Chapter 932 Seduce

Chapter 932 seduce

“Agree!” Xiao Su’er replied with an aggrieved tone. She didn’t know why Bo Qingang had to ask her, as if she was deliberately pissing off her, and she couldn’t show her unwillingness in front of him. willing.

Bo Qingang sneered when she heard her categorically unthinking words, “Oh…ok, I’ll take her there!”

Putting down these words, he took He Lin’s wrist and quickly walked towards the infirmary. In the direction, He Lin could only step on the heels of high-heeled shoes. She had pretended to faint just now. There was no problem with her legs, but her hands were broken and she was able to keep up with Bo Qing’s footsteps.

Her daughter saw that her mother was taken away and immediately wanted to follow up, but He Lin turned her head and shook her head gently, and said with her mouth: Wait on the spot!

The little girl immediately stopped when she saw her mother’s mouth. The playground was full of classmates and teachers, so there was no need to worry about danger. She thought to herself that it should be her mother who didn’t want to make herself too tired and ran to the audience. Sitting.

But only He Lin knew in her heart that she just didn’t want her daughter to see herself hooking up with men. After all, her daughter was still young, and no matter how jerk she was, she still values ​​her daughter’s education.

And Xiao Suer stood there, watching Bo Qing’ang’s back grow further and further away, but there was no response at all, but she was unwilling to withdraw her gaze for a long time, and kept following him farther and farther.

Xiao Wang kept standing next to Xiao Su’er to accompany her, until Bo Qingang’s back disappeared from his sight, he turned his head to look at Xiao Su’er, and asked cautiously, “Mom, are you jealous? Dad is taking the other aunts away. a. ” “

my business, I’m not jealous, he he I am me, I told you, though he is your father, but now I have no relationship. “

Xiao Su children to hear his son’s problems He withdrew his gaze and pretended to be indifferent.

Listening to his words, Xiao Wang squashed his mouth secretly, “How can my mother be inconsistent? She cares so much in her heart, but she still has to pretend not to care and not to be tired? These adults are really saying one thing and doing another thing. Is it true that all adults are like this, and they dare not even do what they think in their hearts.”

But Xiao Su’er was dubious, but he couldn’t let her be like this, otherwise she and Bo Qingang would only go further and further, and must have Exercise your smart heads and create opportunities for the two of them.

Thinking of this, Xiao Wang suddenly grabbed his stomach and squatted on the ground. “Mom, my stomach hurts so much. I came to school this morning and drank a few sips of cold water. Are you sick? Can you take me to the infirmary?”

Xiao Su’er It hurts to see him in pain, but it always feels too coincidental. Did he do it on purpose?

Thinking like this, she squatted down and looked at Xiao Wang, “Mengbao, you look at your mother! Do you really have a stomachache or deliberately want me to send you to the infirmary and let me stay with Bo Qingang? “

Mom, how can you think of me that way? I really have a stomachache, it hurts! Will you send me to the hospital? Even if you don’t send me, you should at least find a painkiller for me. “

Xiao Wang’s eyes were red in an instant, as if he had been wronged a lot.

Seeing her look like this, Xiao Su’er didn’t delay anymore, picked him up and ran to the infirmary, regardless of whether he did it on purpose, if something happened to the child, she would definitely blame herself.

at the same time.

He Lin in the infirmary was sitting at the table, the school doctor rubbed red potion on the wound on her hand, and the school doctor’s face was helpless, this wound! If you come a little later, you will be cured.

But thinking like this in my heart, I couldn’t say it in public. I could only hold it in my heart. After quickly putting red potion on her, she was told to leave with a few words, but He Lin held her head and said: “Doctor, I Can you sit here for a while longer, I feel that this day is a bit hot, I seem to be a bit of heatstroke, the sun outside is too big, if I go out, I will probably be more serious.”

“Yes! If you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay .” Go inside and lie down. There are still a few beds here.” The

school doctors are very professional. Even in the face of such an unreasonable patient, they still maintain their due politeness and point to her inside. The hospital beds and the medical rooms of the international kindergarten are like hospitals. You can see common diseases here, even infusion and injections.

After He Lin got the answer she wanted, she smiled and pulled Bo Qingang’s sleeve, “Bo Shao, you accompany me to sit inside, I’m so boring, you chat with me, the two of us pay I can share my experience of bringing a baby.”

Seeing her pulling his sleeves, Bo Qingang subconsciously wanted to throw her away, but out of the corner of his eyes he saw two figures approaching not far away, Xiao Su’er’s shadow, no matter how far away he could recognize it. When she came out and saw him coming, she immediately suppressed the idea of ​​opening He Lin, but nodded and said, “I will accompany you in and sit inside.”

“Okay!” Seeing Bo Qingang, He Lin did not refute her. I thought that my strategy was successful. It seems that the young masters of these rich people are not the same, and they have never been able to resist women who take the initiative to give up!

She pulled Bo Qing’ang and sat in the back lounge. She also drew the curtains specially. The room was immediately darkened. Only her and Bo Qing’ang were alone.

Bo Qingang sat on the sofa and took out her mobile phone to look at the documents, and He Lin also sat beside Bo Qingang, deliberately creating an ambiguous atmosphere, her words were gentle and teasing, “Bo, do you know you are? I have seen the most handsome man, so attractive.”

Bo Qingang didn’t want to pay attention to her at all. No matter what she said, he flipped through the electronic files in his hands and didn’t look at her.

He Lin thought to herself that there are only two people here now, and she actually wants to pretend to be a gentleman. It’s true that she can only take the initiative and get close to Bo Qianran.

“Bo Shao, tell me what kind of woman you like. Do you like long hair or hot body?”

“I like people with self-knowledge in my heart.” Bo Qingang said in a tone. There is no emphasis or ups and downs, just mocking He Lin’s behavior without self-knowledge.

“Bo Shao, what do you mean by this? Self-knowledge means learning to take the initiative? Should you see your heart clearly?”

He Lin leaned on Bo Qing’s shoulder and put her hands on her. Got his wrist.

Xiao Su’er walked into the infirmary and saw that the curtains in the rest room at the back were tightly drawn. I don’t know why, there were scenes that shouldn’t have appeared in her mind instantly, and she couldn’t bear to move forward and opened it. curtain!