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Chapter 1 My Girl, Little Boy


“Hey, brother… … .”

The man’s lips swallowed the woman’s lips. The woman’s lips instantly glistened as if they had been coated with man’s saliva.

The man’s tongue is now a snake that responds to the sound of a flute, sneakily sticking his head out of the jar, no, his lips. Then he poked right into her lips.

The cunning snake, who had been wandering around in search of her tongue, finally finds the red tongue and holds it tight. The woman took her breath.

Isn’t it normal that this should be thrilling at first? Isn’t it a desirable phenomenon to have sparks in your body? But it’s not thrilling, it’s uncomfortable, and there’s saliva, not sparks.

Rather than keep pace with the woman’s pace, the man blazed with his passion and ran the engine of his lips wildly. He stepped on the acceleration as if he was a kissing racer. He sucked and bit her lips and let out a rough breath.

Even the racer, who was running wild, raised one of her hands and hurriedly grabbed her chest as if it were crawling. You seem to have forgotten that you are testing a new car.

At first, I just had to try various things to see if it fits the body of a racer and get in the way.

“Alas… … .”

However, the sea that I swore to dedicate my pure body to the master and to this racer.

Yeah, let’s give it a go. Touch your chest It’s not even worn out. A body that becomes dust when it dies and disappears, why did this body matter so much that it lived as a natural monument? give it all away let’s give it away

The ‘virgin’ monument that I wore on my body like a shinjukdanji until I was 28 is really disgusting.

But, as always, the man’s touch and gestures are just disgusting, frightening, and frightening, as if they were a cunning snake.

Sigh. Are you a fan today? Is it really impossible to escape from the situation of the Ice Princess trapped in the ice castle?

When a man touches it, the symptoms that harden like ice cubes do not improve at all.

The words of Yoo Ji-hee, who calls herself a self-proclaimed ‘love expert’ and who would have become an irreplaceable fire X friend if it were a man, suddenly echoed in my head.

“You have to choose first whether you want to just have sex with him or take it as your boyfriend. If you’re just going to sleep, you’ll just do it right away. by the way… … If you’re going to have a boyfriend, go to bed late. Until the man likes to be 100 percent charged, as long as he can. On average, the faster the sex, the faster a man’s heart cools. Remember, my words are always probabilistic, so there are exceptions.”

I don’t know either, Yoo Ji-hee. Do I want to dedicate a natural monument that has been turned into a treasure trove for this Finger Man? Or do you want to be your boyfriend? No, before that, I’m not sure if this guy wants to make me his girlfriend.

He is a man who only shows his face when I contact him first.

So isn’t it?

At that moment, Yoo Ji-hee’s hallucination echoed like a revelation from heaven.

“If a man is interested, he calls first. But if the woman doesn’t contact you, there’s no contact? It’s just out of nowhere.”

“Oh, brother… … I can’t. That’s all for today.”

When you think it’s not today with this man, Yu Ji-hee, the god of love, said, ‘Today is here. Because he said, ‘I’m not ready for my heart’.

“brother… … I’m not ready yet… … .”

Fingerman, who was looking for a woman’s one-piece zipper with great excitement, was out today without even getting the finger to work properly.

Since this is the third out, this is the feeling of being sent out by ‘strike out’.

“In addition? How long do you want to go? Make people turn around. Can’t you see my body now? Do you think it’s like the second step of the multiplication table for a man to put up with his pure instincts? does it look easy? not today. Go all the way.”

Yoo Ji-hee, refusal is not as easy as the 2nd Dan of Gugudan. What should I do?

She dug through the love temple that Yoo Ji-hee once said in her mind again.

“The last bastion is the tears of a crocodile. If it stands in front of a crying woman, no, it can stand. If you push something that is standing together… … You’re either crazy about sex or you’re a pervert. cry If you want to avoid it.”

She squeezed out all the tears without tears. Think of a failed first love. doesn’t come out

Recall her mother’s child abuse (?), who kicked her off her feet, saying she didn’t say hello to her neighbor. this doesn’t come out either

if so… … Thinking of the human, no, the devil, who tortured and traumatized me when I was young… … Sigh. Even thinking about it is disgusting.

Acting with tears was more difficult than the 9th dan of Gugudan Actors who drop beautiful tears in 10 seconds are truly worthy of respect. Now there are no malicious comments in my life.

If so, the last one is left. Staring contest. Even if it stings and it stings with its eyes wide open, it never blinks.

After all, the physical method is perfect for her. The woman was filled with tears, bloodshot with dust,

“brother… … .”

