Ratchapatikaram Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

Ratchapatika Ram (Worawihan) Temple is a third-tiered royal temple in Worawihan located on Ratchawithi Road At the Krungthon Bridge Wachira Phayaban, Dusit, Bangkok Opposite the house of Achan Farang Built when the King Rama IV His Royal Highness, Wat Somkliang, was originally Which is located behind the current St. Gabriel’s School.

The construction of the temple during the reign of Rama III was not completed yet and passed away before the arrival of Rama IV era. Please give the Department of the palace Bowonnawichan His Highness continued to renovate until Rama 5 let Phraya Ratchasongkram (Korn) be the mother to move the kuti that was cut by Ratchawithi Road (Sang Hi) to pass through to the north. Build a wall around the temple boundary to improve, renovate and renovate Wat Ratchaphatikaram. Has been performed in every period, especially during the reign of King Maha Wirawong (Winthammasarn Synod) as an abbot Renovated Construction of many different buildings Bring prosperity to Rajapatikaram Temple.

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