Chapter 934 Ice cold poison relapses

Chapter 934 Frozen Poison Relapses

Bo Qingang, seeing her move, knows that Xiao Su’er is very conflicted in her heart now. She has never been a person who likes to escape. The style of being bold belongs to her. Now she must be very entangled. She knew she was jealous, but she didn’t want to admit that she couldn’t face this kind of self.

But the more Xiao Suer was like this, the more proud he was, because this was enough to prove that Xiao Suer had him in his heart.

Bo Qingang walked in front of her, so close that he could smell the faint scent of herbs on Xiao Suer’s body, he stopped and asked again, “Why do you want to do this?”

“I just said it, I just watched I’m not used to having a woman who doesn’t respect herself. She has a daughter. Will she educate her daughter like this in the future? Isn’t this harming the child?” Xiao Suer quickly found one, which looked very good in her eyes.

But for this reason, I felt a little funny in Bo Qingang’s ears, “Really? When did you become so fond of nosy? You have to control how others educate your daughter. You weren’t like that before. That’s right.”

Xiao Su’er never took care of nostalgia. Even if it was injustice, it was in a situation that she couldn’t stand. She would never take care of someone like her who had nothing to do with her.

“That was before! Is the current me still comparable to before? What you know is only the former me, not the current me.” Xiao Su’er just bitterly refused to admit it, but Bo Qingang saw her awkward look , I felt that she was too cute for a moment, even more cute than five years ago.

Five years ago, Xiao Suer dared to love and hate, dare to act, and she would say what she thought in her heart. Even on the day when the two of them confirmed their relationship, she thought of it and asked them in front of everyone. It’s not like Now I am obviously jealous in my heart, but I still have to refuse to admit it.

Bo Qingang looked at Xiao Su’er, the smile at the corners of her mouth became more and more obvious, step by step approaching her, Xiao Su’er watched Bo Qingang come over and stepped back subconsciously. The space in the infirmary was originally small, so she retreated to the wall within a few steps. Place.

Xiao Su’er looked at Bo Qingang who was blocking him with some embarrassment. Before he had time to speak and let him go away, Bo Qingang stretched out his hand directly against the wall next to Xiao Suer’s face, circled her in his arms, and looked down. I told her to speak slowly, “Su’er, whether it was before or now, you and you will never change.”

“I have changed, let me tell you! Don’t use your previous thinking to look at me now, let alone feel I’ll be jealous for you, who do you think you are?”

“Really? Then why did you come to the infirmary? Isn’t it just for fear of her plotting against me? Thank you for driving her away with a pillow, otherwise I would really be Dangerous.”

Bo Qingang said politely, with a playful smile on his lips.

“What are you narcissist talking nonsense? I came here because Mengbao said that his stomach hurts me…”

Xiao Su’er said and looked at the door, but she didn’t find Xiao Wang’s figure, and she immediately became anxious. , Pushed Bo Qingang away and went out but didn’t find Xiao Wangg. Only her and Bo Qingang were left in the entire infirmary.

“Where did this kid go? Didn’t I just say that my stomach hurts? It seems to be a lie to me.” Sometimes Xiao Su’er really feels helpless to her smart son, and it’s not good if her IQ is too high. My mother came here without any mercy.

She knows it now. Xiao Wang clearly didn’t have a stomachache just now, just to create a chance for herself and Bo Qingang to get along alone, this kid! Ugh……

“My son knows that the two of us should get along well. So, are you sure you plan to ignore me forever?” Bo Qingang ran to Xiao Su’er, closed the door of the infirmary, and turned his head to look. Xiao Su’er, in a good mood, he is ready to talk about his thoughts in the past five years.

“Go away, I want to go out! I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you, I’m going to find my son, I don’t know where he went.”

Xiao Su’er pushed Bo Qingang aside and wanted to grab the door, Ke Bo Qing Ang continued to stop in front of her, “You don’t want to be with me so much? Your son won’t have any trouble, you know she is so clever, this is in their school again.”

“Do you think I am you? You don’t care about your son at all, you didn’t grow up, so you don’t have feelings with him.” Xiao Su’er didn’t want to be alone with Bo Qingang in this kind of environment, it was too easy to remind her of the past.

“Who said that I have no feelings with my son. I am just fulfilling my son’s wish. His greatest wish is to hope that the two of us can reconcile and give him a healthy family. Shouldn’t you give him this suggestion? “

thin pour Ang hand resting on her shoulder, Xiao Su children frowned sideways to hide, and instantly turned Qinzhu a thin pour expensive, put his hands twisted behind his back,” what are you doing? Do all hands! “

these Xiao Su’er also learned a lot of abilities overseas, not only in medical skills, but also in her martial arts skills. Most people can’t beat her, but Bo Qingang, who has received professional militarization training, can definitely subdue her easily. , But Bo Qingang couldn’t bear to move her.

Xiao Su’er was a little angry, really wanting to throw Bo Qingang away and turn to leave, but saw him frowning and squatting down with a painful expression.

She was so frightened that she immediately let go of his hand, ran to his side and squatted down and asked, “What’s wrong with you? I didn’t hurt you just now? How could I hurt your physical fitness?”

Bo Qingang covered it. I closed my chest, bit my lip, almost squeezed out of my teeth, “It wasn’t that you hurt it, it was the poison of cold.”

“What? Didn’t the poison of cold have been solved five years ago? “

Xiao Su’er clearly remembered that the first time it happened was to untie Bo Qingang’s cold poison, didn’t she already untie it at that time? Why is he still suffering from the poison of ice cold after five years?

“I didn’t untie it. Maybe it was because you were always by my side five years ago and could have a restraining effect. After you disappeared in these five years, it got worse and worse, and I felt that my willpower was almost unable to hold it. “

Bo Qingang started to talk intermittently because of pain. She stretched out her hand to pull Xiao Su’er, but she hesitated, and finally she directly supported on the ground. The whole person was just rolling on the ground in pain. Xiao Su’er felt distressed instantly. What happened between the two people saddened her, just thinking about alleviating her pain quickly.

She forcefully pulled Bo Qingang into her arms, and kept comforting him, “It’s okay, I’ll give you relief here, I’m your medicine.”