Finger Man, who was looking for the zipper on her side, froze at the beautiful red tears in her eyes. Then, soon freed from the magic of ice, he went to the terrace in search of a cigarette that he was familiar with.

The woman quickly pulled up the zipper on her side, as if roasting beans in her lightning bolt.

When I coveted her body like this, I hated the man who acted like a man who was longing for her and never contacted me first.

She was the first to knock on her phone. “First” packaged in a container was actually breaking a woman’s wing-like self-esteem.

Of course, the man didn’t even say that he wanted to date him.

She was the first to approach her when she fell in love with her flamboyant touch playing her guitar at her jazz cafe. I thought, ‘It’s that man. A man who will share my first experience.

I thought that fiery touch on the guitar would definitely melt my icy body. So, ‘first’, I took courage and took a step closer.

But the only thing that came back to the courage that came one step earlier was ‘desire’. I acted like a man who only thirsted for my body, and I chose to do things that lied about me. When I met, I had a miserable encounter with a man who only looked for a house, a motel, or a bar.

So, her mind wandered and couldn’t find an answer. Will you make this boyfriend your boyfriend or will you make it a sacrifice for his maiden?

However, he was too weak to be sacrificed to this man or a virgin. The flashy fingers were not used to light a woman’s body, but only to play a musical instrument.

Still, her body rejected the man, and at the decisive moment, her body became cold.

The man of his long first love also broke up for this ironic reason, and her second love also failed to cross this barrier and left. Countless handsome men were also frustrated there.

And at twenty-eight, it survived as a natural monument, no, a ‘virgin monument’. The body that doesn’t listen to the owner is also a problem, and that man who is greedy for his body is also a problem.

When he left the motel he had entered into the large room, Fingerman made an ‘urgent job’ that had never happened before and disappeared. Leave only the wind behind.

‘Look at that, that, that butt of that butt. That’s me… … Shall I sleep with you!’

At that time, the name of the dating master Yoo Ji-hee came up on my phone. Yoo Ji-hee, who had been silent without a reply after her chat of ‘MT’ before entering her motel, called her at her amazing timing as if she had witnessed her scene.

[Uh, Yoo Ji-hee!]

Instead of ‘Hello’, Yoo Ji-hee replaces it with habitual words.

[Did you not sleep?]

Awesome gossip. How can I see everything as if I had illegal CCTV installed on my body? Well, is it normal? It’s unreasonable to suddenly succeed in something you haven’t been able to do for 28 years.

“I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep. My body doesn’t follow. It was so scary. No, I always seem to have a lot of fun when they tell me to take off my virginity ticket quickly?”

[It’s funny. But that finger man doesn’t seem to be. Being talented is full of player temperament. My guess is, he’s got a one night out with you. But how hurt is it if it’s the first one night? My body hurts, but my mind hurts too. So… … Do not. It’s not.]

“I don’t like the guy I like, and I don’t even have one night out. damn it’s hard Once you force yourself to do something overnight or whatever… … Maybe even with the man I love.”

[You roll your body like that from the beginning, and your life becomes exhausting. First, listen to my sister.]

“You are the one who said that if a 28-year-old woman is a virgin these days, a man would feel burdened. Don’t you remember?”

So, you weren’t the one who took part in removing this ticket from me.

[Did you take it straight away? I mean, it depends on a man’s inclination and the depth of his feelings. If you are a very genuine man who cares and loves you, thank you. If you’re a nerdy who just messes around to get a good look, oh my, are you a virgin? Thank you so much, I won’t. Having a virgin of her, am I responsible for this woman, and I feel burdened. Wasn’t there a man who was chasing after this age, and demoted him to an unattractive woman?]

“Then what should I do? Next year I will turn 30. No, of course I am twenty-nine.”

Bong-soon, who could not accept the man he loved until his age, the man he had a crush on, the man he was flirting with, and the male race of any kind, was nothing short of a task that his ‘first experience’ wanted to solve. The body cooling down in front of the man’s fire was savage.

[Bong-soon Koh~ Were you in such a hurry? The faster you go, the more you go back. The word didn’t just come out. It is the word of truth that came through time of hardship. So first, let’s agonize slowly.]

Ah… … I can’t get out of the yoke of Yoo Ji-hee, my irreplaceable fire X friend.

[Bong Soon. Rather than going to the reunion tomorrow? They are Taeyang elementary and middle school kids. Let’s grab those elite men. Don’t be swayed by that stinky fingerman.]

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