Chapter 938 It’s strange The old man

Chapter 938 When the strange old people

Xiao Su’er and Xiao Wang returned to the Angjia Manor, it happened that Xiao Yuhan and Bai Qingyue’s car also stopped at the door. Seeing Bai Qingyue returning in Xiao Yuhan’s car, Xiao Su’er instantly The eyes lit up.

Could it be true that my son was right, the two started dating, my son is amazing too!

Xiao Wang saw Bai Qingyue immediately ran forward and held her hand, “Sister, you are here again! Can you call your aunt this time?”

Bai Qingyue blushed and laughed when she heard him. He said: “No, my relationship with your uncle is still a student and teacher, so don’t talk nonsense.”

“Is it? Uncle, why don’t you chase after you? My sister is so good-looking, and I will have a lot of face to be an aunt.” Xiao Forgot immediately looked at Xiao Yuhan’s blinking non-stop.

Xiao Yuhan pointed at his forehead lightly, “What are you thinking of a little guy all day? Stop making trouble, I brought this sister back to help people in need with medicinal materials.”

“Did you two come back to get the medicinal materials?” Xiao Su’er was a little disappointed when she heard the conversation between the two people, thinking that her elm-headed younger brother had gotten the hang of it.

“Sister, what’s your expression? Don’t be too bad for your precocious son. He is only four years old. I want to find an aunt for myself all the time. Do I look like no one wants it? Even if no one wants me to take you well in the future.” When

Xiao Yuhan spoke, he hugged Xiao Wang on the ground. He treated Xiao Wang as if he were treating his own son. To prepare for the rest of your life, you only need to take care of your sister and nephew.

Bai Qingyue watched Xiao Yuhan and Xiao Wang love each other, and smiled quietly beside him. Xiao Wang lay on Xiao Yuhan’s shoulders but reached out and took Bai Qingyue’s hand. Bai Qingyue was forced to only Can walk inside with two people.

Xiao Su’er looked behind the three people and felt that the scene was extremely harmonious. The three people were like a family. In her mind, she couldn’t help but fill in the scenes of her brother having a child.

To be honest, Xiao Yuhan is still very good. Whether it is software or hardware, it can be regarded as a template for most people to find a boyfriend. It would be a shame if such a boy would die alone in the future.

Xiao Su’er secretly made up his mind in her heart. If Xiao Su’er really plans to be single for a lifetime, then take the opinions of her son to match him and Bai Qingyue. The two still seem to be very good match.

the next day.

Xiao Su’er went to work in the clinic. As usual, she saw a few patients who had been booked for a long time. She was a little free. She was sitting next to the consultation desk on the first floor and recording the medical history. Suddenly, she heard an elderly

voice-“Ahem. Cough… Help me find Dr. Xiao, who is very popular on the Internet.”

An old grandma walked to the front desk, and before the front desk called, Xiao Suer took the initiative to walk to the side of the front desk and reached out to support the old grandma, “You Okay, are you uncomfortable? Come to the doctor’s desk with me and sit down.” When

she supported the old man, she saw her raising her head and looking at herself, her eyes seemed to be hostile, but In an instant the hostility disappeared again.

“I just feel pain all over my body, so I came to your clinic to see what’s going on.” When the old man talked, he felt very distracted.

Xiao Su’er helped her sit on the edge of the examination table, took out the medical record book and began to record for her, “Hello, what is your name?”

“My last name is Xiao, and my name is Xiao Wu. That’s the Wu who has nothing left.” When the old man spoke, his tone was a bit cold, and there was a noticeable pause when he mentioned the name. Xiao Su’er looked up at her and smiled. We Two with the same surname.

“I know, I came here because of the name of Dr. Xiao Da, you are very famous.” When the old man spoke, he could hear unhappy in his tone.

Xiao Su’er didn’t know what was going on with this old man, she took the initiative to see her for treatment, but why she always said coldly when she spoke, as if she didn’t like her appearance very much.

Moreover, the eyes of this old man always seemed very familiar. Although she was very old, her eyes were as spiritual as those of a young man.

Xiao Su’er felt that when she looked at herself, she always had an inexplicable sense of familiarity, but she didn’t know where this sense of familiarity came from. After all, she didn’t know this old man, and most of the people who came to her for medical treatment were young people. , There are very few old people.

She could recognize all the patients she had come into contact with. As for the only old man she had come into contact with in the Chinese mainland before, it should have been Mrs. Bai, but this person was obviously totally different from Mrs. Bai.

Xiao Su’er couldn’t think of a reason, so she asked her doubts directly to the person in front of him, “Do you know me, old man? Did the two of us meet before?”

“How could we meet each other? You are a big hit.” People, and working in such a good clinic, I’m just an old man who has never seen it before.”

Xiao Su’er simply stopped asking her if he was still so hostile, but started her own work. She took her pulse down and found this. The old man is weak and weak, and his body is weaker than the average old man. She looks like she is 60 or 70 years old, but this pulse feels like a dying person.

“Old man, go over there and lie down. I will give you an acupuncture first. Your body is very weak. Acupuncture can dredge the meridians throughout your body and make you feel a lot more relaxed.” Xiao Su’er maintained a good attitude towards her. Professionalism, even if the old man is very hostile, she still keeps smiling.

But when she opened her clothes, Xiao Su’er suddenly figured out why this old man had such a weird temper. There were many bruises on her body, as if she had been beaten.

There are still people who beat her at such an old age. These people are too much. It is estimated that they are usually bullied too much. That’s why they have developed such a weird temper. Xiao Su’er instantly let go of her cold remarks.

She took the golden needles and stuck them into a few acupuncture points, and while doing acupuncture, she asked, “Old man, what’s the matter with your wound? Is your family bullying you, your children?”

“Me, my children, they …” The old people stammered when talking about their children, which meant that they were uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter with them? It’s okay! You tell me directly, if they really beat you, I will seek justice for you. The children of the elderly are too much. Don’t be afraid. They are not here now.” Xiao Su’er thought She didn’t dare to say it, and hurriedly opened her mouth to comfort her.