Chapter 924 More Fierce Offensive

Chapter 924

is getting more and more fierce offensive. “It’s not that you are allowed to see beautiful sister, but that you are to accompany me to the amusement park. I also rarely say that I want to go to the amusement park once. Go to the amusement park!”

Xiao Wang scratched his head, thinking that his uncle was able to be single for so long and couldn’t find a girlfriend for a certain reason. He was really a big elm head, and he was trying hard to assist him when he was so young. As a result, he still couldn’t see it.

Xiao Yuhan saw that he had already agreed on his behalf, and didn’t think much about it. He just nodded at will, “Okay, if you want to go, go with you.”

Bai Qingyue heard him agree, and she was a little bit happy in her heart, she didn’t know. Why did he still look forward to playing with Xiao Yuhan, and finally couldn’t find the reason, she had to attribute it to Xiao Yuhan’s gratitude for saving her life.

Xiao Su’er listened to Xiao Wang enthusiastically discussing Bai Qingyue on the way to send Xiao Wang to kindergarten, “Does the mother’s sister like her uncle? She looks different when she sees her uncle.”

“Your little child discusses this all day long. Who do you like, who you like, what’s the matter with you? I told you, she is a student of your uncle.”

Xiao Su’er was a little bit dumbfounded, her own son is too precocious. Not bad, even the emotional aspect is also precocious.

“But the elder sister looked at her uncle really differently, she felt a little shy, and when her uncle said that the noodles she cooked must be awful, she was still a little sad. Besides, mom, you are an independent woman in the new century. How can she feel that the two of them can’t be together because she is a student of her uncle? The teacher-student relationship is also very beautiful.”

Xiao Wang once again taught Xiao Su’er in an educative manner, but made Xiao Su’er feel that she was a child. She always had this illusion with her son, and she didn’t know whether it was good or bad.

“Yes, yes, I know, if she really likes your uncle, she will say it herself, don’t worry about their adult feelings.”

“Mom , didn’t you worry that your uncle could not find a girlfriend in the future?” Now that there is such a good sister here, you should match them up.”

Xiao Wang looked at his mother with a look of puzzlement, “Your adults are so difficult to deal with, say one thing and do one thing.”

Xiao Su’er drove. The car still shook his head helplessly, “This is not what I said and do a set, mainly I think your uncle may like other people.”

Xiao Su’er still remembered seeing him giving Rong Ling’er acupuncture in Xiao Yuhan’s office. In the picture, although he is a gentleman, his brother has never taken the initiative to contact other girls. Rong Ling’er is the first girl he walked so close! Comparing Bai Qingyue and Rong Ling’er, he should have a better impression of Rong Ling’er.

“Who? The older sister who was bullied by the uncle last time? But he didn’t bring that older sister into the house, but he brought this older sister into the house this time. Good impression.”

“Okay, okay, your elder sister or elder sister said that your mother is dizzy, and let your uncle free to develop! Let’s stay with whoever he likes. Let’s not worry about this.”

Xiao Su’er interrupted him. If this is the case, I feel that if my son continues to develop like this, he can open a marriage agency in the future.

After sending Xiao Wang to kindergarten, Xiao Suer returned to the clinic and found that everyone looked at her wrongly. She suddenly understood what Xiao Wang said. Their adults really said one thing and did one thing. These people obviously looked at her dissatisfied, but they didn’t come to tell her what was going on, so she had to run over and ask.

“Why do they look at me like this?” Xiao Su’er walked to Su Ling’s side and asked suspiciously.

“The man who came to send you flowers every day is here again. Go and take a look at your office.”

Su Ling was a little puzzled when she spoke, and asked cautiously, “Doctor Xiao, I still want to know you and that Are people really not a couple? It’s too easy for people to misunderstand him like this.”

“What did he do today? Did he send flowers to my office this time? Why did you let him in?”

Xiao Su’er didn’t. As she explained, she walked upstairs and opened the door of her office. The moment she finally knew why the people in the clinic were looking at her with that kind of eyes. This Chi Siang became more and more exaggerated. The flowers from the entire city have been shipped here.

The office is full of bright roses, and there is a big heart of roses on the open space of the office.

“What’s the matter with him? Such an exaggeration!” Xiao Su’er stood at the door of the office with her forehead and didn’t want to step in again.

“When he came just now, a lot of people from the flower shop helped in the arrangement. The front desk did not let him in. He said that if he was not allowed to come in, he would just place it on the open space on the first floor. How could this be possible? He does it, what should I do when the patient comes? I have to let him put it in your office.”

“He said that there are nine hundred and ninety-nine flowers here, Dr. Xiao, if you are really not a romantic relationship with him, please tell him not to give it away! You don’t know what Liu Finance said about you, she seems to be right. You are a bit prejudiced, now as long as there is a little thing caught, you will not let go and spread rumors everywhere.”

Su Ling advised her on Xiao Su’er’s side. Liu Yan was full of envy and hatred when she saw Chi Siang sending so many flowers this morning. She had already posted it on the Internet before. Xiao Su’er and Chi Siang went together. Photos of the car too.

But people on the Internet didn’t pay much attention to her at all, and there were even many Xiao Su’er fans who jumped out to say that she was making rumors. After all, she did not take any advantage. This time Chi Siang sent so many flowers, she immediately said that Xiao Su’er had affected them. The normal operation of the clinic should expel her.

“She loves to spread rumors, but these flowers really affect the clinic. If he sends so many every day, how can we do business? I guess the patients will not come in. I will make it clear to him.”

Xiao Su’er took out his mobile phone and took a picture of his office scene, and sent it to Chi Siang on WeChat with a few question marks along the way.

Chi Siang answered her message almost immediately, “How about it, do you like it? If you don’t like it, I can send you more next time.”

“I remember I told you not to send it over again, why did you do it again? Do you want to do this? This will affect the business of our clinic, did you know?”

Xiao Suer quickly typed out this string of words on the screen and sent it to her. She was really unhappy and she was not pursued at all. Happy.