Chapter 935 Dizzy pupils

Chapter 935 Dizzy Pupils

Xiao Su’er holding Bo Qingang, slowly moved to the bedside where Bo Qingang was resting in the infirmary, trying to make Bo Qingang lie down, but she just arrived at the bedside, but suddenly felt in her arms As soon as the person put her on the bed, she turned her head and met Bo Qing’s piercing eyes, and he couldn’t move her on the bed.

Bo Qingang had a tricky smile on his face. He looked at Xiao Su’er under him with triumph in his eyes. Xiao Su’er reacted instantly. He was just pretending to be the poison of ice and cold, and it was getting worse and worse. lie!

The cold poison had been completely resolved five years ago, and he didn’t blush even when he told a lie, it is estimated that the child inherited him.

Xiao Su’er became more and more angry as she thought about it, and reached out her hand to Bo Qingang’s chest, “Get out of the way! You big liar, I am still worried about you at a loss. If you want to be shameless, how can

you lie if you are such an adult ?” “I only lie to you .” People, and if I didn’t lie to you, would you be willing to stay?” Bo Qingang reached out and hooked Xiao Su’er’s waist, bringing her closer to herself, and the two of them instantly became inseparable.

Xiao Su’er pushed him away from a little bit of anger, but her strength was like a drop in the bucket here, and she didn’t have any effect at all.

“What are you doing? You let go, you do this again…”

“What do you want to do if I do this? Do you want to lose my temper? You can lose your temper anyway, just don’t hide from me, don’t ignore me. Now, as long as you say you can forgive me, I’m willing to do it! Five years, there are not many five years in life.”

Bo Qing’ang hugged her harder, his head pressed against her, his mouth pressed tightly. Holding her ears, Xiao Su’er could feel all the heat she exhaled into her cochlea.

She instantly felt the whole half of her body numb, and the whole person froze there, and she didn’t move anymore. There were indeed not many five years in her life, but some things could not be wiped out by time alone.

“Can you reverse time? Can you go back to five years ago? If not, everything you say now is useless.” Xiao Su’er tried to stabilize her emotions, staring blankly at the roof of the infirmary. Because life is irreversible, they can only be familiar strangers now.

“Why is it useless? With you, me and Xiao Wang, we are a complete family of three. As long as you are willing to open up, we will be the happiest family in the whole world.”

Bo Qingang raised his body slightly and pressed the tip of his nose against the tip of Xiao Su’er’s nose. The eyes of the two people almost fell out of the eye sockets and joined each other. At this distance, every pore on each other’s face could be clearly seen.

Two people are so close now, and they can feel each other’s body temperature through the clothes, is it still not warming her heart? Bo Qingang almost wanted to take his heart out so that Xiao Su’er could see clearly that there was only one person in his heart, and he had never changed. From the beginning to now and even in the future, it is impossible to accommodate other people.

Xiao Su’er looked at Bo Qing’ang’s eyes as if they were a deep pool, and his face was reflected in the pool. It seemed that Xiao Su’er looked at Bo Qing’ang’s eyes from this angle for the first time, and there seemed to be nothing in them except her. thing.

It was also the first time she knew that Bo Qingang’s eyes were so simple and beautiful, even more charming than those of some beautiful women.

The whole person couldn’t help being stunned, just looking at those eyes fixedly, as if there were thousands of galaxies inside.

Bo Qingang watched Xiao Su’er’s somewhat sluggish eyes. She is now very well-behaved and gentle, like a cat basking in the winter sun, softly bullied.

He slowly lowered his head tentatively, and the lips of the two people came together, and Xiao Su’er did not react at all, and was already intoxicated in his pupils.

What the two people didn’t know was that Xiao Wang, who was in the monitoring room at this time, saw all the interaction between the two people in his eyes, and almost jumped up excitedly.

He knew it was useful. As long as two people were locked in a room, the hidden emotions would be aroused when no one was around. Now, isn’t it successful? It seems that there is nothing wrong with the online tutorials, and the netizens on the Internet do not only tell some jokes! It can still be useful!

But this is not enough. He wants two people to completely clear up their previous suspicions, and live in the same house to become a family. But now this situation should be a bit difficult. It requires deeper contact and a thorough openness. Then What should I do?

Xiao Wang’s eyes rolled around, his fingers tapping on the table in the monitoring room. This was a sequelae of typing more keyboards. He always likes to tap his fingers quickly on the desktop when thinking.

This can bring him inspiration, and he immediately thought of a masterpiece.

Looking down at Xiao Su’er, who had already reacted on the monitor, she laughed happily, and muttered in a low voice, “Mom, don’t blame me!”

Xiao Su’er regained consciousness from her thin eyes, feeling The touch on his lips pushed him away immediately.

Bo Qingang was caught off guard and pushed to the side by her. Xiao Suer stood up and pointed at Bo Qingang on the bed, “You are really enough, stay away from me in the future! I will never let Mengbao go to the piano room to practice piano again.” , I will buy a piano, and ask the teacher to teach you two at home, and I won’t see each other every week.”

Bo Qingang was stunned on the bed. The contrast between before and after is really too big, he thought. Xiao Su’er accepted his kiss to accept him, why suddenly he reacted so fiercely and pushed him away.

“Su’er, why do you want to…”

“I was so dizzy just now that I forgot to push you away. I told you that it is impossible for the two of us. Some things are already printed there, like tattoos on the body. The tattoo is the same as that even if you use a machine to clean it, it will leave a mark.”

Xiao Suer ran out of the infirmary quickly. When she was immersed in Bo Qingang’s pupils, she thought a lot, but no matter what she thought, she always ended up Will go back to that moment of fear and loneliness, lying on the operating table, worrying that those people will get her baby out.

Bo Qingang said that now there are the two of them and Xiao Wang, it is the happiest family of three, hasn’t she thought about it? When she dreamed back in the middle of the night, they were all in a trance. If Bo Qingang was by her side now, she and Xiao Wanghui would be so happy, but she just couldn’t ignore the original things.

It turned out that those things were already engraved in her heart, even if she wanted to forget, she couldn’t forget.

“Su’er, listen to me telling you that back then…” Bo Qingang bounced up and chased out to explain what happened back then. He has already investigated clearly.