Chapter 927 Nightmare

Chapter 927 Nightmare

What Happened? When Xiao Yuhan mentioned Bai Qingyue before, he always had eyebrows and eyes. It was impossible to speak to Bai Qingyue on his own initiative. Now the two of them are actually joking.

Rong Ling’er felt threatened, she immediately walked to the side of the two people, smiled and said to Bai Qingyue: “Qingyue, what kind of club are you doing? Are you a charity club? Can I join? I am also very interested. I like to help others.” After

Bai Qingyue saw her coming, she subconsciously frowned and wanted to refuse. Unexpectedly, Xiao Yuhan gave Rong Ling’er the registration form she just gave, “If you want to sign up, please sign up. , I’m a professor, it’s not very nice to sign up for the club.”

“You…” Bai Qingyue wanted to stop, but after thinking about it, it’s all about doing charity. It’s just good for everyone to work together. There is no need to talk about her personal grievances with Rong Ling’er. Moreover, Xiao Yuhan doesn’t know the truth. Can’t blame him.

Thinking about this, she didn’t stop, but said to Rong Linger: “If you want to sign up, please sign up. We can call you when we do charity in the future.”

“Okay, then is the two of us reconciled? In the future, there will be no conflicts between us, no estrangement, right?” Rong Ling’er is always considerate in front of Xiao Yuhan, and now she asks Bai Qingyue whether the two can reconcile, just thinking To shape in front of him, in fact, I have always expected to be good friends with Bai Qingyue.

Bai Qingyue couldn’t help being bored when she heard her talking to herself in this pretentious tone, but watching Xiao Yuhan try to suppress her dislike in front of her, “Everyone is a classmate, so we just don’t care about each other in the future. “

Okay, will we two be good friends from now on?” Rong Linger immediately took her hand, blinked at Bai Qingyue, with a look of expectation on her face.

Bai Qingyue wanted to get rid of her hand almost immediately, but still tried to pretend to be polite, drew her hand out of her hand, and smiled: “I and all my classmates are friends. But if you’re a good friend, I’m telling you that if you treat you as a good friend, you don’t believe it. You should fill in the

registration form first. In the registration form, I looked at Xiao Yuhan pitifully, “Professor Xiao, Bai Qingyue still seems to dislike me very much. I want to be good friends with her, but she doesn’t care about me too much.”

“She didn’t mean that. She was telling the truth. Didn’t you two have conflicts before? Now suddenly you will be uncomfortable to be friends. You should sign up first. In the future, if you two get along a lot, she will naturally Treating you as a good friend.”

Xiao Yuhan rarely spoke for Bai Qingyue. Rong Ling’er felt threatened even more after hearing what he said, no way! Bai Qingyue must have used some tricks in private, maybe she ran to hook up Professor Xiao while she was away.

She really has a scheming plan, so money is not enough, she has to hook up this hook and that, is it not enough to have so much money to hold?

Rong Ling’er held the pen’s hand tightly together, wishing to break the pen directly, she must win Xiao Yuhan over and make Bai Qingyue a bad person in his mind.


“Ah!” Xiao Su’er heard Xiao Wang’s heartbreaking cry from the phone, and she shouted into the phone: “Mengbao, where have you been? Why can’t my mother find it in the whole house? you? ” “

Do not call! you son in my hands, if you want him to live good lives, then remember to take the money to redeem him, rest assured, I will not be murdered, I just map earnings. “

phones which came A strange man’s voice was heard, and his voice was very mellow, a voice that Xiao Su’er had never heard before.

“You kidnapped my son? You don’t want to live, do you? I warn you, don’t move him.”

Xiao Su’er was scared again, and worried about the incoherent threats on the phone, “If you dare to hurt my son, I promise the whole The world can’t tolerate you, I decided I will divide you into five pieces.”

“You can make it clear, your son is in my hands. Didn’t you hear him screaming just now? Do you want to listen to it again…” The

call paused. After two seconds, there was another heart-piercing cry, “Ah! Mom! Mom!”

“Don’t move him, don’t hurt him, I will give you what you want, what you want!” Xiao Su’er momentarily Panic, dare not say any more threats and can only beg for mercy.

“Don’t you know exactly what I want? I just want money. You bring the money and redeem him by yourself. I can guarantee that he is safe and sound. If I can’t see the money, you know the consequences!”

After saying this on the other side of the phone, she hung up the phone without giving Xiao Su’er time to respond. She yelled at the mobile phone helplessly, “Don’t move my son, don’t move him, or I will kill you. !”

But it was destined not to hear any more voices on the phone, she eagerly dialed the number again, no one answered, only the endless echo.

Xiao Su’er was in a hurry like an ant on a hot pot, but there was no other way. She could only prepare the ransom demanded by the other party, and rush to the designated place with all the money anxiously.

But the other party demanded that the ransom must be cash, and didn’t want to be found by the bank. After Xiao Su’er took the huge suitcase filled with all the cash, she almost couldn’t walk with the suitcase, and fell straight down the stairs.

“Ah!” She screamed and wanted to hold the thing next to her, stretched out her hand to hold the sheets, sat up from the bed, and looked at the familiar room around her and panted with sweat. It turned out to be a dream!

But she turned over and got out of the bed without taking her breath, and ran towards Xiao Wang’s room, shouting as she ran, “Mengbao, Mengbao, are you there?”

Xiao Wang lay on the bed sleeping soundly, and suddenly heard Xiao Su’er. He woke him up immediately with that kind of horrified cry. He jumped up from the bed and opened the door of the room, and saw Xiao Su’er rushing into the room. After seeing him, he held him tightly in his arms. Holding tightly, he was a little breathless.

“What’s wrong with you, mom? I’m so uncomfortable.”

Xiao Su’er heard his words and lightened a little, but still did not let go of him, muttering to herself, “Fortunately! Fortunately, you are fine.”

“Mom, you What’s wrong? Why is she sweating all over?” Xiao Wang looked at Xiao Su’er sweating profusely, and picked up his sleeve to help her wipe the sweat.

Xiao Su’er looked down at the sensible child in her arms and felt relieved a lot, but the tension in the dream just now lingered. She reminded Xiao Wang again and again, “Mengbao! You can’t run around in the future, you know? You have to do it anytime, anywhere. Do you know if your mother can find it?”