Chapter 925 Pursuit is My Business

Chapter 925 Pursuit is my business

“Su’er, this way you will have a little reaction because of my business, right?”

The news of Chi Siang came back quickly, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. In a word, Xiao Su’er fell silent as he watched this sentence. What did he mean?

It meant that Xiao Su’er didn’t care about him very much, no matter how much he tossed, there was no way to attract her attention, so Jianzou Pianfeng used such a method to annoy her?

“Don’t do this again next time, and immediately ask someone to pull these flowers away, or I will just throw them in the trash pool.” Xiao Su’er felt strange in her heart, but she still slowed down a little bit. Chi Siang returned such a message.

When I put down my phone, I saw Liu Yan floating in from the door, standing beside her mocking, “Tsk tusk, it’s amazing to look good. You have already given birth to a child and have such a crazy suitor, Dr. Xiao, you are so amazing! “

Her tone was sour and mean, and her face was mocking. It was obvious that she was watching a joke, but Xiao Su’er didn’t bother to pay attention to her. She just reached out and kicked away the rose that was blocking the way and sat down at the desk, and then reached out to touch the table. All the roses were swept on the ground, and from beginning to end, I sat down and started working as if I hadn’t heard what Liu Yan said.

Liu Yan saw that she didn’t put herself in her eyes, and walked in front of her angrily, “What? If you are chasing by handsome guys, you can’t be lawless, so there is no one?”

Xiao Su’er looked up at her, his eyes shot a few sharp swords, Liu Yan suddenly I didn’t dare to be arrogant anymore, I could only snorted out of the office.

“Doctor Xiao, then I’ll go ahead, do you want me to help you deal with your flowers?” Su Ling asked in a low voice, watching Xiao Shuoer completely ignore the appearance of these flowers.

“No! Put these flowers here. I will find someone to clean them up later. I can also leave a few full roses. I can use them together with other Chinese medicines.”

Xiao Su’er looked at the roses in the room, and her nose was a little uncomfortable. Her five senses were much stronger than others, so the strong smell of roses rushed into the nasal cavity, and she felt that if she smelled it again, I guess. I can’t smell other smells today.

But just because of the smell, let her know that the roses here are very fresh, and they still have a certain value if they are dried and used as medicine.

Su Ling could only nod her head when she heard what she said. She didn’t understand the knowledge of Chinese medicine, but she knew that roses can be used as medicine. She could only say: “Then, do you want me to help Dr. Xiao cut all these flowers? “

No, you go ahead.” Xiao Suer rubbed his temples and shook his head.

All day today, because of the roses in the room, Xiao Su’er was in a very bad mood when he was at get off work. It was not until the afternoon when he got off work to pick up Xiao Wang, and saw his son’s smile on his face that she felt a little more comfortable.

Xiao Wang saw that Xiao Su’er was in a bad mood at a glance, and put down the computer to make Xiao Su’er happy, “Mom, let me tell you, today the teacher praised me for being handsome. I said it was because of my mother’s good genes. That’s why I inherited it to look so good.”

“Puff…” Xiao Su’er couldn’t help laughing when she heard her, “How come you have such a narcissistic child? I told you to know how to be humble, do you know?”

“I remember, my mother said that people must be humble. Don’t be too proud. I’m not proud. I’m seeking truth from facts. Mom, don’t you know? Too contrived humility becomes another kind of pride, which will be annoying.” Xiao Wang tilted his head towards Xiao Su’er Laugh, the chubby little peas are particularly attractive.

“I now know why Bai Qingyue likes you so much.” Xiao Suer parked the car into the Angjia Manor and turned to look at his son’s white and tender face in the passenger seat.

“Do you mean that sister? I like her too!” Xiao Wang seemed to like Bai Qingyue very much.

Xiao Su’er walked to the passenger seat and hugged Xiao Wang out of the car, and took her hand into the living room. “Your uncle hasn’t come back yet. When he comes back, you shouldn’t keep telling him that you want that sister to be an aunt. He will feel annoying, but it will be counterproductive, you know?”

“I know, why am I so stupid? I will quietly remind my uncle when I can remind you! Then mother, I will do my homework first. a. “

Xiao forget carrying his small bag, walked a small short-legged on the floor, even if only in kindergarten, he also has a lot of work, pay attention to all aspects of the development of the international school, little older we should let them practice calligraphy , But for a genius child like Xiao Wang, this is nothing at all.

After returning to China Mainland for so long, what he should do in each time period has long been a timetable. Within an hour of his return, it will be time for him to do his homework. After the meal, it is him and the overseas team members. In the chat and communication time, I am bored in the room every day, but I can do great things.

Xiao Su’er has long been accustomed to him like this. She is already living the life that an adult should lead at a young age. She is not at all worried that her child will not be able to adapt to the society in the future, but worried that he will lose his innocence.

She sat on the sofa and put her phone aside. Chi Siang kept sending her messages all day long. After she sent the message that asked him to clean up the flowers, someone came in less than half an hour. Take her office and all the flowers away. She was embarrassed to ask for the flowers that she originally wanted to keep for medicinal materials. Chi Siang began to apologize on WeChat.

At first, Xiao Su’er would reply from time to time, but later she was too lazy to return. He was a crazy suitor for the whole day. For the first time, Xiao Su’er felt that Chi Siang was such an exaggerated person.

After apologizing, Chi Siang began to recall the past on WeChat, telling all the things in high school. Xiao Suer glanced at it from time to time, and sometimes he still felt a little touched, which made his heart weird.

After Chi Siang’s series of operations, Xiao Su’er successfully lost the anger during the daytime, leaving only emotion and doubts.

What was emotional was that Chi Siang was able to tell so many things they had experienced together, but what was puzzled was why he became what he is now.

It felt completely different from the Chi Siang she had known before, like a stranger, Xiao Su’er didn’t know how to face him.

Even if he said that he would never accept his pursuit, let him stop pestering himself, he will immediately answer: It is your business not to accept it, but it is my business to pursue it or not to pursue it!

Such a sentence successfully blocked all the remaining words Xiao Suer wanted to say!