more than half, as long as the internal organs are not injured, it will not be much serious.

Xiao Yuhan crawled on the sofa, feeling that someone was pushing him, his eyes lightly opened, and he immediately felt the pain coming from behind. He stretched out his hands to support him and sat up, Bai Qingyue immediately wanted to help him. But even though she was grinning, she still sat up, as if she was unaffected.

Bai Qingyue felt that she was shocked, and looked at Xiao Su’er incredulously, “Are you so good? Just helped him with some medicine, and his injury seems to be healed?”

“That’s why I said that my sister is very good. You don’t need to go to the hospital. It is the most reliable to come home.” Xiao Yuhan stood up as he said, shaking off his blood-soaked clothes, “Okay, I Go change your clothes, take a shower and go to sleep.”

“What kind of bath do you take ? You are not allowed to take a bath. Just go to bed. Just wipe your body with a wet towel. You still can’t touch the wound with water.” Xiao Suer immediately patted him gently. There was a headache on Xiao Yuhan’s shoulder. This Xiao Yuhan was still a professor at the medical school, didn’t he know that the wound shouldn’t touch water?

“Okay, then I’m going.” Xiao Yuhan promised to go up the stairs, but halfway down, he turned around and looked at Bai Qingyue, his voice softened, “Are you okay?”

“I, I’m okay. How could something happen to me, you blocked me.” Bai Qingyue heard his gentle voice, and instantly her face turned red again, and she didn’t consciously stammer when she spoke.

“Then you should go to bed early. Don’t go back today. Stay at my house. I will drive you to school tomorrow. It just so happens that you and my sister are about the same figure, but you may look a little old in her clothes.”

“You What does this mean? Don’t look at you now. I don’t dare to teach you, you just deliberately.” Xiao Su’er didn’t want to interrupt the conversation between the two people, but when she heard these words, she immediately glared at her brother.

Although she now has a son, she is not old at the age of twenty-five. Bai Qingyue is indeed a youthful and upright little fairy, but she does not become old when she wears her clothes.

Xiao Yuhan grimaced at Xiao Su’er and turned around. After only a short while, his wounds seemed to be really fine, and he was not affected when he walked.

Bai Qingyue turned her head and looked at Xiao Su’er, “Your sister and brother are in a good relationship, and are you better than Professor Xiao’s medical skills.”

“His wound heals quickly, shouldn’t you be happy? I will take you to the guest room. Today I will change your pillow to treat the wound on the back of your head a little better, and try not to make big moves these days, dance and shake your head, do you know?”

Xiao Su’er took Bai Qingyue to the guest room. I gave her a set of pajamas that she thought was the most girly, and lace. Xiao Yuhan gave this pajama on her birthday. She wore it once and never wore it again. Now I give it to her. Bai Qingyue happens to be.

“This room happens to have its own toilet. You can take a bath in it. You don’t have to go out to wake up at night. If you still feel pain at night, come to the room on the second floor to find me, know? I’m on the left side of the second floor. The first room.”

Xiao Su’er was still a little worried. Seeing Bai Qingyue carefully explained everything clearly, Bai Qingyue held her pajamas and nodded, “I know, thank you.”

She watched Xiao Su’er leave the guest room and hugged her. Sitting on the bed in lace pajamas, there was a strange feeling in her heart. Just now Xiao Yuhan woke up and spoke to her so softly, she always felt a little dazed.

Today is really the most exciting day he has had in the past few years. There is really a thrilling and adventurous feeling. Finally, he escaped and was born, and it was still in the case of a hero saving the United States.

The person who rescued her was really a hero this time. Unlike Xiao Su’er who pretended to be the last time, Bai Qingyue hugged her pajamas and smiled. She always felt that this was also a special experience, and she would be lucky to be worried afterwards.

Xiao Su’er returned to the room and lay on the bed, closing her eyes to feel the fruit just now. Isn’t it really useless?

But still didn’t feel any, thinking it was really a fruit of decoration, she covered the quilt and fell asleep.

the next day.

Xiao Wang is different from other children. He never likes to sleep late. He got up early and walked down the first floor with his short legs.

He saw a figure wearing a pink lace pajamas on the first floor of the kitchen thought it was Shaw prime child up early to make breakfast for him, a smile came over, hugged her from behind and called out, “Mom!”

White Ching month is When the person hugged him, his whole body was shocked. When he heard him call his mother, the whole person was stunned. I didn’t expect that there were children in this family. Who was he calling?

Xiao Su’er and Xiao Yuhan shouldn’t be married. Why would there be a child at home? And he didn’t even see his face, so he called his mother while holding her, so familiar?

Bai Qingyue turned around in embarrassment, lowered her head and saw a white and soft little beanie, blinking his big eyes and looking at her, her whole heart melted in an instant.