Chapter 926 Charity Society

Chapter 926 Charity Society

Xiao Suer has a headache looking at the cell phone that is still receiving messages, and even has a little idea of ​​wanting to block Chi Siang directly, but feels that it is not enough.

When he picked up the phone and was about to remind Chi Siang not to post again, he unexpectedly stopped sending WeChat again.

The last message I received was: These are all the words I want to say to you in the past five years. Today, I have all said all in one day. Those roses are also your birthday in five years, and all the holidays should be I will make up all the flowers for you today. I hope you don’t bother me.

Such a sentence made Xiao Su’er instantly wonder what to say. It looked so sad. Has he remembered every holiday and birthday in the past five years? This kind of love makes people suffocate but makes people feel distressed.

Xiao Su’er turned off the phone and planned not to see Chi Siang during this time, so that he could calm down. Maybe it was just because he didn’t chase him back then, so he has been reconciled. In fact, there is no love at all.

the other side.

Bai Qingyue set up a few tables on the playground of the Imperial Capital University and wrote a few words about recruiting new charity clubs.

During this period of time, she has discovered that most of the clothes discarded by college students every year are new, and she hasn’t worn them a few times. She plans to get a club to organize some people to do charity and collect the clothes that college students lose every year and sell them on the market. Whether it is donated to children in poor mountainous areas, in short, do their best to do some charity.

Although not everyone in the university is as good as her family background, but with a lot of people and power, building a club can attract more students to do good deeds together.

Several of her little sisters are also enthusiastic people. In the past few years, all of them have been growing up, and they are no longer in the ignorant stage as in previous years. Bai Qingyue said that she would want to be a charity fund, and they immediately took it. Out of his own private money.

Now Bai Qingyue is about to set up a club, and they have also come to help. Several beautiful girls stood there, and instantly attracted a group of male students from Imperial University to sign up.

Bai Qingyue stood in front of the club’s recruiting table, pointing to the bunch of boys who had signed up because of beauty, and said righteously: “We are doing charity here. If you just come to tease beautiful women, don’t come in. At that time, it will influence us to do charity.”

“Who said that we will affect you to do charity? We can also help. Isn’t it just charity? Donate things, move things, donate money, you say we can all, just Doing charity to the beauties should make you feel better.”

“That’s right, just let us join in. We are so powerful.”

These boys have hippie smiles, even facing such a serious Bai Qingyue. Said these words with a smile.

“Okay! Qingyue let them join in, do you want to join the club for beautiful women? Then you will double how much beautiful women do!” One of

Bai Qingyue’s little sisters grabbed her and immediately thought of a way. Come to toss this group of unkind male classmates.

“Well, if you promise to do as much as we girls do, I will let you join in.” Bai Qingyue immediately got his point and said with a smile at this group of boys.

“No problem, you group of delicate and expensive ladies can do it. Why can’t we do it? Come on! Let me fill out the registration form to join the club!”

These boys almost didn’t hesitate to do it. After agreeing, I took the registration form on the side and started filling in the information.

Xiao Yuhan and Rong Ling’er, who came out of the teaching building, just walked to the playground. Rong Ling’er had been pestering Xiao Yuhan for a day, and she asked him for warmth. Since knowing that he was injured, they have been asking what happened, but Xiao Yu Han didn’t even tell her, only that she was accidentally injured, but her instinct was not that simple.

She knew that if the relationship between two people were to be closer, there must be some common secret. Now Xiao Yuhan is unwilling to tell others why he was injured. If she can know, the relationship between the two can be said to have gone further. , She has been pestering Xiao Su’er, trying to figure out the reason for his injury.

“Professor Xiao, how could you hit your back if you accidentally injured it? Normally, if you injured your elbows and knees, it makes sense, but if you accidentally fell and injured your back, it won’t make sense.”

Rong Ling’er said. Sometimes I pretended to be pitiful, “Do you think you don’t trust me enough and don’t want to tell me? I just care about you.”

“It’s not about trust or distrust, I just don’t want to talk about my injury, you ……”

Xiao Yuhan spoke to her, but the corner of his eyes glanced at Bai Qingyue, who was wearing a white dress and was registering her name. His words came to an abrupt end, but instead changed the topic. “You There seems to be a lot of people over there, let’s go see what they are doing.”

“Professor Xiao, Bai Qingyue is over there and I don’t want to go there…” Rong Ling’er looked in the direction he pointed and saw Bai Qingyue shook his head immediately.

However, Xiao Yuhan had already stepped forward on her own, and she could only run away with a stomping.

When they got closer, the two people heard the students talking at the same time.

“What happened to Bai Qingyue these days? I seem to be very keen on charity. I heard that she has set up a charity fund outside the school and has sent a lot of supplies to the impoverished mountainous areas.”

“Who knows? Rich people like to do it. Charity, it is estimated that if there is more money and no place to spend, I want to accumulate some yin virtue.”

“What you said, Bai Qingyue has done nothing evil. She is still very righteous and easy to get along with in the school.

” Then you said she’s very good, and it’s no surprise to do some charity. It is reasonable to set up a charity fund outside the school and a charity club inside the school.”

Linger Rong frowned slightly when she heard the students’ talk. Seeing that Xiao Yuhan nodded in satisfaction while looking at Bai Qingyue, she was not at all unhappy when she mentioned that Bai Qingyue was unhappy as before.

Bai Qingyue looked up and saw Xiao Yuhan approaching, smiled at him, and ran to his side, “Professor Xiao, how about? Would you like to join my club as well?”

“The clubs in the university are for students to participate, and the teacher is not in the mood to join in the fun.”

“But Professor Xiao, you are not much older than us. I can make an exception to let you join in. You are a professor! You are paid every year, and you can do charity. It’s much better than these students.” Bai Qingyue raised her eyebrows and watched him hand over an application form, “How about? Professor think about it and sign up.”

“There is you, Miss Bai, mine. The salary is enough? It doesn’t matter, right!” The

two began to laugh and laugh, while Rong Ling’er looked at her a little inexplicably, she didn’t expect it at all.