Chapter 928 Parent-child Games

Chapter 928 Parent-Child Games

“Mom, where can I go? Whenever you want to call me, I will always have my phone on.” Xiao Forgotten did not understand why Xiao Su’er was so scared, but Still comforting her sensibly.

“I know! I know you won’t run around, but mom just had a dream. I dreamed that you were gone, so mom was very scared.”

Xiao Su’er hugged her tightly, still dominated by the fear in the dream.

“Mom, don’t be afraid. I can guarantee that I will never run around. I will be obedient.”

Xiao Wang hugged Xiao Su’er and gently patted her on the back, as if the characters of two people had fallen over. Parents, and Xiao Suer is the same as a child.

“Huh…” Xiao Su’er panted heavily and gradually calmed down and looked at Xiao Wang. “Sorry, mom, I disturbed you. You can’t sleep well. I wake you up in the middle of the night and go! Go to sleep. “

Xiao Suer carried Xiao Wang to the bed. She sat next to her and gently patted Xiao Wang’s quilt, singing a sleeping song to coax him to sleep. She is not sleepy at all, just want to look at her own child, dreaming That feeling is too real, and she doesn’t know why she has such a dream. She only knows that she can’t really experience the scene in the dream, otherwise she will definitely collapse.

This is the child she got back for her life! When she was pregnant, she was in a bad mood, because Bo Qingang’s affairs were scribbled and went overseas, and because of the sequelae during the explosion, she was unable to eat well during her pregnancy, so she has been thinking of ways to restore her body. , But a pregnant woman can’t take medicine and can only take food tonic.

But everyone knows that no matter how high the nutritional value is, those foods cannot replace drugs to nourish the body. His body can be said to be very weak. She almost had an accident when she gave birth, and she was still bleeding heavily when she was weak.

Although Xiao Shuo was superb in medical skills, he still couldn’t accompany his daughter when he gave birth. He could only rush around outside the delivery room and command remotely.

However, it is useless to produce this kind of thing, even if the medical skills are wise, it depends on the mother’s own physical fitness to a large extent.

Xiao Shuo didn’t know what kind of willpower she had to support. She only knew that the moment she saw Xiao Shuo, she felt that all the suffering was worth it.

So in her mind, everything is not important anymore. Xiao Wang is the most important. The two of them are mother and child connected by an umbilical cord whose blood is thicker than water. As long as she can take good care of herself and her children That’s enough, she doesn’t care about other things.

Xiao Su’er watched him slowly fall asleep next to Xiao Wang, and the sound of steady breathing came. She felt that this was the most beautiful sound in the world. The sound of her son falling asleep next to her made her feel good. Peace of mind.

Turning her head and looking out the window, the bright moon hung in the sky, knowing that it was late at night, but she didn’t have any sleepiness at all, she just wanted to look at her child soberly.

When Xiao Shuo got up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom on the first floor, he passed by Xiao Wang’s bedroom and saw the light coming from inside. He quietly opened the door with some curiosity, thinking that he would see his grandson Jiong Jiong sitting in front of the computer knocking. The keyboard, after all, he has seen this scene many times in a row, but he did not expect to see his daughter sitting by the bed.

“Su’er, why don’t you sleep in the middle of the night?” Xiao Shuo walked into the room and looked at her strangely.

“Dad!” Xiao Su’er stood up and looked at him, “I just had a dream, and I felt a little scared and came to watch Mengbao. Why are you still not sleeping?”

“I got up at night, but I saw Mengbao’s room light still When it’s on, I said I just walked over and took a look. I didn’t expect to see you. What dreams did I have?”

Xiao Shuo could see that Xiao Su’er was over-frightened, his face was pale, and his head was sweating. It was very wrong!

“It’s nothing! Maybe it’s because I’m too tired recently, so I started dreaming, now I’m much better, and I’m ready to go back to sleep, so go back to sleep.”

Xiao Su’er pushed Xiao Shuo out of Xiao Wang’s room, and Xiao Shuo turned to look. He said, “By the way, it will be your mother’s death jealousy in two days. Let’s go to her grave for a moment! It just so happened that you brought Mengbao back and you probably haven’t visited your mother’s grave.”

They found it at first. When Katharina was in her lair, I found a lot of her experimental diaries, and learned about the time of Ang Qingqiu’s death. When overseas, at this time every year, they would continue their traditional habits here, making a large table of food and cooking. Worship with paper money.

I finally returned to China mainland this year. Of course, I was going to the grave to worship. At that time, Old Man Ang thought about moving Ang Qingqiu’s grave overseas. After all, she grew up overseas, and her family is overseas. .

But Xiao Su’er refused directly. She knew that her mother would not want to go overseas. This was the place where he and Xiao Shuo met and loved each other, and she would definitely want to stay here.

This is also one of the reasons why Xiao Suer came back, wanting to return to the place where there is a mother.

“I haven’t taken him there, just take him there in two days.” Xiao Su’er turned and looked into the bedroom, Xiao Wang still sleeping soundly.

“Then you go to sleep, don’t think about it anymore.” Xiao Shuo patted her on the back.

“I see, Dad.” Xiao Su’er went back to the room, still feeling restless while lying on the bed, always feeling that the dream was real as if she had experienced it personally. She also often dreamed, but she had never dreamed that way. Point.

She was puzzled, and in the end she could only shake her head violently, “It’s just a dream, Xiao Su’er! Don’t you think it’s true?”

Xiao Wang always takes it to kindergarten by himself every day, and then goes back after work. After receiving it, the kindergarten teacher will always guard him, especially after the last incident, the kindergarten teacher is eager to watch Xiao Wang 24 hours a day, absolutely nothing will happen!

She persuaded herself to pull over the quilt and cover her head, forcing herself to stop thinking about it.

the next day.

When eating breakfast, Xiao Su’er looked at Xiao Wang and remembered the dream of last night, staring at him uncontrollably.

“Sister, what are you doing? Keep staring at Mengbao, this is your own son, don’t you know him?” Xiao Yuhan looked at her with strange eyes.

“What nonsense, how could I not recognize him, my son is so cute, can’t I just look at it more?” Xiao Su’er withdrew his gaze.

“That’s right! Mom, is our kindergarten holding a sports meeting or a parent-child sports meeting? If you want your parents to participate, you must remember to come over.” Xiao Wang held a slice of bread and looked at Xiao Su’er.

“When is the sports meeting?”

“Do you have time for this afternoon’s sports meeting, mom?”

“Afternoon? Why didn’t you say it earlier?” Xiao Su’er thought about it carefully. It seems that there is no patient who has an appointment. It is no problem to ask for a leave. .