Chapter 933 Self-respect

Chapter 933 Self-respect

He Lin in the corner didn’t even notice that Xiao Su’er opened the curtains, she was still sharpening her head, and wanted Bo Qingang to notice her.

Fingers reached Bo Qingang’s chin and touched his chin, winking like silk, with a soft voice dripping, “Bo Qing, look at them! Do you not like the clothes they wear today, or not? Do you like the lipstick I use? You don’t even look at me.”

He Lin almost used the tone that a teenage girl would use, like a coquettish voice, people can’t help but get goosebumps. .

Bo Qingang raised her head and saw Xiao Su’er standing by the door. She stood there quietly, neither going forward nor back, or even saying a word, but both hands were clenched into fists. From her side, Bo Qingang knew she was jealous at a glance. The idea of pushing He Lin away was suppressed again, but instead she opened her mouth to answer her question.

“Your clothes and lipstick are very beautiful.” With

such a fluttering sentence, Bo Qingang just said casually, but in He Lin’s ears, as if she was giving her encouragement, she approached Bo Qing with a smile. Ang, the whole upper body is almost lying on his body.

“Bo Shao thinks other people’s lipsticks look good. My lipstick is scented. Shao Shao would like to try it.” He Lin tentatively approached as she talked. She thought she wanted to kiss Bo Qingang. Qing Ang might push her away, but he didn’t expect that he would not do anything at all, which gave He Lin a huge encouragement.

She immediately moved to Bo Qing’ang’s mouth, and her red lips were about to kiss Bo Qing’ang.

Bo Qingang seemed to be deliberate, completely unwilling to refuse, just sitting on the sofa like a puppet and letting He Lin do whatever he wanted, and a centimeter of He Lin’s lips would stick to her lips.


An unidentified object suddenly smashed over, and He Lin was smashed and the whole person fell backwards. After sitting firmly, she found that it was a pillow, but the intensity just hit it, like a brick leaping towards her face.

She felt dizzy and dizzy because of her being smashed. She picked up the pillow and looked at Xiao Su’er. She asked loudly, “Who is it? Why do you have no ethics like this? Do you want to kill me when the pillow is smashed?”

“Yes .” I smashed you deliberately to let you know how to write the word “self-respect.”

Xiao Su’er didn’t know why, but she was angry, as if she was going to burn her whole person. I just saw He Lin So close, when Bo Qingang hadn’t reacted, she felt that she had lost the ability to think in an instant, and could only follow her body to react.

The pillow closest to her was the pillow. She subconsciously picked up the pillow and smashed it. When she reacted, the pillow had already flown out, but she did it and she didn’t regret it. This woman does not know her self-respect. How should I write these two words? If you hug a man you meet for the first time, what good example can you set for your daughter?

“Aren’t you divorced with him? You have to take care of your ex-husband’s affairs after the divorce. Don’t go too far. Your family lives by the sea! You want to take

care of everything.” He Lin heard Xiao Suer’s righteous remarks. After teaching her a lesson, she immediately yelled at Xiao Su’er in dissatisfaction.


“You shut up, there is no place for you to speak!”

Bo Qing’ang coldly accused her, and He Lin was stunned. Just now because of Bo Qing’ang’s refusal to refuse, there was a little excitement. , For an instant it was like pouring down a pot of cold water, she looked at Bo Qingang incredulously, “Bo Shao, what do you mean?”

“I mean you are not qualified to talk about her, let alone teach here. She, who do you think you are? Get out of me!”

Bo Qingang finally had some emotions now, but it was not the excitement that He Lin thought, but just let her go when she looked at her.

He Lin became even more angry after hearing his self-blame, raising her index finger to swing back and forth between Bo Qing’ang and Xiao Su’er, and finally yelled uncontrollably.

“You two are sick, right? Especially you! Shameless? Both are divorced and dominate him. Since the two are so affectionate, why did you want to divorce in the first place? Was divorce fun? I guess it’s your rich people. Isn’t it a bad taste? Are you all out there to give each other a green hat? Now you feel that you have enough fun and want to go back to the other party? You…”


He Lin hasn’t finished her words yet, Bo Qingang’s slap is nowhere to be seen. She slapped her face without mercy, and stunned her. When she turned her head again, many bodyguards in black had already rushed into the infirmary.

These bodyguards followed Bo Qingang all day long, but they had been obediently by his side and did not speak. Under normal circumstances, they would not be too noticeable. They seemed to have been hiding outside the infirmary just now.

Now that he received Bo Qingang’s signal, he rushed into the infirmary and held He Lin on the left and right to drag her away. He Lin yelled unwillingly, “Bo Qing, what do you mean? Where do I do it? dissatisfaction? you’d say ah! you is for this divorced woman? you have already played, and still do care about her? “

He Lin has been crazy to gas, Koubuzeyan, but that she The words just hit Bo Qingang’s muzzle, and Bo Qing pointed at her angrily and yelled, “Take her to me right away. Don’t let her show up to me with such a dirty mouth. In front of him.”

“Yes!” Several bodyguards replied sharply, dragging He Lin out of the infirmary.

Xiao Su’er watched as she was dragged out of the infirmary, the door closed and closed, and finally calm in the infirmary recovered. She could feel Bo Qingang’s gaze watching her all the time. This hot gaze made people unable to ignore.

When Bo Qingang flew over from the pillow just now, he knew that Xiao Su’er still had him in her heart. Although she kept saying that the two people could no longer have any relationship, the series of actions just now have betrayed her, no matter how much she did. It’s useless to deny it, there is him in my heart.

With a slight smile at the corner of his mouth, he walked to Xiao Su’er, “Tell me, were you jealous just now?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, I won’t be jealous, what’s up to me?” Xiao Su’er subconsciously denied He, it seems that he doesn’t need to think about it anymore. When facing Bo Qingang, she subconsciously denies, rejects, and resists!

“Really? Then why did you stop her from kissing me just now? Why did you use a pillow to hit her, aren’t you jealous?” Bo Qingang hurriedly asked, just to make Xiao Su’er admit that she was jealous now. .

Xiao Su’er bit her lips tightly when she heard his question, not knowing how to answer.