Chapter 931 I’m jealous

Chapter 931 I

‘m Jealous. Doesn’t she matter at all in her heart, she doesn’t have a place at all? Wouldn’t she be jealous when she sees others being so close to herself?

Bo Qingang felt bored in his heart. He didn’t want to pay attention to He Lin in front of him. He ran to the side with Xiao Wang in his arms, “Let’s go! Xiao Wang, the two of us are going to draw a lottery over there.” There

are many activities in the kindergarten. There are not only competition events, but also lottery events. You can play for a full afternoon without repetition. Since Xiao Su’er doesn’t want to see him, then he should stay away from her and push other women to him. It’s good for myself.

Bo Qingang took Xiao Wang to the side, leaving Xiao Su’er alone. She wanted to stand up and follow the two of them, but seeing He Lin following him step by step, she sat back in her original position, but she couldn’t influence his peach blossom luck. , Bo Qingang will never lack women by his side, but how many big names dare to haunt him so bold?

Maybe this He Lin really has a relationship with him, and it’s pretty good for two people to be together. It just so happens that He Lin already has a daughter, so he just likes to be a father if she marries her! There is no need to worry about other things at all.

The more she thought about this, the more angry Xiao Su’er became. She completely ignored the sourness that slowly rose in her heart, and drowned her whole person.

She was sulking on this side, while Bo Qingang tirelessly over there, facing He Lin from beginning to end with a cold face, but He Lin brought her daughter over and squatted on Bo Qingang and Xiao Wang’s. By his side, the two children are indeed in a very good relationship.

Her daughter also looked cute and cute, and Bo Qingang couldn’t face his classmate’s mother in front of Xiao Wang’s anger, she could only hold back her breath, and her face was indifferent.

“Bo Shao, you see that there is a parent-child competition over there, two people have three legs, how about we going to compare? See if you and your son or me and my daughter have a tacit understanding?”

He Lin stretched out her hand and wanted to pull Bo Qingang. With sleeves, Bo Qingang avoided her and said in a deep voice, “We are boys and can’t bully girls. You can find a parent with a daughter to accompany you to compare.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just a three-legged match The competition is not very difficult. The main thing is to test the tacit understanding. You can see that there is no one hundred meters, and there are other parents who compare boys to girls. It’s okay, let’s go! Let’s go together and forget if you want to go?”

He Lin looked at Bo Qingang unmoved, turned to Xiao Wangxian and looked at each other eagerly. Xiao Wang had originally wanted to refuse, but he clearly saw that Xiao Su’er’s eyes had changed when he looked at it.

She knew that she was in a bad mood right now, and she had to move the boat along the water to make her realize that he still had a father in his heart. Thinking about this, Xiao Wang nodded and agreed, “Wow, let’s go to the game.”

He just wanted to. Let Xiao Su’er feel positive about her feelings and make her jealous, then her parents will be able to reconcile themselves.

Xiao Wang pulled Bo Qingang to the starting point of the two-person three-legged match. Bo Qingang squatted down and tied his left foot and Xiao Wang’s right foot with a red line. He Lin next to him also tied herself with a line. And the daughter’s feet, and deliberately murmured a few words beside her.

“Okay, ready to start.” The teacher ordered from the side. He Lin took her daughter and walked forward. The tacit understanding between father and son was obvious, and the two of them were almost at the end in a blink of an eye.

He Lin rolled her eyes and walked quickly to the finish line, but pretended to be tripped by her daughter, and fell directly to the finish line, shedding her skin instantly when she put her hands on the ground.

She sat on the ground looking at Bo Qingang pitifully, “Bo Shao, you see I am injured, can you send me to the infirmary of their school for a bandage? If I am seriously unable to go to work, our family will collapse. My daughter is still waiting. I’m going to work to support her.”

She wanted to create a strong and independent image of a woman in front of Bo Qingang. After all, she had another child at her age. She must be no better than those young girls, so she can only find another way. Now, since Shao Bo already has children, he will definitely consider his own children when looking for a partner, and will find him a virtuous stepmother, right?

Bo Qingang looked at her condescendingly, and couldn’t hide the boredom in his eyes. He even wanted to kick her away with a kick, but he held it back and kept the demeanor he should have in front of the child.

“Mom, are you okay? Xiao Wang, can you ask your father to send my mother to the infirmary?” He Lin’s daughter didn’t understand what her mother was playing. She was simply worried and heard her mother begging for help. Qing Ang, please follow her words to Xiao Wang.

Xiao Wang was also a little embarrassed when she heard what she said. He is smarter than ordinary children, but it does not mean that all children are smart. He can see at a glance that this aunt is seduce his father, but his classmates can’t tell. He couldn’t say it directly, he could only look at Xiao Su’er embarrassedly.

Xiao Su children not far away to see Xiao forgot help the eyes, thought, or walked beside him down and asked, “how, Meng treasure?”

“Mom, aunt had just injured when the game fall, to Otherwise, you can send her to the infirmary. Dad sent her to the infirmary. It’s really not very good.”

Xiao Wang thought of a way to get the best of both worlds and asked Xiao Suer to send He Lin to the infirmary to solve her injury problem perfectly without letting her Bo Qingang was angry.

Bo Qingang glanced at He Lin. She was still sitting on the ground, but when she saw Xiao Su’er coming over, she immediately stood up from the ground, and quickly shook her head to refuse, “No, how could I be so heavy to make a girl? Send me to the infirmary? Miss Xiao looks so young and so thin, she must be unable to help me, Shao! You should send me.”

He Lin took it for granted that Bo Qingang and Xiao Su’er are already divorced. That’s why Xiao Su’er would not respond to him, even if a woman approached him, she would not be angry.

In this case, she must learn to take the initiative to attack, and use this opportunity to let Bo Qingang see herself. Not only will she be able to rise to the top, but her daughter will no longer have to suffer with her in the future.

It was precisely because of this thought in her heart that she dared to blatantly hook up with Bo Qing in front of Xiao Su’er.

Xiao Su’er heard her say this, closed her mouth and did not answer her. After all, people were not asking herself. Bo Qingang saw her coming, and He Lin asked him so straightforwardly. He simply turned his head and looked at Xiao Su’er. “What do you think? Would you like me to send her to the infirmary?”

Xiao Su’er heard him ask this. Although she was angry, she couldn’t express it directly. She could only answer coldly, “This is your business, off. What’s wrong with me?”

“I ask if you agree, I will send her to the infirmary.” Bo Qingang asked again.