Chapter 936 You can’t do it

Chapter 936 It’s You,

But I didn’t expect that when he chased to the door, I realized that Xiao Suer had already run out of sight. She was running so fast in high heels. How much did she want to hide from him? It’s like hiding from a scourge!

She lowered her head and sighed helplessly, thinking that Xiao Su’er had already accepted him. I knew that I should use this time to explain to her clearly what happened in the past. I wasted another great opportunity, and I don’t know what will happen next time. when.

This time it was the son’s strength that was able to hold Xiao Su’er, and the next time he had no such good luck.

Bo Qingang sighed and said, “Oh, I’m really completely planted on Xiao Su’er.” In the

past five years, how many people thought of a way to send some women to his side, even Ouyang Luo was in the second year. Time couldn’t hold it anymore, and told him that Xiao Su’er might really be dead, and asked him to find another one.

Ouyang Luo even searched for a few people who were extremely similar in body and appearance to Xiao Su’er in order to help him out. He didn’t know whether it was really similar or whether he was forcing others to get plastic surgery. of.

But those women standing in front of Bo Qingang still made him uninterested, not at all, even though they were so alike, they still lacked the charm.

Especially when they collapsed on him flatteringly, it made him even more annoying, wishing to punch them to death.

In the past five years, he has been deeply aware of one thing. He will never see other women in his life except Xiao Su’er. He has reached the point where she must be her. If Xiao Su’er is not accompanied by Xiao Su’er, then he would rather be single for a lifetime. .

On the other side, Xiao Su’er ran all the way after leaving the infirmary, and when she arrived at the playground where the sports meeting had just been held, she slightly supported the wall and began to pant for rest.

Just now, she lost herself for a while, and she almost surrendered to Bo Qingang’s sweet words. Fortunately, she maintained the last bit of sanity. She suddenly wanted to slap herself to wake herself.

Xiao Wang also cautiously approached Xiao Su’er at this time, pulled her clothes corner with a hand, and whispered, “Mom, you are out.”

Xiao Su’er heard Xiao Wang’s tentative voice, angry and funny. Looking at him helplessly, “What are you doing? Why did you lie to me? You clearly don’t have a stomachache, and you want to take me to the infirmary, did you deliberately?” She held her son’s nose a little angrily Shook.

“Mom, you don’t blame me, do you? I just saw that aunt had bad intentions, and you saw it. She must be trying to seduce Dad. Even if you have no feelings for Dad, you have to go and help him. Ah! Being entangled by such an aunt will not have any good results.”

Xiao Wang had already figured out how he would answer if his mother questioned him. He smiled and told her that he had already prepared. Explanatory word.

“He won’t be entangled by others. A woman like that is trying to kill him by herself. It’s fine now! He didn’t seduce him, but was dragged out by him, and now I don’t know how to be dragged away by those bodyguards. What’s wrong, you guess you won’t see your classmate in class tomorrow.”

Xiao Su’er thought about it carefully. Since getting to know Bo Qingang, the women who tried to seduce him didn’t seem to end very well, one more than one. Ruthless, one of them just touched the corner of his clothes and he cut off his hands and sent him away. To become a slave overseas, the consequences are really disastrous!

Although she was with her later, she had been in charge of Bo Qingang and told him not to be so cruel, but now I don’t know if he still remembers his instructions, or has changed his attitude, then He Lin can imagine the consequences. No matter what, it won’t be too good.

“Is my father so good? But my classmate did nothing wrong. She is just a child. She is only three years old now, younger than me. Her mother can’t blame her for something wrong! Mom, you can talk to Dad. Tell me, don’t bother my classmate.”

Xiao Wang became anxious when he heard what she said, and grabbed Xiao Su’er’s clothes and swayed to act like a baby.

Seeing him so worried, Xiao Su’er became interested. She squatted down and looked at Xiao Wang and said in a low voice, “Tell mom why you are so worried? Do you know that you are only four years old now, your classmate? It’s a girl.”

Xiao Wang instantly understood what she meant after hearing this? Pretending to look at her angrily, “Mom, you are already an adult, and you said that I am a child, how can you say this kind of deep meaning to me? It is misleading, I just think that my classmate More innocent!”

Seeing his seriousness, Xiao Su’er rubbed his head, “I know, I am teasing you. He has not been so frantic, so he won’t be able to deal with a child. At most, let her mother take it. Let her transfer school, anyway, you shouldn’t see it anyway.”

Bo Qingang has always had that little softness in her heart, no matter what happens, she won’t be able to attack a child, but that little girl is like that. A mother is really sad. To allow her to attend such an aristocratic school, one month’s salary should not be low. Why do you still want to rely on men?

“Okay, then mother, let’s go home, and we have finished comparing the items that should be compared in the Games. Only those lucky draws are left for me. I am not interested.” Xiao Wang held Xiao Su’er’s hand.

“Let’s go.” Xiao Su’er held Xiao Wang’s small hand. Because of the height, she couldn’t stand upright and walk, but it didn’t matter. She would rather bend a little while holding her son’s hand.

the other side.

Bai Qingyue checked the medicines that were about to be sent to the mountainous area at Imperial Capital University. A lot of Chinese medicines were donated by students of the Chinese Medicine Department of this university, but she found that she was damp. I don’t know if sending them this way will affect the efficacy of the medicine. .

After thinking about it, Zuo Siyou felt that it was too troublesome to find Xiao Su’er, so he directly found Xiao Yuhan and blocked him at the door of his office.

“Professor Xiao, I am really worried that you are off work. You are going to leave like this? Can you take me a little time to do me a favor? You see these medicinal materials have become damp like this. If I post it, those poor People in the mountainous areas, if they just take it in the sun, can they continue to eat it?” Bai Qingyue anxiously took out a bag of damp medicine from her bag.

Xiao Yuhan was already carrying the computer to get off work. He didn’t expect to be blocked by Bai Qingyue, but he was very willing to help with this kind of thing. As a result, he sniffed the medicinal material by his nose and picked up a piece of medicinal material in his hand. Feel it inside.

“No, it can’t be eaten. It is so damp that the water has penetrated into the medicinal materials. Even if it is air-dried, it is useless. You still don’t send it. Otherwise, it will not help the condition if it is taken at that time, but it will worsen it.”