Chapter 922 Special Faces

Chapter 922 The Special Face When

Xiao Wang saw Bai Qingyue’s face, he also realized that he had called the wrong name. He immediately let go of her hand and took two steps back, putting on the smile he thought was the most gentleman. Bai Qingyue apologized, “Sorry sister, I recognize you as my mother, because this pajama seems to belong to my mother. Although she only wore it once, I still remembered it.” After

Xiao Wang said that, Bai Qingyue also reacted immediately and pointed her pajamas with her fingers and said, “This pajama belongs to your mother? Your mother is…”

“My mother’s name is Xiao Su’er. Sister, you are not your mother’s friend? That should be your uncle’s friend.” Xiao Wangyan’s big eyes flickered, thinking that this elder sister didn’t know who her mother was, that means she didn’t know him. Since she was a girl brought back by her uncle, she should not misunderstand her, and she should not destroy her uncle’s love fortune. .

Thinking about this, he immediately explained righteously, “Sister, the clothes you wear are my mother’s. She and uncle are siblings, not another relationship. Don’t get me wrong and don’t lose your temper with uncle. Oh.”

Bai Qingyue wanted to laugh a little when he heard his cute words, but after another thought, even children knew that they would explain to Xiao Yuhan. Could it be that he often brought girls back? This little kid has practiced making perfect, knowing he can’t talk nonsense?

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt a little bored in her heart, but still squatted down with a smile on her face and stared at Xiao Wang.

“Then tell elder sister, does your uncle often bring girls back? If you tell the truth, elder sister will take you to the amusement park later and also take you to eat delicious food. You can’t just because he is your uncle. Lie just to protect him, children who lie will have long noses.” When

Bai Qingyue spoke, she deliberately touched Xiao Wang’s nose with her fingers, and used the same tricks used to deal with ordinary children to deal with Xiao Wang, thinking that he was eating it. One set, but Xiao Wang was not interested in those delicious amusement parks at all, but he answered Bai Qingyue’s question honestly.

“No, it’s because my uncle doesn’t usually bring a girl back, so I just recognized you as my mother. He finally took the girl back once. I am worried that because I misunderstood, it would cause a relationship between the two of you. My misunderstanding, didn’t I just sin too much?”

“My mother has been worried that my uncle will be lonely and die of old age, but she can’t scare away the girl he finally brought back.”

Xiao Wang tried to enlarge him as he spoke. Big innocent eyes, pretending to be ignorant, tilted his head and tried to make the state that a real four-year-old should have.

When Bai Qingyue heard him say that the corners of her mouth became wider and wider, she almost grinned behind her ears. This child is really smart.

This is Xiao Suer’s child! She didn’t know that Xiao Su’er was already married. Xiao Su’er was a few years older than her. Calculated by age, she was indeed at the legal age for marriage. There was no problem if she got married, but she just didn’t react.

“Does your uncle know you are so good?” Bai Qingyue smiled and stroked her head. This white little beanie is really too cute.

“Uncle loves me the most. When did you meet your uncle, sister?”

“Your uncle and I…” Bai Qingyue wanted to explain clearly that she and Xiao Yuhan were not in the kind of relationship that this little baby understood. but she bit her lip and did not say anything, just smiled and said:. “I am your uncle students ah”

“so this is ah well now popular teachers and students love, sister, you look beautiful, I think, and my uncle! It’s worth it, you can be my aunt.”

Xiao Wang digs out the potential of being a matchmaker by himself. His mother is so worried that his uncle will die alone. Now that she finally has a girlfriend, she can’t let her run away. , As soon as possible to match up, it can also make mothers spend less snacks.

“You are so cute. I like you so much. My sister was a little hungry in the morning and came to the kitchen to find something to eat. Are you hungry? Or I will cook a bowl of noodles for you.” Bai Qingyue couldn’t help it. He held Xiao Wang and rubbed his soft face.

“Okay, my mother usually cooks things for me. Mom makes delicious food, but my sister is so beautiful, she must make delicious food.” Xiao Wang happily ran to the table and sat down. , Waiting for Bai Qingyue to make something for him, but she said all the words of praise he knew, and Bai Qingyue cooked noodles for him in full bloom.

A bowl of boiled noodles with chopped green onions instantly became a lot more delicious. She held the noodles and put them in front of Xiao Wang. She didn’t even cook her own. She wanted to watch him eat first. She didn’t like small ones before. Children, I think children are synonymous with noise, but Xiao Su’er’s children are so cute, but she loves them so much.

Xiao Wang frowned as he watched this bowl of face, and there was a little oily flower floating on it, but no other seasonings were put, just a little chopped green onion, otherwise this sister is like a god of cooking. A bowl of clear soup noodles can be cooked, or she is the kind of pretty on the Internet now, but the cook is a curse.

He still tried his best to raise the innocent smile of others, pretending to be intoxicated, took a deep breath, then praised, flattering to the extreme, “Sister’s noodles are delicious, then I will start eating. “

Xiao Wang picked up his chopsticks and ate a big mouthful of noodles, but the moment he tasted the noodles, he wanted to spit it out, but Bai Qingyue was watching him with a smile, and he was too embarrassed to spit out the noodles, holding it in his mouth. Liyan didn’t vomit or vomit, the expression on the whole face was a bit strange, from the red from the white to the green from the white.

“How is it good or not?” Bai Qingyue asked expectantly next to her. This is the first time she has cooked noodles since she grew up, and she feels that she has succeeded. At least she did not cook the noodles. I’m very satisfied. I just thought that if I tasted it and served it out without being polite, I just served it straight out, but it seems that this kid looks very delicious.

Xiao forget the suffering endured mouth noodles swallowed, turned his head and looked at the white-Ching month said, “you are not my sister do not often cook noodles ah?”

“Yes ah, this is the first time my sister cooking, just to see You should be hungry when you enter the kitchen, so you can cook it for you first, how is it good or not?”

Xiao Wang heard Bai Qingyue’s answer and his whole person was wrong . Cooking noodles…

“Taste…” Xiao Wang didn’t want to lie, but if he didn’t lie, he would definitely hurt the heart of the sister in front of him. Seeing Bai Qingyue looking forward to it, he was embarrassed to say.

When he was having a headache, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the stairs. He turned his head and just saw Xiao Su’er, who was getting up early to make breakfast, and immediately ran forward, “Mom, you are up!”