Chapter 929 Chapter Private Birth

Chapter 929 Bastard

“I forgot to say when I saw my mother being so busy these past two days. I suddenly remembered today, mother, do you have time to come over? If not, let Grandpa come over.”

Xiao Wang looked at Xiao Shuoman as he spoke. face look, Xiao Shuo also immediately agreed, “no problem! accompany my grandson to participate in the games, which is more than a good thing, plain child, if you can not make fake not spent, I’ll go Meng treasure.”

“Please If you can’t leave, you have to ask! This is my son’s first sports meeting back to China mainland. How can he not participate in it? Must go!”

Xiao Suer sent a text message to the director of the clinic directly, and put his mobile phone away regardless of whether he agreed or not. , Arrived at the school on time during the afternoon Xiao Wang school sports meeting.

But what Xiao Su’er didn’t expect was that someone actually came earlier than her, and only after stopping the car, she heard two people walking forward quickly while discussing enthusiastically.

“Hurry up, Weiwei mother gave me a message, saying that thin little over there, a rare ah! Also difficult to see than the star, we will soon see a.” “Say

is ah, since two months thin Shao didn’t accept interviews anymore, and their company released a message saying that Bo Shao would never appear in any media in the future. It is estimated that he will never see him again. Take this opportunity to take a look.”

“I’m a little curious. Today is the kindergarten parent-child sports meeting. How did Young Bo come back? Is it possible that he has an illegitimate child?”

“What is an illegitimate child? When I was interviewed over the years, I have always said that he has a girlfriend? Maybe when he will be promoted to a wife. It’s just that we don’t know.”

Xiao Su’er listened to the conversation between the two people and walked quickly along with them. How could Bo Qingang come? When she usually asked Xiao Wang to play the piano, it was enough to get along with Bo Qingang. Xiao Wang even called Bo Qingang to participate in their parent-child sports meeting. This is not equivalent to announcing to the entire Chinese mainland, Is he the son of Bo Qingang?

Thinking about this, Xiao Su’er always felt a little bored in her heart. She didn’t want to let others know Xiao Wang’s identity, because if that was the case, no matter what Xiao Wang did in the future, she would be involved with Bo Qingang. Bo Qingang would be forcibly pulled together by a large number of netizens, she didn’t want this.

And how could Xiao Wang call him to this sports meeting on his own terms? Without discussing with himself, this child is becoming less and less reassuring.

Xiao Su’er came to the classroom, just in time to see Bo Qingang and Xiao Wang sitting together. The two figures were talking about a happy topic and they looked at each other and smiled. Xiao Wang’s mouth was a child-specific smile. Seeing his teeth but not seeing his eyes, Bo Qing’ang’s face was a faint smile with the brilliance of his father’s love.

The two people seemed to be drawn in a circle, so that all the parents subconsciously sat a little farther away from them, and left the two people in that corner. There was no one around.

Xiao Su children took a deep breath walked up and stood beside a thin pour Aung asked, “Why did you come? Today is the parent-child games!”

“Is indeed the parent-child games, so I will come, but I heard today’s sports projects There are many things that require running. It is not convenient for you to wear high heels. Of course, I still have to be my father.”

Bo Qingang looked at her as it should be, and didn’t think it was inappropriate for him to come here.

“Bo Shao, have you forgotten your own identity now? In everyone’s eyes, you are a person who has not yet been married, and now suddenly has a child of this age, are you not afraid that he will be called an illegitimate child? No? How will he live a good life then, I guess he will be thrown eggs wherever he goes.”

This is where Xiao Suer feels most angry. She doesn’t want her son to be called an illegitimate child so badly, she protects Xiao Wang. The protection is so good that it can’t be ruined by a parent-child sports meeting. So many parents present have seen Bo Qingang. No one in the entire China mainland does not know him. She can still see him. Someone is quietly watching him. Touching the phone to take pictures.

“I have already told the principal of the kindergarten that their parent-child sports meeting is just a private project held by the kindergarten and will not be placed on their school’s official website. As for these parents, I have already said that sneak shots are the same thing. Go back and appreciate it for yourself. It’s best not to put it on the Internet, and don’t have any way to go out.”

“Otherwise, the entire China Continent will not tolerate him. As for the children in the school, if anyone dares to make irresponsible remarks to Xiao Wangg, I It is estimated that his parents do not want his children to get better.”

Bo Qingang took all the issues that Xiao Su’er was worried about into consideration. After saying this, Xiao Su’er didn’t know what to do, so she could only stand still and watch. Hold him.

Xiao Wang immediately jumped off the stool and took her hand. “Mom, don’t be angry. I called Dad to come. You see that other classmates are accompanied by Dad and Mom. I also want my Dad and Mom to accompany me. Don’t be angry, okay?”

Xiao Wang has clarified Xiao Su’er’s mentality. Such a pitiful tone and a somewhat aggrieved expression made Xiao Su’er instantly change his heart, and he was not willing to follow him anymore. He is angry.

Take a closer look. There are indeed many parents in the classroom. Most of the children are attended by two parents. It is not too demanding that he wants his parents to be with him.

“Okay! Mom is not angry, because my mother is not thoughtful enough. It is indeed much better for your father to be with you.” Xiao Suer sat next to Xiao Wang and noticed that today’s Bo Qingang was specially dressed in sportswear. I chose gray sportswear that was the same color as Xiao Wang’s clothes.

Bo Qingang felt his gaze turn his head, the two eyes met in the air, and Xiao Su’er immediately turned his head and avoided.

Xiao Wang sat between the two people, glanced left and right, and finally snickered. The reason why the two of them couldn’t explain clearly was because Xiao Suer didn’t have the opportunity to explain to Bo Qingang, and the two people spent time together. No, I can’t say a few words, as long as I keep giving them two opportunities to get along, I can always explain clearly.

Thinking about this, Xiao Wang gave a few praises to his intelligence. Who said that he just can play on the computer, he is also very smart in other aspects.

“Hello everyone, parents, our sports meet will begin soon, please follow me to the playground.” The teacher came to the classroom.