Chapter 923 Weekend Agreement

Chapter 923 Weekend Agreement

“Why did you get up so early and your mouth is still greasy? Have you eaten?” Xiao Su’er reached out and wiped the corners of her child’s mouth. She raised her head and saw Bai Qingyue sitting at the dining table. .

“How are you, do your head hurt?” She took Xiao Wang’s hand and walked to the table, and was a little surprised to see the bowl of noodles, “Did you cook the noodles for him?”

“Yes, I cooked it. It is estimated that the amount of exercise was too much last night. Early this morning, I felt a little hungry and went everywhere to look for food. He just happened to come over. I didn’t know that you already have a baby. He is so cute. I just cooked a bowl of noodles. Give him food.” When

Bai Qingyue spoke, her eyes could not be separated from Xiao Wang. There were little stars in her eyes, and she felt that such a child was an angel sent from heaven.

“Really? Thank you!” Xiao Xiao Su turned to look at children forget, “There is no thanks with my sister, is there as people ah?”

“Call, and I said so beautiful sister, mother! Sister uncle’s girlfriend Is she wearing your pajamas, and I recognized her as you this morning.”

Xiao Wang hugged Xiao Su’er’s leg, “Mom, you can taste the noodles that my sister cooked, it’s a little bit different from yours. It’s big.”

“Is it? Is the noodles cooked by my sister or mom?”

Xiao Su’er heard him say that, stepped forward and picked up the chopsticks, and took a bite without paying any attention. Anyway, It was Xiao Wang’s noodles. They didn’t need to see each other, but after eating, her expression was not much better than Xiao Wang’s. She almost vomited it out, and her face flushed after holding back for a long time. Coughing, “cough cough cough…”

“Mom, are you okay? Spit it out!” Xiao Wang took the trash can.

After Xiao Su’er spit all the noodles in the trash can, she turned her head and looked at Bai Qingyue, a little embarrassed: “Qingyue! This is your first time cooking noodles, right? I’ll make breakfast for you, you What do you want to eat? I want to eat fried eggs or noodles. I will make them for you.”

Bai Qingyue can tell that his face is wrong, no matter how stupid he is, she looked at Xiao Wang again, and found that Xiao Wang didn’t dare to look away. She finally woke up and pointed to the bowl of noodles and said, “What’s the matter? Is it terrible? Why are you both looking weird? Just now this little bean curd took a big bite.”

She also pulled the noodle bowl and was about to eat it. Xiao Suer immediately held her hand, “Forget it, the first time you cook noodles like this, it’s already pretty good. You don’t need to eat it anymore. You eat.”

“What’s the matter?” Bai Qingyue wanted to taste it when she saw her blocking it. After pulling the noodle bowl, she took a bite, and spit it out without daring to chew.

“I looked at this pale face and added a lot of salt and monosodium glutamate without any taste, but I didn’t expect it to be so unpalatable. It died. I feel that I don’t have as much salt in a month. I feel sorry for this. Xiaodouding, he swallowed a mouthful of noodles just now, are you okay? Do you want to vomit it? I’m sorry, I’m going to buy you a lot of delicious compensation.”

Bai Qingyue knelt down and hugged Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang swallowed that mouthful just now, it really gave her a lot of face.

So when Xiao Yuhan got up and went to the first floor to eat breakfast, she saw this scene: Bai Qingyue was holding Xiao Wang, her expression distressed.

“What’s the matter?” He walked to the two of them puzzled.

“It’s nothing. My sister made a very special bowl of noodles. Uncle, since you are your sister’s boyfriend, you should not dislike her. Then eat this bowl of noodles!” Xiao forgot to think of a bad heart.

My uncle pushed the noodle bowl in front of Xiao Yuhan, but he did not expect Xiao Yuhan to immediately deny it, “What nonsense, she is not my girlfriend, she is a student of our school and your mother also knows it, just My ordinary friend.”

“Huh? Sister, aren’t you uncle’s girlfriend?” Xiao Wang turned to look at Bai Qingyue.

Seeing Xiao Yuhan’s anxious denial, Bai Qingyue felt a little bored in her heart, but what he said was correct. She could only nod and agree with him, “Yes, I am not your uncle’s. Girlfriend.”

“It’s a pity that my sister is so beautiful. If only she could be my aunt.” Xiao Wang pitifully pulled Bai Qingyue’s clothes corner, but his eyes were looking at Xiao Yuhan. Winked at him.

Bai Qingyue was a little embarrassed by what he said, she lowered her head and said, “Su’er, your son is really good at talking. He has been complimenting me all morning, how did you teach such a cute son.”

“He is so good at talking.” Speaking.” Xiao Su’er was naturally happy to hear someone praise her son.

Xiao Yuhan knew what Xiao Wang meant by winking at him. A little kid knew that he would let him chase a girl, but he still turned a blind eye to Xiao Wang’s eyes and walked to the kitchen on his own.

“I’m hungry! Sister, the medicine you gave me yesterday is quite useful. I woke up this morning without any pain in my wound, and I feel that I have recovered a lot. Now I need to eat something to recover. As for the bowl Noodles! It doesn’t taste good at first glance, so I won’t eat it.” What

he said was simple and straightforward, unlike Xiao Wang and Xiao Su’er who were tactful even if they were unpalatable. When he said that, Bai Qingyue was embarrassed in an instant. famous.

She lowered her head and looked at the bowl of noodles that made people less appetite and muttered, “Isn’t this the first time I have cooked noodles? It doesn’t need to be like this.”

Xiao Su’er listened to her ears and spoke. Consolation, “My younger brother just can’t speak. Just ignore him. Just listen to my son. Don’t you like him? You will come to my house often in the future. He also hopes that a beautiful sister will accompany him. I like beautiful women the most. This little guy is still an appearance association at a young age.”

“Everyone likes to see beautiful things. Besides, my sister is so good-looking, and I feel good looking at it.” Xiao Wang smiled at Bai Qingyue See the teeth but not the eyes.

Bai Qingyue’s a little gloomy mood just now cleared the sky, and she stretched out her head and touched Xiao Wang’s head, “You are so cute, are there any plans for this weekend? Sister will invite you to have fun?”

“He You have to go to the piano room to practice piano on weekends. You can wait for him to practice piano before taking him out to play.” Xiao Su’er answered instead of Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang also nodded beside him. Only there can I see his dad.

“Then I will pick you up when you finish practicing the piano!” Bai Qingyue immediately made an agreement with Xiao Wang to go out to play on the weekend.

“Okay, let’s take that uncle too.” Xiao Wang immediately turned his head and sent out an invitation to Xiao Yuhan.

“I don’t like going to amusement parks. Besides, don’t you say that you like seeing beautiful sisters, I don’t like them.” Xiao Yuhan didn’t give him any face.