Chapter 930 Single mother

Chapter 930

All the parents and students of single mothers came to the playground with the teacher. Many levels have been laid out. Of course, the parent-child sports games in kindergartens cannot be compared with the sports games in middle and high schools. Most of them are relatively simple events. Examples include: sticking noses, ants moving beans, relay races.

“Next will be the first project, the parent-child relay race. Parents only need one parent to complete the race with the children.” The

teacher announced the start of the race, Xiao Suer was about to step forward, and Bo Qingang stopped him. She said, “Let me come to the event that you want to run and jump. You are waiting next to see Xiao Wang and I get back a championship for you.”

“You…” Xiao Su’er wanted to reach out and stop him, but felt his This sentence seemed to touch a certain string in her heart, watching him and Xiao Wang bring him a championship back? Father and son make a concerted effort to cut money? This was the first sentence that popped out of Xiao Su’er’s mind.

Thinking about this, she sat back in her position and waited for Xiao Wang and Bo Qingang to compete with other parents.

Although it was only a kindergarten parent-child activity, Bo Qingang was also the most brilliant one. No matter what the project, he cooperated with Xiao Wang tacitly. He was so fast that he won one project after another.

Xiao Suer looked at the two of them so heart-warming, she was in a daze. These years she took Xiao Wang overseas and had never contacted Bo Qingang, even if the two of them would secretly take advantage of Xiao Wang’s piano playing every weekend. Meet and chat, and get along at most for an hour or two. How can it be enough to cultivate such a strong tacit understanding?

Or is blood thicker than water? Blood relationship is really the most mysterious and inseparable relationship!

She sat in the position and watched Bo Qingang and Xiao Wang moving with smiles, and the corners of her mouth shook up an arc subconsciously. In fact, such a scene was also quite eye-catching. It turned out that he was also looking forward to seeing Xiao Wang and his father happy. Picture.

Some things are irreplaceable, and even if enough maternal love is given to him, they can’t completely replace father’s love.

Xiao Su’er’s gaze followed Bo Qing’ang and Xiao Wang, but she saw a woman dressed in fashion and stepping on high heels, walking to Bo Qing’ang with water and handing it to him.

“You are so amazing. Every event is the number one. It seems that you are the absolute champion of this parent-child games. Take a drink.” The

woman stared at Bo Qingang with a decisive look, and the look in her eyes was already obvious. Seeing more with this kind of vision, Bo Qingang knew what she meant, and did not pick up his water, but walked to Xiao Su’er with Xiao Wang in his arms.

“Mom, you think my father is so amazing. He is number one in so many projects. Our classmates envy me so much. They are all

showing thumbs to me.” Xiao Wang happily looked at Xiao Su’er. Now he and one There is no difference between four-year-old children, and they will feel proud and happy because other children praise their parents.

“Really? That’s good. At that time, I will win a trophy for my mother and put it at home.” Xiao Su’er hugged Xiao Wang and handed her the water bottle, but she didn’t care about it at all.

Xiao Wang drank two sips of water after holding the water glass and saw Bo Qingang standing aside, with a slight sweat leaking from his forehead, and immediately handed him the water glass, “Dad, you can drink a little too.”

Bo Qingang took it. After drinking two big sips of water from the water cup, Xiao Wang immediately pursed his mouth and looked at Xiao Su’er somewhat unhappily, “Mom, why don’t you bring a little more water, it’s not enough for me, and Dad is thirsty.”

“I’m thirsty today . I don’t even know that he is coming. Have you ever told me? How would I know to bring him water?” Xiao Su’er said with a bad tone, and she knew that she was in a bad mood right now.

Xiao Forgotten her mouth, she didn’t know what happened to Xiao Su’er all of a sudden, she was already healed just now when she came out of the classroom, didn’t she? Why are you angry again?

Bo Qingang was a little upset when he heard Xiao Su’er’s words. He knew Xiao Su’er would be unhappy, but he didn’t expect that even if it was facing his son, he would not conceal her dislike for him.

Because of Xiao Su’er’s words, the three people instantly fell into an inexplicable awkward atmosphere.

“Hello, are you Xiao Wang’s mother? I’m the mother of her classmate, and my name is He Lin!”

In the embarrassing atmosphere of the three people, the woman who just gave Bo Qingang water floated quietly. Coming over, she introduced herself to Xiao Su’er with a face full of peach blossoms.

As the saying goes, not to hit the smiling face, Xiao

Su’er can’t be too much, even if she is in a bad mood, she can only answer her with a smile, “Hello!” Our daughter, only my mother is here, and his father hasn’t wanted to

care about her since the divorce.” He Lin looked at Xiao Su’er enviously and sighed, “You are so blessed to have such a good husband.”

“You misunderstood. , I have nothing to do with him, and now he is not my husband.” Xiao Su’er heard her words and immediately dismissed the relationship between herself and Bo Qingang in anger.

She really can’t figure it out. Although Bo Shao’s name is not to be ignored in China Mainland, it is now a parent-child sports meeting. He and Xiao Wang participate in these games together, which has shown that he is a person with a family. Why is there still a woman who came over and took the initiative to give him water.

Even if it is a single mother, Xiao Su’er still feels uncomfortable in her heart, just wanting to clear the relationship in front of Bo Qing’ang.

When He Lin heard Xiao Su’er say this, her eyes lit up, and she took Xiao Su’er’s hand and looked at Bo Qingang with some caution, and asked in a low voice, “So, even if he is dating other women now, you don’t care? “

Of course I don’t mind.” Xiao Suer still responded coldly.

He Lin almost jumped up happily when he heard this, and took Xiao Su’er’s hand and kept saying thanks, “Thank you, thank you, I know.”

“No.” Xiao Su’er frowned, her expression unhappy. Withdrawing his hand from his hand, he deliberately sat further away from him.

But He Lin had already got the answer she wanted, and she didn’t care about her reaction at all. Instead, she rubbed directly next to Bo Qingang and began to introduce it enthusiastically.

“Bo Shao! My name is He Lin, and my daughter is that little girl! She and Xiao Wang have a good relationship in the kindergarten, and often go home and tell me that they have a very smart classmate in their class. It seems Xiao Wang should be Inherit your IQ, look cute and smart.”

She wanted to win the relationship between the two through the children of the two families, but she didn’t expect Bo Qingang to ignore what she said to her and ignore her at all.

Bo Qingang had already heard Xiao Suer’s words just now, but she didn’t expect that she would say so bluntly that she didn’t care about interacting with other women in front of outsiders.